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    I have been an avid fisherman most of my life, and I am a heavy industrial electrical supervisor as a profession.<br /> I have fished west central mostly but have fished Indian River and the Keys as well.
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  1. When to the south shore Friday with Lurem on the .8 negative low....it looked like a golf course more than a fishing hole. But we found a set of pot holes with2 to 3 ft in them at the low, we both slamed….multiple break-offs and pulled hooks on larger fish, the trout bite was the best we have had all year. Dale even managed to catch me dinner....what a guy! It was non stop catching for the entire bottom of the low...great day on the water when your shoulder hurts at the end of the day from pulling on upper slot reds.....
  2. bdsnook

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    Congratulations.....glad for you the ordeal is finally OVER! You have more perseverance than anyone I know...including me! ENJOY!
  3. Nice work Dino! Us old guys can still get it done!
  4. bdsnook

    21 master angler

    Send us some pictures! maybe you will get some replies.
  5. bdsnook

    maverick hpx v drain plug

    I installed one of the screw in types that have a "Half Pipe" that's part of the plug that does not allow it to fall out when unscrewed preventing my old tired brain from loosing it! Took all of 15 minutes to change....make sure to clean & dry the hole & then caulk it up inside the hole with 3M 5200.
  6. bdsnook

    Possible Structural Damage

    Nothing in the line up today rides like the Master Anglers....fix it....you'll be glad you did!
  7. bdsnook

    Fuel tank Replacement turned into more!

    Well...it's all done....& turned out pretty good if I do say so. I kinda surprised myself on this, the over all plan worked out just as I had hoped, and putting in the SeaDek was a good thing even though I really did not need it to hide my glass work. It was a lot of work, good thing I retired last year or I would have had to pay someone to do this. I learned these skills starting out of high school helping my room mate refurbishing & painting old trucks and cars to flip. He had been doing it for a few years before I met him, and I also started buying old boats and fixing them up, learning the fiber glassing trade doing that. So my back ground really paid off this time. So other than itching for three weeks this was a pretty good adventure. I also to this time to fix up some nicks and dings along with old screw holes with gelcoat & cutting in some new cup holders. Here are the last of the photos, enjoy!
  8. bdsnook

    Flats boat console

    TA Mahoney's in Tampa has them in stock!
  9. bdsnook

    96 MA 18ft - possible repower

    Might want to look at Mercury Optimax's great horse power to weight, proven reliable design....two stroke without the smoke!
  10. bdsnook

    Fuel tank Replacement turned into more!

    WhichWay…. Yes I had two of the cross braces between the stringers cracked also, but no hull breach's, the pictures were in the first batch. The new tank got finished ahead of time, I picked it a week ago, I coated the outside after cleaning and sanding it a little with the remaining quart of the POR15 gas tank sealer I had leftover from the patch attempt. Fitted my new Bosch fuel sending unit into it's new home and wiggled the tank back into the hull. Instead of foaming it in like the factory I used polyurethane caulk to stick 3/16" BUNA N gasket material to the cross braces that the tank sits on and screwed it down on the end tabs. I had reinforced the area where the screws go with more glass & resin. Then I cut some 1" thick Delrin (think thick nylon) and adhered more Buna N to one face and shoved them into the gap between the stringers and the tank, no way for it to slide side to side now. Everything that the tank touches is now faced with the Buna N to cushion it and it will not absorb salt water! Then after connecting all the fuel hoses and sending unit I began epoxy bonding tabs all around the opening to support the deck plug I cut out. The tabs at both ends where you step down into the cockpit from the front or back casting decks were made out of 3/8" G10 epoxy board, extremely tough stuff....very strong. I figured those areas would have to take a lot of pounding from stepping down all the time. All the remaining tabs I built out of hard foam board wrapped with glass cloth and resin, after bonding to the underside of the deck I could put my full weight on any of them and they did not budge. I then installed the cutout, there was a 1/8" gap all the way around from the saw blade used to cut the deck, I purchased an injector from Walmart meant for juicing up a turkey and filled it with epoxy resin mixed with Cabosil to thicken it. The included needle on the syringe fit the gap perfect and I squirted the gap full all the way around filling it up. After that set up I commenced the fun part....grinding a 4" wide concave strip all the way around the plug centered on the gap....2" to either side and almost all the way thru the old glass to the honey comb deck core...but not all the way thru. The concave area was layed up with three layers of glass cloth, 1" wide, a 2" wide and last a 3" wide strip, wetted out and rolled out. Tomorrow I will sand that all flat and gelcoat the entire cockpit to seal the new glass work. Next week I have two sheets of SeaDek coming and I will cover the entire cockpit with it then install the console and reconnect all the wires, cables, hoses to get me back in the water! Whew!!!! She Fits! Glass work next to the rear deck Front deck step down area fitting it up, ready to fill the gap Wide Shot! Deck core close up A thing of Beauty! Tabs, light green are G10, others were home made
  11. bdsnook

