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    I have not owned aboat since the 70s bass boat days. At least a boat with a steering wheel. I enjoy the machanical aspects of my toys, engines suspensions etc. firearms accurizing and shooting. Purchased a 1995
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  1. If you are worried about high pressure damage try a larger orfice tip or lower the pressure with the relief valve if your washer has an adjustable one. Most gas washers have an attachment that goes inline at the HP hose fitting on the unit. It pulls soap into the HP hose. A foaming tip on the wand completes the setup. I repair small motors, chainsaws, weedeaters etc for friends so they tend to give me things that no longer work so i have a collection of free stuff that i have fixed including a few pressure washers. Most of the issues are fuel related, ethanol. People will replace stuff rather than repair it. Me i am cheap and have a garage full of tools . I am just a little smarter than the things i repair, modify but i have not bought a lawnmower in 20 years.
  2. bilge rat

    Dogs and gel coat ???

    Labs, water, and boats they just go together. I can't leave the house with the boat or a gun case . My 2 labs would be between me and the door going nuts. If i got out the door the dogs would fall against the door, slide down it like you killed them then lie there and wimper for an hour. They never damaged the boat but if you ignore them too long the cork on your rod butt would be chewed. Rubber handled screwdrivers would be given a very rough nonslip texture if left unattended too.
  3. bilge rat

    Yamaha 4 stroke cutting out around 4300 rpms

    Replace the fuel line from water seperator/primer bulb to motor if it is over a few years old. Under vaccuum the inner liner collapses reducing fuel flow. It can cause the issue you are having.
  4. bilge rat


    The blacks are all negative/grounds There is one brown wire that comes from the battery that will be always hot. It is for the auto bilge pump. This is the only brown that is not switched. Sounds like someone has rewired something improperly. Find the 2 fuses at the battery or at the main battery switch in the transom. The fuse with the brown wire will be the constant hot for the bilge pump. Look and see if someone has connected a second brown wire there. Look for any splices/added wires that should not be there stock. That should be the source of the constant hot issue. You should have 4 brown wires in the bilge area. 1 switched for the bilge pump 1 unswitched for the auto bilge function on the bilge pump 1 switched for livewell #1 1 switched for livewell #2
  5. bilge rat

    Dual Batteries help

    When i got my boat it would drop the GPS when cranking. A new battery switch cured it. I rewired the boat, used #2 wire to motor, Blue Seas batt. switch and a gp.31 AGM battery. No issues in 5 years. Baitwell and release well are used all the time and the F 150 spins over every time. Come home and plug in charger, in 1 to 5 minutes the crank/house battery is charged/green light. Good battery big wire/good connections and corrosion X. Check the fuse block and console wiring/connections.
  6. bilge rat


    That last pic is great!!!
  7. bilge rat

    98 Hewes LT 18 Rehab

    Sandbars move as soon as they find out someone put their location on a map!!!
  8. bilge rat

    Replacement Trailer Tires

    Replace the valve stems too. The metal ones hold up well. The standard rubber ones don't last forever and the high pressure is close to there max useful limits. Get the ones for high pressure or metal ones. A leaking valve stem will kill a tire, losing pressure as you ride.
  9. bilge rat

    Replacement Trailer Tires

    Trailer tires have a very different sidewall construction than truck tires for a reason. Insurance companies are also aware of the difference in some cases.
  10. bilge rat

    Trollin Rod

    Nice work! The spiral wrap done properly has a good feel when casting too. I have a popping cork rod that can sling a bait in close to the structure or cast a mile. Great feel to it. Lots of advantages other than just the lack of twist with a fish on.
  11. bilge rat


    The light inside the console is an overlooked but essential addition. Even in the daytime it helps.
  12. bilge rat


    The big screen TV fits the console nicely!!! Thanks for showing the journey. When you get it propped right we need a few good pics on the water at WOT. Have fun, you earned it.
  13. bilge rat

    Kill switch key for hewes LT20

    It should be a Yamaha kill switch.
  14. bilge rat


    As a guess if he is working on it at all, he has pulled a few wires off the switches and has no idea where they go. The switches reverse the positive and negative feeds to make the tabs go up and down.
  15. bilge rat

    Skids on a LT20 trailer

    That is a nice trailer. Looks like it is built strong and the boat sits low.
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