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  1. RodWorks

    Rabud scupper spacer ?

    Make sure you screw the spacers to the hull will good sealant permanent. Then drill and tap and use small short machine screws to screw the scupper to the spacer. This allows you to easily remove (clear debris) and reinstall without having to reseal between the hull each time.
  2. RodWorks

    Fuel Water Separator

    If your changing your filter every 2 months, I would just stick with a cheaper sierra filter. The bowl will be overkill, unless your buying fuel often at questionable marinas and getting lots of water. You can always spin off a filter, dump the water, and re-install.
  3. RodWorks

    Friction Hinge for Front Dry Storage

    I think I have the first generation of them and they are improved now. Might have to call if they get worse.
  4. RodWorks

    Friction Hinge for Front Dry Storage

    I put the friction hinges on my live well and they just barely slow down that small lid. They would have no chance on a large hatch.
  5. RodWorks

    1900v 2nd live well plumbing

    Or it originally had a factory wash down system and the freshwater tank was removed from the console.
  6. RodWorks

    T-Top color for Ice Blue Pathfinder

    I have the Weblon White over Navy Blue.
  7. RodWorks

    2200V position on trailer

    I would get an appropriate size tow vehicle if that's the issue. Having a trailer with too little tongue weight causes instability and swaying.
  8. RodWorks

    2200V position on trailer

    I would move the the boat forward 3 inches. What's your issue with having over 300lbs. of tongue weight? Trailer tongue weight should be 10-15% of the gross weight over your trailer. Your 22 and trailer is probably 4000 lb. loaded with fuel and tackle, if not more. So. your tongue weight should be 400-600 lb.
  9. RodWorks

    Spare tire mount (Ameritrail)

    I have the Tie Down bolt on one also. I keep it in the garage with the spare attached and only put it on for long trips.
  10. RodWorks

    Cheese grater question

    It's a shame all the information and posts like that from over the years have been deleted.
  11. RodWorks

    Cockpit drain clog

    If you have in line check valves, you have to take those apart manually to clear.
  12. RodWorks

    VMAX Oil Tank rigging compartment

    Well done.
  13. I haven't seen the dog bone type mounts in quite a few years. If you're asking if your new trolling motor will have the same base/screw pattern as your old model, that is pretty unlikely.
  14. RodWorks

    Gasoline Fumes

    Plastic tanks will always give off a gas odor. Big difference between odor and fumes. Small price to pay for a tank that will probably last the lifetime of the boat I think.
  15. RodWorks

    VMAX Oil Tank rigging compartment

    l don't know what Yamaha was thinking when they made those oil tank brackets.