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  1. Back rest repair advise

    Drilled it out and ran a new SS bolt in. No plastic spacer, but did the trick. Back in business.
  2. Hit & Run

    Good luck, hope you find them. Can't stand people who don't take responsibility for their actions.
  3. Back rest repair advise

    I haven't pulled it apart yet to check. Was wonder what I'm in for.
  4. Back rest repair advise

    Any Idea how to fix this? Should I assume drill , re-tap and cut some threaded rod? Or a flat head bolt on the cushion side? Anyone else have this happen? Thank you in advance.
  5. Ameritrail Trailer prices

    I have owned a Sport trail, Magic tilt, Rolls and Amera-trail. ROLLS all day long! All of the other were and are good but the Rolls is built heavy duty and every part is top of the line. The one thing I really like was how low the rear bunks sat lowering center of gravity and less trailer needed to be in the water. I may be selling my Amera- trail soon if anyone is interested let me know. It is only three years old.
  6. SOLD

    White yeti 50 for sale. In great shape. Still has the sticker inside and basket. I believe i have the paper work as well. It's about two years old if I recall and used very lightly. I will post pics later. Located in Clearwater Fl. area. $250 picked up.
  7. Ameritrail Trailer prices

    I may have 2015 Amera-Trail for Sale soon. PM me your info if you like. If I were Buying or building one new, Buy a Rolls. Should start around $5k and it will last forever, be less coin and built better. Oh and ready in a week. JMO.
  8. 2014 23’ HPS Pathfinder for sale

    Glad you got what you wanted Phil.
  9. WTB Pathfinder Fusion 2100

    Loved the idea too. Bad timing on production. Bad economy killed sale, I would assume is why they were discontinued.
  10. 2012 24 TRS 300 yamaha prop

    Sure thing.
  11. 2012 24 TRS 300 yamaha prop

    Thank you for the tip.
  12. 2012 24 TRS 300 yamaha prop

    I believe I sold you that 21. Want to sell it back ? I' may be getting the a 23 with 250SHO and keep reading it is a good combo.
  13. So the 20 ft Pathy is back

    I have to disagree. Love having as much storage as possible. Floor storage for me is cast nets, trash can, bumpers, kids beach toys. What ever can get wet. Also I'm OCD with my toys so I have never had mold issues on a boat. I'f i get it i clean it off ASAP. Back to the thread. They did a nice Job with the 20'. I had an '07 and loved it. This is a whole another animal though. I see the market for it.
  14. 2013 Pathfinder 24 TRS

    I'm in the market for a 22 or 23. If I was looking for a 24 I would be at your house. This is a a real head turning boat. GLWS
  15. So the 20 ft Pathy is back

    I loved my 20' ! This boat is well thought out, but the rear deck is not for me, JMO