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  1. F70 vs Tohatsu 90 2s vs 90 Etec

    Tohastsu is a commercial motor in Asia and even parts of Europe, they are a workhorse. They have always been available in the U.S. but in limited numbers however they are expanding and I have heard good things about them. I cannot comment on parts availability or even a dealer support network but I would definitely consider it. I am partial to E-Tec because my brother-in-law is a factory master mechanic for Bombardier/E-Tec. Remember E-Tec 90 is only a 3 cylinder like your old 70 but obviously more H.P's. Let me ask you, how did the Hewes perform with the 70? I assume it was a 16 footer?
  2. Not a problem, you tell me when & where and I will be there!
  3. Base unit price at this time, maybe when I am back in a flats boat I will place an order with you for a chart upgrade! Thanks.
  4. pvc board at Home Depot

    Shell Lumber in Miami has PVC board and starboard in all thickness's and multiple sizes including smaller pieces like 1' x 2' or even 1' x 1' so you do not have to buy the larger sheets. They do have black PVC board in 1/4" thick but I am sure they could order the other sizes as well. I recently used PVC board cut into 2" x 1/4" thick wide strips and applied it to the bottom and sides of my new gas tank for my bay boat, this will allow water and debris to flow around the tank and not allow the tank to sit in salt water/moisture. It provided a nice tight fit and no foam was used to secure, just mechanical fasteners.
  5. Dino, I will take it, no shipping involved. Just let me know when it is available and I will drive up! Waking up early and checking the forum has finally paid off, however would have preferred to be going fishing but the GPS will do just fine!
  6. Just Arrived: Battery Tamer-Saw on Ship Shape

    http://www.boatsteer.com/battery.html Try this link.
  7. What did you do to your boat today?

    We are at the bottom of the state Florida.
  8. Just Arrived: Battery Tamer-Saw on Ship Shape

    I saw it too. The main reason for them, which makes sense to me was the need to disconnect and reconnect batteries efficiently and not having to deal with all the ring terminals on the battery posts. Smart yet so simple!
  9. What did you do to your boat today?

    Looks good Lap! I was wondering how long those locks would work for, do you have a history with them, do they remain functional in our environments? That cushion looks pretty nice as well did you have it made or did it come with the boat? I am looking for a good quality marine fabric/cushion installer.
  10. back on mkt

    Algi, I feel your pain brother, literally right now in my left knee! Been suffering from Gout for the last 12 years, started the same time I took an office job and gained weight. I am permanently on 300 mg of Allopurirnol. I get attacks in my feet, knees, ankles, elbows, heck I think I am a poster boy for it. I am only 48 so I am not ready for a nut & berry type lifestyle, the medication helps a lot though!
  11. Maverick Holy S#%T Craigslist Miami!

    Yeah Snookhunter, well yours doesn't have yellow cushions, or does it?!? The deals are out there, I just thought this may have been a good one, apparently not!
  12. Maverick Holy S#%T Craigslist Miami!

    Linesider, no sweat, thank you. I have never seen a post for a Maverick at a price like that before, ecspecially in Miami/South Florida. Anybody who thinks they are going to jump in it and go after the gas tank repair would be foolish. Under powered, hardly! The boat would obviously need a full rework and nobody would offer him the asking price. My point for posting was for someone looking to get into a boat and who has some skills, this would be a perfect high quality used product at an affordable price, IMO. Not everyone is forunate enough to have enough income to afford a higher quality used boat and as well not many are forunate enough to have buddies offer them boats at such a discounted price. Justfish; with regards to the cussing, you should of heard it this morning when a gentlemen taking out the trash at 6:15 A.M. somehow managed to let his dog run out in front of my truck WHILE ON A LEASH! Then he has the nerve to tell me F/U, there was some cussing!
  13. Maverick Holy S#%T Craigslist Miami!

    Boy, tough crowd!
  14. Maverick Holy S#%T Craigslist Miami!

    Yeah, but even so, a do it yourselfer or for the money it takes to replace it will still be a good deal. IMHO.
  15. Maverick Holy S#%T Craigslist Miami!

    Just posted Miami Craigslist https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/boa/d/1998-maverick-master-angler/6508542520.html