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  1. Boat cover price

    I have one being made today for a 21AM with poling platform. Has zippers, tie downs $1200- OTD I'm in Clearwater, Fl. My 22 with T-Top was $1450- last year. I do Good luck in your search. I would only use the Sunbrella.
  2. Replacment Steering wheel on MA21

    What wheel have you guys used for a replacement of the one that came new on the boats ,and where to buy. I found one on PF marine but not sure if it is a direct fit. I'm looking for the three spoke with power knob like the new PF come with. Thank you in advance.
  3. Mavrick 21 Differences in age

    Just to clear the debate. The Hull is an '03 and the see chest is moved.
  4. Replacment water pick up grate / Cheese grater

    CRC, Screws came right out and plastic pried off with a screw driver. Now the old 5200 is a whole other matter. That was a Pain in the but.
  5. Minimum garage requirements pathfinder 22-24

    I believe I fit my 22' in a 28' space. It all depends on the trailer I assume.
  6. New Tow Vehicle

    Nice truck., congrats. It will pull your TRS no problem, just watch the braking. I had the same truck, well 05 and it pulled my Pf fine. Braking was another question. Drive slow and over compensate and your good to go.
  7. I received a new replacement Water pick up grate today from MBC. My question is what way to face the large holes Forward or Aft? I My first impression would be Aft. Can some one please confirm direction. Thank you in advance.
  8. MA Ladder Removal

    The ladder arm is hitting the transom. when i lift and try to turn there is no way to turn the ladder. I think some one installed it to low.
  9. 2006 Maverick 21 Master Angler for sale

    SOLD. I now own it. I'm always open for offers. I'm in Tampa Bay.
  10. Ulterra Users - Take Note-Discconnect ALL POWER

    Looks like I have to start doing this breaker disconnect now. This MA I got came with a Ulterra that I'm not a huge fan off but hey I'm not going to complain.
  11. Ulterra Users - Take Note-Discconnect ALL POWER

    This was an interesting find/read. So is the quick solution to trip the breakers if you can't disconnect?
  12. 2008 pathfinder 2000

    I had an 07 with F150 and 375 hrs. I sold it in 2012 for $27,500. had dual live wells, TM, Garmin and a Power pole, full cover. Boat was in great shape. IMO the 115 on a 20PF is not enough power when loaded and wells are full. But for the right price who am I to say.
  13. MA Ladder Removal

    I will try again. I was so mad the other day I almost removed it with an angle grinder.
  14. MA Ladder Removal

    Something slides left to right? Like it opens or unlocks?
  15. MA Ladder Removal

    Can anyone explain how to remove the removable ladder? I must be missing something here because I can t seem to figure it out. What is the magic trim?