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    Born and raised in W Palm Beach (when it was still part of FL) fished and hunted ever since. Now in the Atlanta area but have a place in Carrabelle FL and work in Tallahassee. Try to get at least one salt trip each month. Like it all, especially Group
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  1. Bow Casting Platform "Cage"

    Forget the weight Dave. You need this so I can go with you and stay on the casting platform!
  2. Snook

    There is an article in today's "Fishing Wire" about the freeze and effects on the Snook fisheries. The Snook and Gamefish Foundation encourages you to report fish kills to the FWC. Report the killed fish to FWC’s Fish Kill hotline. You can do this by phone (800-636-0511) or online at http://myfwc.com/research/saltwater/...kills-hotline/ Thanks for your help. http://www.thefishingwire.com/story/...d-1d7212312731 Support the Snook & Gamefish Foundation http://sgf.gamefishcloud.com/
  3. Solo Fishing on Flats Boats

    I've fished solo several times on my Redfisher and you have gotten some good advice here. From another course though - never take your life jacket off when you're in the boat alone. If what you have is "too bulky" when fishing, invest in an auto-inflate type. Well worth the $$ if you ever go in the drink while solo. A lot of folks figure if they're on the flats and fall in all they have to do is stand up. Doesn't always work that way. Wear it and be safe. Good luck out there.
  4. which Garmin to buy

    Yep, forget the garmin and go with something you can use navionics maps with - Simrad or Lowrance
  5. redfisher 18 backrest

    I have seen one that mounts to the poling platform legs and folds up to make a "seat" in front of the platform or folds down to provide a back rest. It was probably fabricated to work as described, but looked like a great idea. You may want to look into it.
  6. Florida Marine Tracks - Anyone Using On What

    Dino: I finally gave up on Garmin! Half the time my newest unit has me running on dry land. They "update" all the time; anything older than about 3 - 4 years is out of date and good luck finding parts; and, they monopolize their software operating system so you can only use their chips and maps. I'm done. I have Simrad on my new offshore boat and love it. The mapping with Navionics is excellent and the bottom read with 3D highdef sidescan is amazing. You wont be sorry.
  7. Yeti Bucket

    Ah, give 'em break and buy one. They gotta pay for that slick advertising somehow! My Redfisher came with an Engel 35 for the seat in front of the console, and it is a superior cooler to the one yeti I had. Consumer reports tests show that engel wins consistently over the yetis. I'm all for free market, and more power to the yeti folks, but I cant see paying $299 for the 35 yeti when I an get a 35 Engel for $199.
  8. Freedom2Fish - red snappper

    There are in fact a few organizations, in addition to CCA, that are very active in protecting the fisheries and access to fish them. Certainly dont forget the Snook and Gamefish Foundation and others. http://snookfoundation.org/
  9. Lithium Jump Starter Size

    I've been watching the posts on these "jumpers", but with all the recent news about lithium ion batteries catching fire, I wonder about the safety. Is there a concern about one being stored aboard and spontaneously flaming up??
  10. Thoughts on stickers...

    I took mine off. The ones that amaze me are the boats loaded up with Yeti, Costa, Power Pole, etc. stickers. Folks spend $100s if not $1000s on things and then advertise them for free. The only stickers I have are for the Snook and Gamefish Foundation and the I-Angler ap, because I believe in and support them.
  11. Cooler Recommendations

    Both the RTICs and Engels work great, especially for one or two days. Their real prowess is for longer term trips. For "a day on the water" any basic cooler will work, you dont need the heavy, thick walled, roto-molded type. Look at the igloos with snap on cushions. A lot less $$, that you can use for tackle. If you re camping or on a multi-day trip the Engel or RTIC is what you need. The Engel in front of my console came with my 18' and I bought one the 30 qt. Engel cooler/dry box for $70 that fits in the bow hatch for food and drinks.
  12. Atlanta Boat Show Tix Free

    I have 8 free tickets to #Atlanta Boat Show, so I wanted to offer them here first . If any of you Atlanta area forum folks can use them (Thursday through Sunday) shoot me a PM. They can be picked up in Sandy Springs.

    Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to you Fin, and to all forum folks!
  14. iPilot or Tiller

    Looks like I'm in the minority on this question. I put the IPilot on my new Hewes, but ended up making an adjustment. The fob is fine for some uses, but I find myself "driving" while working a shoreline and watching guests fish. You have to keep at it if there's current and or wind, and you better also keep a supply of batteries for the fob on board. With the tiller I could stand on the bow and drive with my knee and keep fishing. The anchor function is good, but if it's tight, not as good as a Power Pole. I solved my problem bass fisherman style and bought a foot-control. It works great and with the length of cord it comes with I can run the TM from the poling platform and keep fishing. If I was doing it again, I would have just bought another Rip Tide tiller model.
  15. Admiral's new ride

    What a beauty. That Mav is strong as a garlic milkshake!