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    I have been an avid fisherman most of my life, and I am a heavy industrial electrical supervisor as a profession.<br /> I have fished west central mostly but have fished Indian River and the Keys as well.
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    David H Smith
  1. Snookin before front

    Sounds awesome......good looking snook!
  2. Hewes 18 vs maverick

    Like a nice big oyster bar! Been there....done that! no T shirt....but had the dinged up prop on a wall for a reminder
  3. Anyone catch this?

    That Looks Awesome....if only I was 30 years old again.......
  4. Geeviam......I had the same kinda deal with my 6 year old granddaughter in the boat....Fla Thunder Storms are scary stuff at times! Gabe.....Lurem and I couldn't buy a redfish the day we went........they have been tough for me this year...slaying the snook though...
  5. Look what I found!!

    Nice find! Mine was a bit rough when I got it also....it's worth the sweat...but then later I put vinyl wrap on it. I went from Millennium Blue to Jet Black....gotta love the gloss black
  6. I went to Cockroach on the 3rd....bait was tough...lots of 2-3 inch ...mostly Menhaden...caught some small snook...no reds...but saw a big girl mixed in the 18 to 24' we were catching.
  7. iCAST 2017

    When is it?
  8. Any RV'ers/campers on here?

    Nice! But if it has not been used much check the date on the tires...they might have great tread, but swap them out if they are out of date on the side wall or if they have any dry rot.....they will beat the crap out of the side of the trailer if the tread comes off......!! $800.00 dollars worth of tires might save you a couple thousand in damage to the trailer or worse leave you in the ditch on the side of the interstate! I just got a fifth wheel in February...
  9. Whopper

    Nice Troy! Before I got my MA I almost pulled the trigger on a Silver King.....the Yamaha dealer in Lake Placid had an 18'....boy was it hard to pass up....but I am glad I did or I would not have My 21.....It was meant to be.
  10. Repowering - the big question

    Everyone makes a bad motor now and then...I am on my second Opti 200XS and have not had any issues at all......burns alcohol gas...no problems at all....I'll buy another! I owned Yamaha's for years.....115hp was the best motor anyone ever made.....just say'n.
  11. Grounded Maverick on Beach Sea Tow Recovery

    Hurricane....does that mean it was "salvage" can they keep it?
  12. Nice Dino! I have one not quite that good of my wife waiting for a big ol snook to eat......good times!
  13. Knife sharpening the easy way

    I use a belt sharpener also...."Ken Onion" Work Sharp.....does a great job..and comes with blade guides if you need them....a set of belts is under 20 bucks.
  14. Cast Nets

    Now that's funny I have a Tim Wade and a Calusa...there is not comparison, also Tim will offer his advice...but will weight it any way you want....custom all the way.
  15. Lost plate covering trim tab. Help!

    Maybe someone will let you get a mold made off of one.....not sure if MBC would make you one...call the service shop..