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  1. Livewell light replacement

    I'd rule out a wiring issue first, before replacing the light.
  2. Pop Up gas cap

    My 2003 has the pop up cap, I had the opposite problem with mine though, the spring broke and the cap wouldn't pop up. I was able to find just the cap at a local marine store and replace.
  3. Tired of wet feet

    You're welcome, I knew there had to something wrong for them to have never worked.
  4. Tired of wet feet

    Just FYI, there's lots of misinformation about the correct orientation the Rabuds should be installed. This is the wrong way.... Correct way...
  5. Live Well Thru Hull - 2000 - 2200V

    They've used a lot of different brands of thru hulls over the years. Best you measure yourself to be sure. The live well pick up is usually 3/4" and the drain is 1 1/2" I believe.
  6. Gunnel Rod Holders

    And tell Gemlux your from the forum and they'll give you a discount.
  7. Tired of wet feet

    I installed Rabuds 5 years ago and they have worked flawlessly since. I'm thinking you have an installation issue or maybe the rubber portion is cracked.
  8. Loose console

    This is the correct way to fix the issue.. You can also upgrade the size of the screws. I believe there is an aluminum strip glassed into the sides of the raised portion the console sits down on. You should be able to access through were your fuel tank access is.
  9. Trailer Tires

    On a single axle trailer, I would replace any tires that are more than 4 years old regardless of mileage. They give no warning before blowing out and doing trailer and possibly gelcoat damage. Check the manufacturer's date code on the sidewall it's a week and year code.
  10. Good to see you back on here Hobo, sorry to hear you're selling. I'm sure the boat is beautiful like all your others. Good luck.
  11. Vacuum lock

    So, maybe cut a little section out of the bulb seal? Probably the weight of the water stuck in the drain line is pulling the vacuum. You could prop the lid open till the well has a chance to fully drain?
  12. What color is my Pathfinder?

    I've used that same oyster white color on my 2003 and can't find the places i've patched.
  13. Center Console Door Latch (SOUTHCO)??

    I had a similar issue and it was the frame being too thick for the latch to fully slide over. Ended up removing the frame and cutting down the thickness of the frame with a table saw. Also, replaced with a stainless version that seemed to have more bite.
  14. Backrest Pathfinder 19V 2003

    Yes, the one I had was from Birdsall Marine as well.
  15. Bob’s Jack Plate Pump/Motor Replacement

    Sometimes if you want something done right..... Glad you sorted it out, I have a similar story involving a wash down pump thats now sitting in a box in the garage too.