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  1. Nice trip Dino! Great pic of Don's Red and the fly. Thanks for the report so I can live vicariously til I can get this new (to me) Hewes ready for a trip.
  2. It just get any better than that!! Great trip.
  3. Limitless

    Are Redfishers self-bailing???

    Self bailing through the drains just below the seat behind the console. I've had 3 18's with 115hp and never had a problem with back flow into the deck. Some folks install the covers with a ball system to prevent water from coming back into the the boat.
  4. Limitless

    Jeep Super Bowl Ad

    Guys, in case you haven't seen this I wanted to post so you can. I have to tell you it sure invokes some pride. Hopefully it will run after a Kaperdick ad. I think I need to go buy a Jeep.
  5. Limitless

    06 Redfisher 16 Polling Platform

    Hey heweygoogan: What a dipstick answer. Way to help the guy out, SA. Pete, keep an eye out on here, someone will have one eventually.
  6. Limitless

    Older Hewes TM Battery Location

    Always in trays or at least with tie downs. Never just have batteries loose in the boat. Screw in to the deck with a good dab of 5200 in the screw holes.
  7. Limitless

    Older Hewes TM Battery Location

    In a 2004 16 Redfisher, mine are under the front seat of the console. I've had a couple of 18s as well and always had the batteries in the console. Seems to balance out the weight.
  8. Limitless

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    I havent seen FMT live yet, but based on the recs here I'm sure it's a great system. The idea of having to buy a new 9" or larger GPS for it to work effectively - on top of the $650 - is over the limit, at least for me. I've run the 10,000 many times from Choko and Goodland as well as several areas from Tampa up to PCB and I've only grounded in mud once. Seems that a good chart (not Garmin) and proper planning works fine, cost wise. I know I'm in the minority here so maybe I'll wait until someone buys it for a 5" machine, it doesn't work right and they sell it at a discount and I get a deal on a bigger screen.
  9. Limitless

    New Weedless

    That's a fine looking fly and the weedless setup is a needed thing for a rookie like me. The name of the hook is a bit much though.
  10. Limitless

    Under Gunnel Carpet removal

    I am starting to do some of the cosmetic work on the 2004 16' Redfisher I got from Linesider159 a month or so ago. The hull is in remarkable shape but the carpet under the gunnels has to be replaced. I have purchased the sea dek to use and pulled the carpet off and I am now faced with the 14 year old dried glue underneath. It is hard and brittle and I'm looking for ideas as to how to best get it cleaned off. Maybe Goo-Gone or acetate or I'd appreciate any ideas or advice. After this I have to start on a rewire project. When I opened the console hatch I knew why Shane decided to flip this one instead of keeping her. It's not really going to be that bad, just straightening up and redoing some of it. I'll post some pics as I go on the project. I just wish it would get above the 40s for a high and quit raining up here.
  11. Limitless

    Under Gunnel Carpet removal

    Thanks for the suggestions guys! Gnarlydog: I bought a 39"x77" sheet to cut and install myself. I was on sale over the holidays for $109 - regularly $159
  12. I believe the one that resigned was SFWMD vice chair, Melanie Peterson, not the FWC commissioner Rood.
  13. Limitless

    Under Gunnel Carpet removal

    Yep, I have thought about using a sander to get it off. Gonna be messy any way I do it I'm afraid. I was hoping their might be some kind of solvent to do the job.
  14. Just heard he is rescinding Scott's appointment of Beruff to the FWC. The Guv may be just the kick-***, get it done guy we've been waiting for!
  15. I believe the Governor is very serious about this approach to turning things around. His strong recognition of the symbiotic relationship between Florida's economy and the environment is real. He will do what he says, of course big sugar still has some friends in the legislature that may slow it down some. Hopefully he'll pull the plug on Beruff's appointment to the FWC too!
  16. Limitless

    ENP Boater Permit

    An earthenware vessel of excrement. (The part about $50) The course is actually well done and a reasonable request by the park service to ensure protection of ENP. A few years ago, I screwed up big time and ran aground on the west end of First Natl Bank in an area I thought I knew. I had Stoots with me and ended up being able to walk the boat off (long trip). I think that's about the most embarrassed I've been while fishing.
  17. BD, thanks for again letting me live vicariously through your adventures. I can't wait to have a day like that again. I've started working on my "new" 04 Redfisher, but again it's 31 right now with a forecast high of 48 up here in Gawga.
  18. Limitless

    Back in the Family

    I had sold my Redfisher18 early this year because I was not able to fish (shoulder surgery), but I knew I wouldn't last long without a skiff. I had also bought an offshore boat for PCB in 2017 and was mainly using that. Last week I went down to Clearwater and picked up the '04 Redfish 16' that Linesider159 was selling. The hull looks new without a scratch on it and the 115 Yamaha has 102 hours. There are a few cosmetic issues because whoever owned it before had obviously let it sit a good while. Some work on the trailer and new sea dek under the gunnels and maybe a power pole and I'll be good to go. I'm going to have to do something about the poling platform because it wont fit in the garage in our townhouse in Panama City Beach. Happy to back in a Hewes and waiting for the next OT. Oh yeah, I'm retiring for the last time 31 Dec so I plan to spend a lot of time in SWFL and the Keys.
  19. Limitless

    Christmas Wrap

    That display is a thing of beauty. A great present for obviously a solid son-in-law.
  20. Nice Dave. But, you really have to to better with the Snook since I have to live vicariously through your 10K adventures!
  21. Limitless

    Hewes Steering Wheel -- free

    Sorry its gone
  22. I have a wheel off one of my boats with the Hewes logo name in the center plate. It's free if anyone needs it; just pay for the shipping and send me one of your favorite flys.
  23. Limitless


    That sure looks like it would work for a variety in the salt. I'm a rookie on fly and dont tie yet, but I like the Clouser, Deceiver, and some natural looking shrimp patterns for Capt Don's list. I really like the shape of your example and would like to see it in all white with some light black linear stripes.
  24. Limitless

    Expired Flares

    As usual, having expired flares aboard (even marked) depends on the officer checking you. A few years ago I was pulled by the USCG for a safety inspection in the St Lucie Inlet. Everything was great until he saw my bag of expired flares. I was told that I have no idea how dangerous that is and that in a real emergency I could easily grab those old flares and have them not work. I didn't argue and remained calm and only got a written warning. The best part of the story: after the inspection was done, I asked if he could take them for me so I didnt screw up further, and he said "oh no, we dont dispose of expired flares".
  25. Limitless

    PB on Fly

    Yep, Sat and Sunday were the best days I've seen in a very long time on the beach. I was wondering, there was an older guy like me that waded out and threw about a 5' net to get a ton of glass minnows, then fished them with a small weight. He was catching a lot of Snook. Would that have been your buddy?