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    2007 Maverick 17 HPX-V, Yamaha 90 HP 2 Stroke, PowerTech 17 PTR 3, Carbon Marine Loop Push Pole, Caron Marine custom casting platform, Tibor Push Pole Caddy, Cobra Marine VHF, Minnkota Riptide 80 lb 24 volt trolling motor, Fushion MarineStereo, Garmin GP
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    HR & Benefits Consulting
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    Fishing, cruising on the Harley, Outlaw Country Music
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    Plantation, Florida
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    David Stoots
  1. WTB powe pole

    There is a great deal on a two-year old Pro with new pump and an extra pump. It's white 6'. MicroSkiff Forum.
  2. My new Maverick!

    Very nice! Congratulations. Now go get fish slime all over it!
  3. That ain't no polling platform--it's a diner table!
  4. Grand Kid Sitting

    Awesome! "Without their cell phones.! We need a lot more of that. Good stuff, Papa!
  5. Trailer Tires

    I've heard that under those conditions, just make sure to check for "wobble" as you trailer the boat and any sort of spider cracks on the sidewalls (which would indicate dry rot). Trailer tire's have a DOT (Department of Transportation) time stamp that provides the tire's date of manufacture. The last four digits tell you everything you need to know. From what I understand, about 3-5 years is the lifespan of an average trailer tire, even if it appears to still have good tread depth. More years are possible with exceptional care.
  6. Looking to possibly upgrade

    The S and the HPX-V are two very different boats. You really need to "drive" the S, and it might not be as versatile as the V. The V will be better in choppy water, and probably a little more stable. But if you want a technical polling skiff to fish really skinny water, the S is a terrific skiff.
  7. Talking Points

    Troy, I've read that the porpoises are so smart they can distinguish the unique sounds of particular boats and skiffs. Sounds like they are really dialed in up in your area. In the ENP, the problem is with sharks poaching snook and tarpon if the fisherman is not careful and quick.
  8. SOLD: Yeti Tundra 75 white (new)

    $325 and 57 cans of good craft beer to fill it up?
  9. Everyone underestimates draft

    Speaking of trolling motors and props, anyone running a Kipawa Propeller? If so, have you noticed improvements in thrust and speed?
  10. New steering wheel??

    Love my Edson wheel. Very comfortable.
  11. Fire Extinguisher Recall, Could Be on your Boat

    Looks like the small, white Personal Mariner Model (FA5G) is ok. This is the one that retails for about $20.
  12. Fire Extinguisher Recall, Could Be on your Boat

    I checked mine too. According to the web site, the affected models are the red, white and silver ones. I couldn't find the serial number, so I'm going to call Kidde just to make sure. For those who want to call, the number is 855-271-0773.
  13. Did you camp at the Flamingo campground? If so, are the bathrooms and showers open and in working order?
  14. 3 Batteries in HPX 17 Console?

    It's tight with two--not sure it's possible to get 3 in there!