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    2007 Maverick 17 HPX-V, Yamaha 90 HP 2 Stroke, PowerTech 17 PTR 3, Carbon Marine Loop Push Pole, Caron Marine custom casting platform, Tibor Push Pole Caddy, Cobra Marine VHF, Minnkota Riptide 80 lb 24 volt trolling motor, Fushion MarineStereo, Garmin GP
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  1. Great day in the Park yesterday on Mike's HPX-18 (In-the-Slot 12). Clear skies, cool temp's, big moon/big tides, nice breeze to keep the skeeters away. Low tide at Shark River entrance was at 10:30 or so, so we had several hours of falling water to fish in the morning. Both anglers finished the day with slams, dozens of snook and rat reds, some nice sea trout, and a mixture of other fish. We fished soft plastics, live and GULP! shrimp on jig heads, and plugs. Water was cold (around 68 degrees all morning) and murky. Here are a few pictures from the day.
  2. Big Dave


    I'll take 'em! Sent you an email message.
  3. Big Dave

    Tire Question

    Maxxis is the only brand I would put on my trailer.
  4. Edge Rods have some affiliation with Gary Loomis (founder, almost 3 decades ago, of G.Loomis rods) and North Fork Composites. By all measures, their rods appear to be very well-designed and made. Their business model is D2C, eliminating the "middle man" so they can deliver a high quality rod at a reasonable price. I ordered one on 12/31 and have not received it. I have made numerous phone calls and sent multiple email messages with no luck. So, today I contacted PayPal and filed a claim. They have notified North Fork Composites, who now have 10 days to send me a tracking number for the new rod. If not, I'll get my money back on 4/2. Just thought I would let other Forum members know--I would not advise doing business with this company.
  5. Big Dave

    Prop shop recommendation in South Florida

    Interesting. I've only had good experiences with Frank & Jimmy's.
  6. The Park Service has a contractor in the park installing new channel markers from Florida Bay to the 10,000 Islands over the next few months. Work is underway in Tin Can Channel and Jimmy's Lake. The Park Service says that while channels will remain open during the work, boaters should use caution as they near the channels and be on the lookout for workboats. Next up will be Snake Bight Channel and Murray-Clive Key Channel. For those of you who use Florida Marine Tracks, Glen Housman told me that he will be out there taking a look in May/June. Whatever changes he finds will be represented by July. If the damaged/missing markers are replaced with new ones in the exact same location, no changes to the software will be needed.
  7. Big Dave

    Lure ID

    I bet it's hand-made. I can't find a Heddon with the notches. Maybe an older MegaBass?
  8. Big Dave

    *Sold* Completely Restored 18.5 Master Angler

    One word: WOW!
  9. Big Dave

    Found This One - A bit of Choko Adventure

    Cool! What's that long black thing on the starboard side? 😉
  10. I think so too Coto. I remember the years after the freeze in 2010. The first season after we caught reds that were 18"; the second season they were 22"-24"; 5 or six years later we were catching them up to 38"-40". Then they left and went to NC and VA!
  11. Great day! Nice "big ugly"--I see a resemblance!
  12. Great day in the Park yesterday. 9:33 a.m. low tide at Shark River meant we would have incoming water most of the day. Weather forecast was favorable, though the winds were expected to be rather brisk, but from the east. Launched in the back at first light and ran through Whitewater Bay, stopping at a few spots to scout for tarpon. Seeing none, we ran through the Shark River and creeks in that area, out into Ponce De Leon Bay, and up the coast. Dodging the exposed areas and barely covered snags, we worked the areas sight fishing as the tide starting flooding. Most of the day was spent in that area, throwing a Red Belly Rapala X-Rap Twitchin' Mullet, Slayer Swim Tails, Zman Trout Tricks, GULP! Jerk Shads and Shrimp, and live shrimp on jig heads. As is usually the case, we had the best luck when the water was moving or when we could find pinch points that channeled water and fishing the points and underwater structure. We started back as the tide turned slack, stopping at a couple of places inside of the Shark River. For the day, we brought over 50 fish to the boat, including a few nice trout and several smaller ones; 3 slot-size snook and dozens of smaller snook; many rat reds; assorted mangrove snapper, jacks and catfish. Overall a wonderful day with a good old friend, Captain Tom Ross. Enjoyed showing him some more of the Park. Here are a few pictures from our day.
  13. this might be dated, but should give you a good idea:
  14. I think they may have been under the Owner's Tournament posts.