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    2007 Maverick 17 HPX-V, Yamaha 90 HP 2 Stroke, PowerTech 17 PTR 3, Carbon Marine Loop Push Pole, Caron Marine custom casting platform, Tibor Push Pole Caddy, Cobra Marine VHF, Minnkota Riptide 80 lb 24 volt trolling motor, Fushion MarineStereo, Garmin GP
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    HR & Benefits Consulting
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    Fishing, cruising on the Harley, Outlaw Country Music
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    Plantation, Florida
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    David Stoots

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  1. Big Dave

    Before I cut this console .......

    I would keep weight distribution in mind as you consider any mod's.
  2. Big Dave

    2018 Pathfinder 2300HPS w/ 250 SHO

    Both are beautiful. GLWS.
  3. Dino, post the contact information if you will. Thanks.
  4. Big Dave

    21 Maverick Master Angler

    Your post indicates that the boat was "opened up and repaired from the inside out. The hull was previously repaired and the repair work is giving out. The boat also needs a transom and various other fiberglass." What specifically was done and what specifically have you been told needs to be done? Thanks.
  5. Big Dave

    New Year’s Snook&Snapper

    Tocos for days! Nice.
  6. Big Dave

    Master Angler Questions

    I think it's the best boat Maverick ever made. I had a 17' that I loved, just found after several years that it was not the right boat for the kind of fishing I had learned to love. My trim tabs were not recessed--ask me how I remember that (see the bad scar on my left shin!). If you can find an 18.5 or 21, I would buy one rather than the 17'--just more room and ability to put a bigger motor on the back. There have been a few on the Forum for sale recently. Keep looking and be ready to pull the trigger as soon as you find the right one. If you wait, you'll miss out.
  7. Big Dave

    1998 Pathfinder 17t KEVLAR

    MBC should buy that and put it in the office on display.
  8. Big Dave

    Boat Lift Drain Plug Access

    Remove it. Put the drain plug in a plastic bag and tape it to the wheel so you don't forget to put it back in before launching!
  9. Started the new year and new decade off right--no hangover, up at 4:00 a.m., on the water at 6:30. High tide at Lostmans at 4:54 a.m. so we would have favorable tide conditions to fish the creeks, drains and rivers to the South. Sunrise was at 7:13 a.m. with N/NE winds at 5-8. Moon was waxing crescent with about 29% illumination. Pressure was steady at about 30 inches. Fished with my buddy Mike (InTheSlot12) on his HPX 18'. We ran to the South and fished a mix of hard baits, soft plastics and GULP! and live shrimp on jig heads. I had the most luck with a MirroLure C17in Red/Copper Back/White Belly. Also fished a SST in Cockroach color on a weedless, keel weighted hook for much of the day. Many of the trout and several snook were caught on GULP! or live shrimp on jigs. Ended up with dozens of trout and snook, several nice reds including a really nice one that I site fished on a flat out front of the river mouth as the tide was just starting to flood--unfortunately I lost that one to fisherman's error--cut me off on the trim tab! Also had a nice sheepshead and decent sized grouper and jack, both of which ran around the boat a couple of times before being subdued and carefully released. Here are a few photos from the day. E72612B1-F409-4923-B607-5DE45BA1BB5C.heic
  10. It will. I think you still owe me a six for a cooler I dropped off!
  11. Dino, come get those "Arties"!!!
  12. Jigs are no longer available.
  13. Saturday and Sunday are looking pretty good, at least according to tonight's weather report. Sunday should be especially nice. I've only camped on the beaches (when absolutely sure the weather report was favorable) or the chickees. If you were going out of Chokoloskee, I would suggest Picnic Key or Tiger Key.
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