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  1. Hydraulic jack plate flush

    That is correct, can flush out the reservoir as well. Use rubber gloves though, contains Xylene but will clean it up great. Check dollar stores, the no name stuff will do the job, cheaper than an automotive store. Home Depot sells it, about 7 bucks a can.
  2. Lightning

    I had an instance in Key Largo with a storm headed from West to East that built up over the everglades. I told my passenger if you see lightning or hear thunder let me know. Not even two minutes later a bolt struck about 100 yards away in the mangroves and in just a few seconds the temperature dropped 15-20 degrees easily and the rain coming at us through the mangroves sounded like a Stampede and we made it back with the rain 50 feet behind us the whole way in, got to the dock and told my partner to run! Two boats sunk at the docks and I watched everybody at Gilbert's having to bail out their boats or manually flip the bilge pump switch on in the middle of this storm. Not a good place to be, and yes having a fast boat helped us that day. Believe it or not that was my second close call. One time in the middle of the Everglades on Wagon Wheel road I was coming back from the West coast and decided to do some Bass fishing, walking down the dirt road I noticed a small black cloud forming above me. I decided I would wait for thunder before I made a move and about that time a bolt hit the dirt road about 500 feet ahead me, needless to say the fishing adventure was over!
  3. Log in, click your user name at the top right of the page, go to account settings and you will see signature, open and edit.
  4. Hydraulic jack plate flush

    Brake cleaner with air pressure, it will evaporate and leave no residue. They sell it in spray cans if you do not have a compressor.
  5. Lynyrd Skynyrd Documentary on Showtime

    Change of pace from all the Doom & Gloom of red tide and algae blooms. Last night Showtime aired a documentary about the Lynyrd Skynyrd Band from Jacksonville Florida. I am a big fan of their music but honestly if I hear Sweat Home Alabama one more time I am going to lose it! Pretty interesting about how they began and how it all ended and all the characters, and they were. If you like the band and their music check it out. http://www.sho.com/titles/3461827/lynyrd-skynyrd-if-i-leave-here-tomorrow
  6. Whatever Happened to Squidmo?

    Well dang it Bruce, tell him we miss him, at least I do. He has been gone from the site for so long most don't even know who he is! He was a great contributor, especially in the Hewes section. I hope all is well with him and his family!
  7. Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    Agreed, this issue has been going on for a longtime and should have been rectified back in the day. It's all about the dollar and the demand. Maybe when Cuba becomes a free market we can start importing sugar from them at half the price and reduce the demand here? It's a messy subject but the voices are getting louder to get it corrected
  8. 08 2200TE Nav Lights LED upgrade Question

    It is something everyone with the console mounted nav lights need to be conscious of. I had a neighbor that I grew up with and him and 2 other friends died in a boating accident and were in a bay/flats boat and got t-boned at night in the bay. The other commercial boat said they had no nav lights on but the investigators found the switch in the "on" position in the boat during the investigation. They determined they had no stern light plugged in, obviously their fault, but they determined the nav lights on the console may have been blocked by a passenger.
  9. 08 2200TE Nav Lights LED upgrade Question

    If I may bring up another subject that I have concerns about. The lights are obviously mounted on the side of the console, legal, yes. However what if you have two buddies with you at night standing on either side of the console and your running, which I am sure many of us have done. Does anyone see a concern with blocking the nav lights? Granted if the person is on the side it will still be seen from head on, but what about port & starboard? I am just asking, old coastie here and I removed mine for that reason. Thoughts? Or am I over thinking it?
  10. Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    The answer is quite easy conocean.........Election Season! This is a big issue in Florida and who is running for state senator who also at this time can redirect state funds and look like a hero before November...Slicky Ricky!
  11. Tom Craft

    Well Tom Craft, you may have better luck having a shop make you one. Unless you can find a boat graveyard that happens to have a "99" Hewes LT. Chances are pretty slim though. Older models like that just don't have spare parts laying around. Good luck with the search though. Welcome to the forum, don't be a stranger.
  12. Pimp'n a 24 year old girl - 1995 MA 17

    Dang Dino, the old girl cleaned up nice!
  13. Whatever Happened to Squidmo?

    He was a Texas boy and ran a 19 Hewes tunnel and made that cool looking lappy decal; Lappys Rule design I recently saw on someones signature on the forum, it got me thinking? Anybody?
  14. What size Decals?

    I do not think they ever changed in size, just the wording under Hewes". I believe they were around 11" long, somebody will chime in on where to order, like Flounder pounder, have heard them mentioned a few times on here.
  15. Bring back the Lappy

    How about a bad *** lapstrake hewes ski boat>>>> We will call it the Maverick Wild Cat.....I like it!