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  1. New Bimini Top for 2200 TRS

    FWIW, I think it looks great. I’m going to a Bimini for mine after realizing I don’t want to to spend the money on a ttop.
  2. 2200v Bimini Top Question

    For those who still have the olde model 2200v with bimini tips, what is your height of the top? From either top of th gunnel or from the floor? Also, what is the normal length of your top? I found one that may work locally but wanted to see if there were any size averages?
  3. Bilge Pump Issue - Warning

    Wow. Scary stuff. Glad you got back safe
  4. 1900V Cushion Storage Lid Covers

    Great job Brad.
  5. 1900V Cushion Storage Lid Covers

    Gotcha. Ok, I was misunderstood.
  6. 1900V Cushion Storage Lid Covers

    Wait, so are we those hard hatches/covers? And didn't that model come with tha cushions instead? Or am I understanding this wrong? I have the cushions on my 2200 and would love the option to go hard cover.
  7. Hello to all my old friends

    Wow! I remember that name. Good to see you back Roy. I've been on this forum since day one but also forgot my sign on and password so created a new one. . . Formerly Harley8. Glad to see you around again.
  8. Ditto- would also like to know
  9. Upholstery Color

    I've got an older 2200v and was curious if anyone knows the color name of the white pleated vinyl that PF used back in the day? I see colors lik chaulk, too white, or sea white. Having a seat cover made for my pelican up front by a guy out of town.
  10. 26 hps with 350

    Can anyone view This video?
  11. Test run with new prop.

  12. Pathfinder - Seadek on front side hatch covers?

    Great job on this. I've been thinking of doing this exact same thing. Glad to see it works
  13. 26 hps with 350

    Where's that video!!??!!
  14. 26 hps with 350

    Makes me really curious on what the performance numbers will be with the Merc 350 and Merc 400 propped correctly. If they are similar, faster or slower. I'm neither a Yamaha or Mercury guy so really curious to see how hey match up.
  15. 26 hps with 350

    Wow. 65mph is unbelievable. I expected 61 to 62. That's fast. Congrats.