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  1. RF18 Repower

    Like props generally it can be a "black art" . I'm still undecided, in a perfect world I would like to run both gearboxes on my boat and see for my self. I fell that there would not be a vast difference with the RF 18 I can see how some hulls would benefit though.
  2. RF18 Repower

    Flatfoot , I'm in Australia so you don't really want to know how much we pay for a new outboard over here other then to say it's roughly double what you will pay in the US. Cheers Mate.
  3. RF18 Repower

    Mulligan, I had a look at the Mako tests and they are saying they used the exact same prop so there has to be an error there.
  4. RF18 Repower

    Here you go, I found a reasonable comparison using a bass boat and I think this will clinch it for me. I do feel they may have got a bit more with the standard gear box but I doubt it would close the gap. Also with the command thrust gear box you have a much larger range of props to select. https://www.mercurymarine.com/en/us/performance-tests/bhb/1172/?units=imperial https://www.mercurymarine.com/en/us/performance-tests/bhb/1176/?units=imperial
  5. RF18 Repower

    Looking at repowering my 2002 RF18 and I'm seriously looking at the 115PRO XS - the big delmar - standard gearbox or command thrust ? To my way of thinking the standard is the go but the local dealer feels very strongly otherwise. Anyone got any real world data of this ? Thanks in advance Snelly
  6. Nope still afloat the one where we are drifting is in about 2ft of water.
  7. A couple of drone pic's from this week - Amazing
  8. Cyclones

    Troy, ATM hoping for a lot more rain real soon otherwise we will have another bad Barra season. We are well behind the average for this time of year. Cheers Snelly
  9. Cyclones

    Hi Chuck, Thank you for your thoughts. Tropical Cyclone Marcia crossed the coast between Mackay and Rockhampton ( more or less central Queensland )it was a bad one and the biggest issue is the building codes are not the same that far south as they do not often get many cyclones especially Cat 5 and then the system traveled further south and that was a day or two after they had got 300 plus mm ( 10-12inches ) of rain in a day so that has caused a lot of flooding down there. The cyclone that went west "Lam" caused some damage in the Northern Territory but was south of Darwin so Matt and his RF18 are all good. All the crew in Cairns, Tully and Townsville are fine all happening well south of us. Cheers Snelly
  10. A Reef Trip

    It's been a while and finally got a small break in the wind last weekend plus my youngest asked if we could go to the reef ( usually she works on weekends so it was good that all "the planets aligned" ) Managed some good trout and a nice Spaniard ( your King Mackerel ) Didn't get to see any whales on the way home but did have a lengthy interaction with a couple of dolphins on the way home, riding in font of the boat you could almost touch them. A great day in paradise Cheers Snelly

    A 2002 - unless re installed - would have no black box. No power to switch should be a piece of the proverbial to fix.
  12. Go Pro

    Chuck, where did you want to mount it ? and what vision did you want to get. I put mine on the console of my RF18 and it captures all of the front deck pretty well. Another option would be to put a mount under your platform and get the whole boat looking forward. The other thing to do is get a Go Pole or make one yourself so you can place it over the side and under the water. Cheers Snelly
  13. 98 Hewes LT 18 Rehab

    Gary, Good to see you on the water - you have done a fantastic job. Next some fish pic's please Cheers Snelly
  14. Fish picture

    Hi Bever, Can you tell us about the three switches ( think that's what they are ) on the forward starboard side of your platform ? Thanks Snelly
  15. 98 Hewes LT 18 Rehab

    Gary, Sorry to be a pest - what brand is that bus bar ? Never seen one like that before - very neat