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  1. Question - Below Water Line Holes

    I would use Marine Tex or a color match gelcoat kit to patch the old holes and then drill new ones.
  2. My 2500 Build

    Love the blue and grey color combination.
  3. What did you do to your boat today?

    I need to replace one of my spindles on a Tie Down torsion axle. The stainless lip, where the seal rides, is split and tearing up the seal every time. This axle is 8 years old, the spindle castle nut is pretty rusted. Anyone have experience getting these replaceable spindles off? I'm planning on having to cut the old rusted spindle nut off.
  4. Ignition Switch Replacement

    The goo is just the little rubber piece that covers the key hole. it's replaceable itself if you can clean off the old.
  5. 2011 23 HPS Rocker Switch Panel

    Replace the switch covers with the laser etched ones.... newwiremarine.com Assuming you have that type of switch.
  6. Livewell 1 filling issue

    Hobo always advised removing those strainers if you don't need them. Unless you live in an area with lots of thin grass, the sea chest does a adequate job keeping grass and debris out. I haven't had the strainers in 10 years and have never had issues with clogged pumps in SE Florida.
  7. Help with replacement hinges(friction)

    I put two on my 03' live well. As BernieNC said, the holes are different so it makes things complicated. The barrels are slightly larger but it didn't create an issue. Probably just moved the hatch forward slightly.
  8. 2004 200 hp vmax hpdi question

    Yup! Can't kill mine...
  9. Trolling motor on board charger placement.

    The factory uses a special adhesive to glue PVC board to the walls inside the console. Maybe skip could post the name of it again.
  10. Yellowing inside livewells

    My 03' wells are all yellow. Been that way for years. I wish it was just a stain that would come off with acid.
  11. Livewell Drain Clogs

    Let it rot a few days, and shoot the garden hose down there....lol
  12. Battery

    I've been running 3 AGM Deka group 31 batteries for years. Never had any issues cranking or charging.
  13. If your just replacing the seals on the Seastar you don't need to pull the support rod out. Just pull the ears of both ends which takes a two jaw gear puller.
  14. 2200 hull change? Water on deck

    Yes, Rabuds completely solve any of the water intrusion issues found on earlier year models.
  15. Rabuds (Again)

    The flappers don't work to keep water from slowing running in. They only work to keep water from rushing in when the boat is in reverse etc. I don't see any point in leaving them in as they will just complicate cleaning debris. As far as install, I would screw the spacers to the hull and then tap and use machine screws to attach the Rabud to the spacer. This way you can remove and clean without having to reseal each time.