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  1. Not yet. Honestly just haven't cared. I will let you know my findings when I do.
  2. HoneyB thought you would like this info. My buddy has a 22TRS flashed 200SHO no T-Top with an OFX21 and sees 63/64 MPH at 6k RPM loaded. Mid range is matched on plain. 35 to 35 and so on. I have to think with a lite boat it may be 67MPH. Hope this helps you more with your propping adventure. I bought BradM's OFX20 to try out and we discussed your set up via phone conversation. Thank you for your info and post.
  3. Dobey1

    WTB prop for Sho 250

    Fare price. I had this same one on a 22TE with T-Top, needed more prop. No T-Top then you're are prob good. wound up with a 19 OFX4 that worked well.
  4. Dobey1

    Twin power poles on 2200 TE

    For me it is more of a swinging with tide and or currents. Having two is a game changer and takes the brain/leg work out of using one and a stick it.
  5. Dobey1

    18 Master Angler re-power

    Had a friend repower his 18 with a Evinrude 150 HO . The least expensive, least weight and most warranty. Oh and made in USA.
  6. Dobey1

    Twin power poles on 2200 TE

    You can not run two poles and the swim platform, I tried. You can on a 24' but not the 22'. Removing the swim platform is the only way to go.
  7. Power Tech OFX4 19 iwth cush hub. 15 tooth spine. Only has about 30/35 hours on it. In perfect shape. Boxed ready to ship $300
  8. Dobey1

    Pathfinder22 2018. (Sold)

    Beautiful Boat GLWS. I sure would like to see a close up and who made that thing. That can solve the dual PP problem I found myself.
  9. Dobey1

    2200TRS forward rod holders added

    HoneyB thank you for the reply. You must be a spider monkey to get the channel locks in there. I stuck my arm in the other day just to check clearance and it is tight. Thank you for the measurements and pic. Gemlux was already my choice.
  10. Dobey1

    2200TRS forward rod holders added

    Honey B, Can you post pics of inside? Is this a TRS or TE. I really want to do this. did you have to buy the wrench?
  11. Dobey1

    Best years for 22 TE

    Believe it was 2014. I owned one. Never had an issue with water in the deck. With that being said. I wish I had never sold the 2014 TE. The redesign is a way nice boat inside and out. if you can spring for the TRS or TE go for it. Huge upgrade. over the older years.
  12. Dobey1

    WTB power pole

    Try AFA Marine in St. Petersburg, FL. 727.244.4262 Anthony sell used pole that he repairs. I sold him one that he was going to replace the pump on and resell. He also installed a new one for me. Nice guy has New Used and Referb poles. He had the best price on new pols I could find local.
  13. Dobey1

    WTB power pole

    You guys are replying to an add that is almost a year old.
  14. Dobey1

    New 2018 2200TRS

    So true. My first one was on a 18' Andros. Had it for two years and never used an anchor once and only the PP a few times. It would lock in place on fat tides.
  15. Dobey1

    Pathfinder 2000V

    I had a 2007. Only go 60". A 24" is okay go 36v if you can. If you fish strong tides it will not move you with a 24v. Trust me, at the time I had a 24v and the boat would not move in a hill tide. With That said I now have a 22 with a 24v but I don't get to fish those tides as much so it is what it is. My 21 and 22TE had 36v and they work like a dream and run all day.
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