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    Born and raised in W Palm Beach (when it was still part of FL) fished and hunted ever since. Now in the Atlanta area but have a place in Panama City Beach FL . Try to get at least one salt trip each month.
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    Director Government Relantions and Public Affairs
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  1. Limitless

    Figured out Dino's Secret Bait

    Look what I found hung up in some mangroves up Lostmans. Skrimps my butt! In the second pic you can see his brand name.
  2. Limitless

    RF 16 owners - I need a measurement - please

    On my '04 16' with a 115 yamaha the top hole is 16 3/4" up from the pocket. the motor is mounted in that top hole and is right up against the metal (aluminum) trip on the transom. BTW, looks like your up near Kennesaw; I'm in Sandy Springs and been interested in meeting some other Hewes and MBG folks around this area.
  3. Limitless

    TACO Marine SS Rod Holders

    Interested in the other 2 for 1" and 7/8". Sent you a PM.
  4. Limitless

    RF 16 owners - I need a measurement - please

    Mine's an '04 so it wont help you. It looks like you haven't posted your ask in the Hewes Section; that will probably get you a quicker answer.
  5. Limitless

    Yamaha 4.2L cowl latch corrosion

    I had the same problem a few weeks ago. Couldn't get the cowl off my 2018 port engine to do the annual service. Since the marina shop had done the work the prior year I asked them to fix it. They called me a couple weeks later and asked: "Dave, you're not using the botat for a few weeks are you? WE HAVE TO CUT SOME THINGS UP AND IT'LL BE OUT OF SERVICE". After I calmed down they explained that they talked with Yamaha and were told to just cut the cowl and the latches off. It is under warranty so Yamaha is sending a new cowl and parts to do the repair. I'll be popping mine off every 3 months or so and lubing the latches from now on.
  6. Limitless

    New Year’s Snook&Snapper

    Dang, Mangs!! NIce catch. You may the the fork ready a little soon though; at least scale 'em.
  7. Dang, you giving up fishing?!! If anyone's looking for equipment, Dave keeps his stuff in great shape and anything you get from him will be as listed.
  8. Limitless

    Mav vs. Rf

    I've had 2 RF 16s and 3 RF 18s but never had a Mav. Fishing alone and not poling a lot, I'd go with the 16 RF. If you're going to have 3 folks then the 18'. The Hewes are so stable that even an old guy like me is comfortable walking the gunnel and it poles fine for what I do, though I'm usually on the TM. I use my current 16 RF for bass fishing here in GA and FL and also in the salt every time I have a chance. No complaints.
  9. Must not have been as rough as it was during the OT!! That is an epic day in anyone's book. Great job and congrats on a 40"+ SNOOK!
  10. Limitless

    11/2 SC

    Very nice Trout and Red. Looks to me like you made the right decision.
  11. Very nice!! That had to be a great fight on fly.
  12. Limitless

    What the heck is this thing called??

    "clam shell ventilator"!!.. Dang, no wonder I didn't know. Thanks very much Gnarly and Coto.
  13. OK, I have seen these things for many, many years but never really considered what they are. It protects against water flowing into scuppers when underway. But I now need one and dont know how to find a part I can't name. So guys, what is it? Thanks ...
  14. I have a brand new mounting bracket, knobs, screws and kit to mount the transducer on a trolling motor for an Eco Map 70 DV. Let me know if you can use it
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