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  1. Dobey1

    Loose Power poles

    I had mine come loose at the jack plate. I started checking them every now and then after that.
  2. Love the voting comment. If the armpit or America is in the Panhandle I say is Broward Co is the tail end. Beautiful boat good luck in your trade or sale.
  3. Dobey1

    2013 Pathfinder TRS 22

    What pitch prop are you using?
  4. Dobey1

    NMEA cable run

    Keep us posted.
  5. Dobey1

    PF Rod holders

    Thanks guys I will reach out to them.
  6. Dobey1

    PF Rod holders

    Can anyone tell me where to find the same rod holders that come factory from PF? I'm looking to ad a few but want an exact match. Thank you in advance.
  7. Dobey1

    NMEA cable run

    I'm looking for an update too. I would like to run this cable if is just that easy. I really want to see a large water pressure read out. Bloch776, I do know from past running NEMA cables your combo unit may not support it and just wont work, this happened to me too. I believe most of the stuff I got to work but a few things did not on a 741xs. Fuel burn and fuel level were two. I believe everything else worked.
  8. Dobey1

    Power Washing

  9. Dobey1

    PFD Re-arming cartridge

    Sorry to hear that. I friendly safety reminder of what we are doing can be dangerous. I have to manual Mustangs we keep on the boat.
  10. Dobey1

    Starboard trim tab not working

    If your connections are good reverse the wires at switch L to R. You will at least know you have power going to it. If it doesn't work my guess would be to be the actuator. You can always test it on another power source. I have had them go bad and make noise but not move and also go bad and never make a noise.
  11. Dobey1

    2400 TRS boarding ladder advice needed.

    Use the brackets, this way you get all of the best. They will also angle the poles so it has a wider grabbing width. Also no holes in the transom and always have access to the bolts. Good luck in your decision. Post some pics up when you get it home.
  12. Dobey1

    Just picked up a PF 2200 Plain Jane

    Are you saying you can make the 200 a 332 by just flashing?
  13. Picked this one up last week. 2015 with only 50 hrs on her and not a scratch anywhere. Came loaded with all the tools and has the trolling motor but I was just out breaking her in. Planing on a second pole. My kids are so happy to back in a Pathfinder and now each has his own seat.
  14. Dobey1

    Hit & Run

    Glad they were found and no one was hurt.