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    Born and raised in W Palm Beach (when it was still part of FL) fished and hunted ever since. Now in the Atlanta area but have a place in Carrabelle FL and work in Tallahassee. Try to get at least one salt trip each month. Like it all, especially Group
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  1. Favorites

    That sure looks like it would work for a variety in the salt. I'm a rookie on fly and dont tie yet, but I like the Clouser, Deceiver, and some natural looking shrimp patterns for Capt Don's list. I really like the shape of your example and would like to see it in all white with some light black linear stripes.
  2. Expired Flares

    As usual, having expired flares aboard (even marked) depends on the officer checking you. A few years ago I was pulled by the USCG for a safety inspection in the St Lucie Inlet. Everything was great until he saw my bag of expired flares. I was told that I have no idea how dangerous that is and that in a real emergency I could easily grab those old flares and have them not work. I didn't argue and remained calm and only got a written warning. The best part of the story: after the inspection was done, I asked if he could take them for me so I didnt screw up further, and he said "oh no, we dont dispose of expired flares".
  3. PB on Fly

    Yep, Sat and Sunday were the best days I've seen in a very long time on the beach. I was wondering, there was an older guy like me that waded out and threw about a 5' net to get a ton of glass minnows, then fished them with a small weight. He was catching a lot of Snook. Would that have been your buddy?
  4. PB on Fly

    Capt Don, that is sweet! Great one on fly. I missed you by a couple of days; I was down this past weekend and fished those rocks Saturday and Sunday mornings at first light til about 9:30. Been a long time since I saw the Snook (and some Tarpon) that thick on the beach. We caught several up to about 5 # and had a ball. Like you said, the smaller Snook were pinning the glass minnows up on the beach and we were casting about 15 or 20 feet.
  5. Brunswick buys Power Products

    So your suggested fix in what - socialism?? The system works, whether you like the prices or not. There are alternatives to Lenco. Competition works. I just got back form a few days in Cuba - trust me, you wouldn't like the alternative to "Capitalism gone mad".
  6. Hewes Steering Wheel -- free

    Sorry 4-V it's long gone.
  7. Simrad NSS16 evo2 Chartplotter - $2399

    I have that unit on my big boat and it is a great machine. For offshore bottom fishing, the side view with the total scan transducer is a must have for finding new hard bottom.
  8. Going to Crystal River

    I wont be leaving the MBG group. Sold my 3rd Hewes but, I'll have another in the future. Right now I'm kind of out of fishing a while. Had shoulder surgery and the doc says no fishing or non-pt use of that arm until probably end of September. The physical therapy on it is a biatch.
  9. Going to Crystal River

    For the Gulp 3" New Penny. Pink or Electric Chicken plastic paddle tails on 1/8 or 1/4 oz jig heads. Mirrorlure top water and sinkers in mullet colors.
  10. Hewes Steering Wheel -- free

    Came off a Redfisher. I can measure the shaft diameter, etc. if you need that.
  11. I have a wheel off one of my boats with the Hewes logo name in the center plate. It's free if anyone needs it; just pay for the shipping and send me one of your favorite flys.
  12. She's Gone

    My son-in-law's family have a Cobia 240cc which I have fished a couple of times - a really good, solid boat. I ended up going with a different manufacturer's boat in a 26' cc. They are folks I have gotten to know through their support and help for the Snook and Gamefish Foundation. I toured their factory and was impressed and got a super deal. This site is for the MBG and I dont think it's right to promote other brands, so i'm not naming what I have. Except for personal experience with another group I may well have ended up with a Cobia. I think we all agree that Scott, Skip and Charlie build top-line, quality products, especially since we all have bought some of them.
  13. She's Gone

    My 4th Redfisher has gone to a new great family in Jensen Beach. My family has grown with the addition of a son-in-law and we now have a place in Panama City Beach, so I got a lot of pressure to get a large off-shore boat. I'll still be around on here, and I'll definitely have another skiff in time, maybe a Mav next time. Fair winds and tight lines --Dave
  14. Hewes Redfisher 18 2014

    She's sold. Good home in Jensen beach with a family with a 12 year old fisherman. I've told her new owner to come on the forum and introduce himself, and to try to make the OT next September.
  15. Simrad Total Scan

    Dino: I've got the NSS 16 evo2 on my big boat with total scan and love it. I'm fishing it in the pan handle off shore and it really helps in finding good bottom. If you're going to put it on your flats boat, I'm not sure of the value at all in skinny water.