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  1. All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    Agreed Skip, the cost is going to shock the average buyer, that was my first thought. However there is a segment of the public that can and will jump all over it. I personally think the innovation and the willingness to try something new can only pay off for MBG in the future.
  2. All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    Very cool! Keep us posted on the outcome and the weight.
  3. OX66 100 hour help

    Question, why do all this before you put it in mothball, the impeller would be no good? I would drain fuel system completely, I mean everything! Put some oil in the cylinders and crank it over a few times to spread it around. Seal up the intake and exhaust so no air gets into the power head to cause corrosion. Then when you take it out then you do all the service you mentioned. Oh yeah, spray the entire power head and every bolt with corrosion inhibitor.
  4. Broken Minn Kota shaft

    The shafts are threaded into the motor housing, but they use an epoxy to seal it up and stop it from turning, it will not simply unscrew. I had to break it up, clean up the threads but the armature has to be removed because of all the debris that will fall into the housing. I the brought it to a machine shop that had a tap that cleaned up the threads for me. Not hard to do if you have do-it-yourselfer skills.
  5. Is MHP having a Black Friday Sale???

    Look at the top of the forums page, the have a coupon code for use at checkout!!
  6. 2011 23 HPS switch Panel

    Yeah, they were pretty quick on the shipping and the prices were not bad at all! I did not get the diagrams on mine, just the lettering.
  7. Batteries

    Considering you have 3 batteries I assume you have a 24 volt trolling motor and one of those batteries are used as a back up cranking battery @ 12 volts. Sounds to me like you may have the 24 volt supply hooked to one of the terminal of the battery switch. Without more pic's and a meter in our hands it is hard to trouble shoot over the interweb. Check this link out for a simple diagram to follow......
  8. 2011 23 HPS switch Panel

    This is where I got mine from, very happy with them........ https://rockerswitchpros.com/custom-rocker-switch-cover-actuator/ Click the symbols icon and where you fill in the lines for the switches click the symbols and it will have switches for every type of use, even some off the wall ones like "Catch Fish" button & "Ejection" button.
  9. New Switch Panel for Pathfinder

    I saw this browsing the Craigslist in Miami so I thought I would post just in case someone might be interested. .https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/bpo/d/lowered-pathfinder-boats/6737228218.html
  10. 1998 Maverick Hull, Thoughts?

    I saw this and I am interested but seems a little to high without a motor. What are your thoughts? https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/boa/d/1998-maverick-hp/6749077115.html
  11. Happy Thanksgiving

    Like wise fella's, enjoy the holiday!
  12. Is MHP having a Black Friday Sale???

    I'll take two!
  13. Don't worry Ralph, if you need to raise you're poling platform we have a welding shop in Broward county we recommend to you!
  14. Hit & Run

    Understood, however the previous owner, under law is still liable if you wanted to pursue it. Just put it out there to make everyone aware to submit the form in order to reduce you're liability when selling a car or vessel.