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  1. Replacement GPS Found

    For what it's worth, I see this guy advertising all the time on Craigslist here in S. Florida. https://miami.craigslist.org/pbc/bpo/d/gps-radar-fishfinder-screens/6389260637.html
  2. Fire Extinguisher Recall, Could Be on your Boat

    Stuff like this is a major concern, millions of units are out there so that is why I posted it. I was responsible for maintaining all the fire fighting equipment on 2 USCG medium endurance cutters so you can take the Damage Control man out of the Coast Guard but you can't take the Damage Control out of the man.

    Fin, sorry to say it is time to let it go. I had the exact same unit, got caught in a MASSIVE rain storm and I had the same screen, except purple afterwards. Luckily I had a spare unit and I just sold them with my Hewes. The last update Garmin had for the unit was 2005/6 if I remember correctly, check the sight it will show it. The 3006 will fit BUT it uses the GSD 22 sounder and your unit uses the GSD 20 and they are not interchangeable. 2006c is a great unit though! Ebay has a 3006c for $390.00 I just saw. Good Luck!
  4. Just an FYI, Kiddie is recalling a boat load (no pun intended) of fire extinguishers for failure to discharge or the nozzle breaking off and becoming an impact hazard. It looks like they can be a real issue for boaters and for home protection. There are alot of models affected so check here https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2017/kidde-recalls-fire-extinguishers-with-plastic-handles-due-to-failure-to-discharge-and to see if the model is on the recall list.
  5. Battling Humidty in Florida-Help

    Dang Troy, you can take a man out of the business but you can't take the business out of the man! I was thinking the same thing and was wondering if you were going to chime in. Of course a little overboard for this particular situation, I say ventilate, air flow! TT is also on point, you would be surprised what can leak under the hood while running and then drip while parked.
  6. MBG Forum New Look?

    Noticed that too, tried to log on yesterday and recieved a "Critical Error" message and thought the worst. Tried again 15 minutes later and a new format is what I found. I like it too, looks good!
  7. Yamaha 130 V4

    If the heads are removed you can soak them in a solution of water and Sodium Bisulfate. What is it, known as PH Down for pools and is a dry acid purchased at your neighborhood home store. The stuff will eat the salt away without affecting the metal or the paint, and I do mean eat all the salt away, nothing left without you breaking a sweat. http://www.jones-hamilton.com/spd/technical/applications.html The stuff is cheap, will remove rust from steel and cleaned salt off my heads overnight. Got tired of the old school way and thought there had to be a better way and used it without even knowing the actual benefits and was amazed. Just don't get it on concrete, turns it rusty color, does not affect your bare skin, just would not leave it on long without rinsing it off. Tip of the Day!
  8. Key Largo Mahi Mahi

    Great catch however the problem now is repating every year, you set the bar pretty high for every trip here on after but they will all be memorable! I was down mid June and caught 6 in one trip all in about 280 feet of water. Good thing too, my seas did not look like that, I was in about 2-4 foot seas with a new to me 22 foot bay boat and make no mistake about it, it was NASTY!!! That was one of the better days of the week we were down too, very rough out there this summer.
  9. Want to buy a project boat!

    I got an "89" Redfisher with a 110 Johnson, comes with all accessories on Miami Craigslist for $6,500.00 Boat can be dropped in the water a go right now, just needs cosmetic stuff done.
  10. WTB 18' Hewes or Maverick

    Stupid question, but have you done a search on the South Florida Craigslist link and put Hewes in the search bar? I have seen numerous boats in there, including my 1989 17'-10" long Redfisher, they call it a 17 though.
  11. 1992 BF Repower question and hydraulic Steering (updated)

    Bobby, to be honest with you I have no experience with yamaha but I think a 70 is lowest HP rating for that type of boat. My brother -in-law is a master mechanic for Bombardier and has rarily if ever seen a 90 etec come in for service other than standard 300 hour. It is a 3 cylinder unlike prior carburated 2 strokes that were 4. It is really a trade off, yamaha does not require an external oil tank but the etec does. Etec will give you better holeshot, more power and I know I will hear back from the Yamaha diehards, equal too if not better gas milage, but then again it is a 70 yamaha vs 90 etec. One thing we all agree on is nobody ever said they have too much power. I have a side mount hydraulic steering setup on my redfisher, had it over 6 years and not a bit of problem. It is made by a company in Tampa I believe. That will keep your splash well clean for access and no mounting issue at all!
  12. WTB Hewes

    I run in the mid to upper 40's all day long with an old Johnson 110, just need a bigger gas tank! If the 115 is propped correctly you should not have a problem with the mid 40's. With the larger engines like the v-6's and 4 strokes the older lapstrakes get real squatty in my opinion and you lose draft obviously.
  13. WTB Hewes

    Remember that a Hewes Redisher 17 before MBG was measured at 17'-10" after about a year or two of MBG aquiring Hewes the boat remained the same length but they called it an 18. I've got a 1989 (first year MBG) Lap Strake Redfisher 17 I am selling, needs some TLC though. But I am in Miami, a little to far I would think to travel. I love the boat and the ride and the attention but had to get into a bay boat for the family and friends. It gets kinda tight on a Redfisher.
  14. 2002 2400 250HO G2 Evinrude prop advice

    Besides what Moderator posted with regards to Marcus, AKA FunkyMonkey always providing sound advice and the pitch sounding a little too tall, what about the dealer? The dealers I know where you just dropped a chunk of change on a new motor would let you test out used props they had in stock until you found one that worked. Talk to the dealer and see what they say. By the way, where are you located?
  15. Rtic coolers on sale

    Just ordered a 65 as well! Thank you.