    21' MA speaker/Amp install (finally)

    Looks great....how does it sound?
  12. bdsnook

    21’ Master Angler Poling Platform

    Muddy, It is possible, I carry a Stiffy 20'er with me most of the time....I just use it for the final 25 yards into the hole.....most of the time the Minn Kota does it all.
  13. bdsnook

    Fuel tank Replacement turned into more!

    Triplec, I will put up some more pictures....I have lifted to cap before to get at the port stringer in the front and to repair the flare at the top port side where the troller sits. The entire "L" shaped lip where the cap meets the hull was broken on the hull side from the bow back about 6 feet...almost to the fuel fill. I made those repairs about five years ago when I mounted a new trolling motor and discovered it. When pulling up the cap on a 21 it lifts fine till you get to the rear of the cockpit, then it does not want to come up anymore, which means the bow deck is only about15 or 16" gapped open, not enough to work the tank out thru that way. So cutting the deck out is the preferred way to do it after many hours of YouTube watching. Taking the cap off is not so easy, the hull and deck are glassed together at the transom, not where you want to be cutting unless you have to, the section I cut out is not structurel. I will epoxy a bunch of 4" x 8" tabs all around to hole after I install the tank and epoxy the cut out from the deck on top of them also back filling the gap with epoxy putty made with Cabosil & resin, then feather back the glass and gelcoat back 2 or 3 inches on either side of the cut line and build that back up with multiple layers of cloth and epoxy. Then I will sand the entire cockpit and roll on new gelcoat with no-skid in it. Captpn, The foam on top of the stringers in my boat is encapsulated with glass & polyester resin, then they put about 1 1/2" of putty on top of it and join the cap to the hull. Mine is still intact, foam and putty and still supporting the deck. That is one reason I cut the hole in the deck only 1" wider than the tank, I wanted to leave enough room on either side of the hole to glass the future tabs to support the rejoined deck. I stuck my phone in under the deck many times taking pictures and making measurements before pulling out the skill saw....LOL. Also, if you look close at the picture of the big crack repair in the upper RH corner of the photo you can see the glassed in foam sitting on top of the stringer with a second layer of foam on top of that one and then the putty to support the deck is out of the frame. I am also taking this time to fix up some gel coat chips in the hull and deck....boy is that stuff expensive! I paid $158.00 for an pint of gel coat putty color matched to the Oyster White on my hull. With wax added and the peroxide hardener.....glad I did not need a gallon! Mini Craft in Wildwood, Fl. Probably three weeks till I get the tank.....at least it is almost to hot to fish... NASTY Foam stringer and deck support up top right pic Sexy from this angle Hole- 23" x 78", tank 22" x 86"
  14. bdsnook

    21’ Master Angler Poling Platform

    Outlaw....if you don't mind PM me on the cost of that SeaDek , I have my deck cut out right now for a tank replacement.....that SeaDek might help my glass work look better LOL!
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