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  1. NDfootball

    WTB 24 pathfinder

    Thanks! No found one in Dade City with a half tower on it Verado 300 with 400 hours. One owner
  2. NDfootball

    WTB 24 pathfinder

    2012 Andros Tarpon 26. Really impressed with it.
  3. NDfootball

    WTB 24 pathfinder

    Boat found. Thanks guys.
  4. NDfootball

    Looking to buy a 2500 Hybrid

    I hear ya. It’s going to be Sweet setup. Would love to see pictures when ur finished with it
  5. NDfootball

    Looking to buy a 2500 Hybrid

    You planning on removing the bottom paint on it or leaving it as is for now?
  6. NDfootball

    Looking to buy a 2500 Hybrid

    Nice. I was Really contemplating buying that boat. Kinda disappointed it’s off the market now haha. Enjoy it. Looks like a great boat
  7. NDfootball

    Looking to buy a 2500 Hybrid

    Did you buy the one in the Tampa area?
  8. NDfootball

    WTB 24 pathfinder

    Yep I saw That one this morning. Nice boat I’d just rather have the ttop or tower on it ready to go.
  9. NDfootball

    WTB 24 pathfinder

    Bump still on the search. Close to pulling the trigger on an ACE 24. Just wanted to give one last bump
  10. NDfootball

    WTB 24 pathfinder

    Bump still looking
  11. NDfootball

    WTB 24 pathfinder

    Please email some photos to Eckel44@gmail.com
  12. NDfootball

    WTB 24 pathfinder

    Looking for a clean 24 pathfinder. T-top or tower preferred. Max budget of 60k but would rather try to be around 50k. Located in Tampa Thanks chris
  13. NDfootball

    2004 Pathfinder 22TE For Sale

    Pics to eckel44@gmail.com
  14. NDfootball

    2008 22 XLTE

    Pics to eckel44@gmail.com Thank you
  15. NDfootball

    2001 Master Angler 18

    2001 Master Angler, Garmin 740s, Minn Kota Riptide
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