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  1. 2200V position on trailer

    I would get an appropriate size tow vehicle if that's the issue. Having a trailer with too little tongue weight causes instability and swaying.
  2. 2200V position on trailer

    I would move the the boat forward 3 inches. What's your issue with having over 300lbs. of tongue weight? Trailer tongue weight should be 10-15% of the gross weight over your trailer. Your 22 and trailer is probably 4000 lb. loaded with fuel and tackle, if not more. So. your tongue weight should be 400-600 lb.
  3. Spare tire mount (Ameritrail)

    I have the Tie Down bolt on one also. I keep it in the garage with the spare attached and only put it on for long trips.
  4. Cheese grater question

    It's a shame all the information and posts like that from over the years have been deleted.
  5. Cockpit drain clog

    If you have in line check valves, you have to take those apart manually to clear.
  6. VMAX Oil Tank rigging compartment

    Well done.
  7. I haven't seen the dog bone type mounts in quite a few years. If you're asking if your new trolling motor will have the same base/screw pattern as your old model, that is pretty unlikely.
  8. Gasoline Fumes

    Plastic tanks will always give off a gas odor. Big difference between odor and fumes. Small price to pay for a tank that will probably last the lifetime of the boat I think.
  9. VMAX Oil Tank rigging compartment

    l don't know what Yamaha was thinking when they made those oil tank brackets.
  10. 2500 trailer tires

    Not sure if anyone mentioned it yet, but you can get uneven tire wear from running on low pressure. Even just 5 psi under can cause wear issues.
  11. Livewell issue

    Is your sea chest "cheese grater" still on? Sometimes they break off and people don't even realize they're gone. Also, make sure it's correctly oriented. Unless you live in a place with very small needle type sea grass, you can remove the strainers. They always gave me priming issues but usually at rest not moving. Sounds to me like you have a pickup issue since the problem only occurs while planing.

    I used a cleaner type car polish to do the same on my old Garmin. Improved the screen visibility greatly after.
  13. Livewell light replacement

    I'd rule out a wiring issue first, before replacing the light.
  14. Pop Up gas cap

    My 2003 has the pop up cap, I had the opposite problem with mine though, the spring broke and the cap wouldn't pop up. I was able to find just the cap at a local marine store and replace.
  15. Tired of wet feet

    You're welcome, I knew there had to something wrong for them to have never worked.