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  1. 2015 Pathfinder 2200 TRS

  2. 2015 Pathfinder 2200 TRS

    Pending sale that looks like done deal. If still interested feel free to send message and I will let you know if it doesn't go through.
  3. Fall time reds

    Nah... don't like fish slime on my beer. I put them on a stringer and then clean them when I get back to the truck.
  4. Pricing my boat???

    Thanks for that info. It seems I'm on the money and I have someone willing to help me deliver it to Florida if needed. I figured that will make a big difference and open up my market quit a bit. Biggest difference between here and florida... florida has a shallow places that you have to cross but also has amazing channel systems. Texas doesn't have that in a lot of places. There are places that are 8-10 miles of 6-10 inches of water that are full of fish too. Can't take a pathfinder into those places. although there is still tons a great fishing other than those places that the pathfinder is used for, for the type of fishing I really love a boat designed for that shallow of running is what I really want. I can see why boat like the pathfinder is so popular in florida. That being said, all my friends that have "texas" boats absolute love my pathfinder, the way it handles chop and the way it's laid out is awesome and well thought out. It's been a blast having this boat but once this one is sold and my house is finished it's back to poling skiff for me. Thanks again for your help
  5. 2015 Pathfinder 2200 TRS

    $45,000, at this price will have boat delivered to Florida with funds paid upfront of course. Boat is as described for sure. I know several people on this board for references if needed. I will also be willing to take it to a local shop for a unbiased look over for a serious committed buyer.
  6. Pricing my boat???

    I think a lot of folks are a little worried about buying something that much sight unseen. And as a sell I wouldn't want my boat crossing state lines unless I had money in hand. This is a great boat but in Texas a boat that can run shallow is a huge benefit, a lot of times you need to run in shallow water to get to good fishing. Way different than florida.
  7. Pricing my boat???

    good info.. thanks
  8. Pricing my boat???

    I would like some of y'all opinions on the pricing of my boat and what should I realistically expect to sell it for. Looking around the web I think I'm on the money but I'd like to know what your low would be as well. thanks in advance. Here's the listing
  9. 2015 Pathfinder 2200 TRS

    Never really paid attention... I do know it's great with fuel economy but not for sure what the exact numbers are.
  10. Fall time reds

    Love this time of year. Reds are hungry and water looks great. First things first. Load everything up the night before. check list Beer Gas A bottle of water Crackers and Vienna sausage flies with shiotty rusted hooks because I like to see how many fish I can catch on one fly dry rotted leaders and cracked fly line wool socks crocs towel wet wipes Beer Patagonia and Simms gear only Over price fly rods Way over priced reel that looks cool as **** but I really don't even need one. buff wade boots extra over priced rod and real because I'm a high sticker. (happens when you're short, **** off) canoe anchor that I never use paddle/pushpole registration up to date? close enough etc. etc. etc.. All I wanna do is go catch a fish... this is a lot of fricken work. son of a... loaded all up the night before... sure makes it easier. Get coffee and go. Maximize sleep time for better fishing performance and the *********** never ending astros game. quick weather check... Looks like we might be ok first one was right away. bad lighting good lighting. pay attention weather turned for the worst. See that ripple on the water? BRUISER!!! Dinners Fished for 5 hours or so... Caught 10 plus fish. A few biggens too. Back to the house and eating fresh fish taco by 1 pm.
  11. 2015 Pathfinder 2200 TRS

  12. 2015 Pathfinder 2200 TRS

    2015 Pathfinder TRS 2200 Located in Texas Asking $46,000 Boat is in perfect shape. Right in the middle of building a house and need to sell it and sell it quick. I'll be getting another Pathy for sure, in the mean time I will fish with friends until our ducks are in a row. 150 ish hours All scheduled maintenance done, new water pump and housing as well. (I've always done that at 100 hours) Always stored in covered storage protected from elements. 36volt trolling motor New lowrance HDS9 GPS (installed last year isn) On board charger, three batteries for trolling motor and one for main power Aluminum trailer SST prop Stereo system with blue tooth linked directly to GPS system. When I got her new! just took these a few weeks ago. Every time the boat was stored all the hatches were opened so everything stayed fresh and dry. This is the storage bay boat was kept in as well.