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    Born and raised in W Palm Beach (when it was still part of FL) fished and hunted ever since. Now in the Atlanta area but have a place in Panama City Beach FL . Try to get at least one salt trip each month.
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  1. Limitless

    What GPS have you guys mounted on your Hewes

    Also, you may want to post questions in the General Section for more replies.
  2. Limitless

    What GPS have you guys mounted on your Hewes

    I've had garmins before fishing the Keys and 10,000 Islands and found them highly inaccurate. I'd be running a narrow channel and the garmin showed me on land - not good. So with my last two boats I've gone with navionics friendly brands - Simrad and Lowrance. I put a 7" Lowrance on my 16 Redfisher and sold the garmin that was on it. There are foks on here that swear by garmin though and you may hear from them. You will also hear a lot about FL Marine Tracks, especially for running the Keys,10,000 Islands and other places like Crystal River that require local knowledge. Problem is they recommend a 9+" screen to really be effective and a south FL or north FL cost $450 or $650 for the whole state. I haven't been on a boat with one so I can't recommend but maybe you can get a ride with someone who has one. BTW, where are you located?
  3. Limitless

    Under Gunnel Carpet ?

    The gel coat under the old carpet was in good shape, no problems at all. The sheet I got was the 38 x 77 so it would provide the length and width needed for 2 panels. Regular price for it was $150 but on sale for $109 around Christmas. Check on ebay maybe for a deal.
  4. Limitless

    Wanted 16’ Hewes

    In a number of states the trailer isn't titled, just registered. Heck in Alabama they dont even require a tag. Also the bench seat top missing is a solvable problem. If the engine is good and has good compression and the hull is solid with no soft spots, offer him your 10k.
  5. Limitless

    Under Gunnel Carpet ?

    I removed the rod holders and used the old carpet as a pattern. That let me cut the seadek exactly around the rod holders. You could just take one off and use it as a pattern with some good measuring. I was going to take them all off and just put the the new cover as a solid sheet, but I finally realized that I would never get the holders back in the original screw holes.
  6. Limitless

    Under Gunnel Carpet ?

    I just did mine with seadek and really happy with it. Getting the old glue off was a challenge but was solved using a heat gun. If you go that route use the heat cautiously so you dont gouge the gel coat; just take your time. Also if you keep an eye out for sales you can get a 39"x77" sheet for around $110.
  7. Limitless

    WTB Shimano Saragosa 6000

    Sent you a PM
  8. Limitless

    Keys Trip / Islamorado Question

    Kon Tiki is a great choice when it's windy - always somewhere to get out of the wind. Several good flats close in and the deeper channels hold a variety of fish. There's always something to fish for, and mornings will be best before the sea-breeze adds to the wind. If it lays for you at least one day the run up to the Flamingo area is only about 30 minutes. Also the area around Blue Banks is covered with grass and holds fish. I've fished out of Kon Tiki many times in a Redfisher and really like that area.
  9. Limitless

    Saragosa 10000

    Good deal I'll call a little later this morning.
  10. Limitless

    Bilge Access Hatch enlargement

    please disregard. I'll try pics again later
  11. Limitless

    Bilge Access Hatch enlargement

    Here you go: https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B001449G92/ref=dp_olp_all_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=all If you dont mind the sand color, the TH Marine that Triplec posted is even better for taking the "lid" off. I have my hole cut out and cleaned up and I left it open until I install a new Trim tab actuator today then I'llput pics on later today.
  12. Limitless

    Bilge Access Hatch enlargement

    It's a 10.75" by 15" which provides an opening of 7.25" x 11.5". Also the hatch cover is removable. I'll put up pics of the install.
  13. Limitless

    You need this!!

    If you fish or just boat you need to have one of these: Go to O'reilly Auto Parts and search for "121g"
  14. Limitless

    Bilge Access Hatch enlargement

    I just got one of these from Amazon yesterday for $39 with free shipping. I'm installing it today so I'll have better access to install a new Lenco Actuator. I've had 4 other Redfishers over the years and done this with everyone of them. Dont know why MBC doesn't do it at the factory. Tempress White 1115 Cam Hatch
  15. Limitless

    Saragosa 10000

    Sold the 8000 bur still have the 10000 new in the box. $250 shipped to you door. Send me a PM with number and I'll text to you.
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