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    Born in Jax. Fl. Have fished the northeast Fl. area for over 55 years. I'm a retired police office of 33 years. I have owned a 1992 Hewes Bonefisher, 2007 Mirage 17 HPX-V and now a 2009 Mirage 18 HPX-V. We have been to every OT starting in 1992.
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    Retired Police Officer (33 Years)
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    Fishing, Road Bicycling
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    Flagler Beach, Fl.
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    RW Milstead
  1. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    After 25 years of going to OTs it sure feels strange not to be at one this time of the year. I hope everyone came out of the storm well. Lt. If you or you son needs anything let me know. RW
  2. Atlas jack plate

    Have a 4" Altas jack plate less then a year old. Very good condition. Asking $700.00 for it live in Flagler Beach will meet you hve way.
  3. Mirage 18HPX-V question

    Jason I have a pro power pole 6 foot on the back now. But the new Blades sure are nice, I will be putting a 8 foot one on next week blue in color. The jack plate is the standard 4".
  4. Mirage 18HPX-V question

    I was running a 4 blade Mercury Spitfire prop. And was getting 49-50 mph with a half tank of gas. Put the Atlas jack plate (4") and speed drop to 42-43 mph. I was telling my wife today I might take it off and sell it taking that money and put one of them new 8 foot power poles on the back.
  5. Mirage 18HPX-V question

    I put a jack plate on my 18 HPX with a 115 and loss top end speed. Its jumps out of the hole better but over all im not happy with it. I think the boat runs better with out one.
  6. High Bridge, Ormond Beach

    It's that black Maverick, you sneak right up on them. Been doing good north of highbridge in the back. RW
  7. Fishing in Georgetown

    Went fishing with Rowdy Smith yesterday on the St. Johns in Georgetown.
  8. MA 18.5 vs 18 HPX-V

    The HPX 18 is what you looking for, I fish for Cobia off the coast of northeast Florida and Bone Fish in the Keys with it. If you near Flagler Beach get with me and I take you out.
  9. Reds are schooling up

    Went out yesterday before the front came through and caught 26 reds sight fishing and in the deep drops.
  10. Palatka Shrimp

    Went back today and filled up five gallon bucket. A little bit bigger. There were 56 boats north of the 100 bridge. ran north to marker 42. They were in 14 feet of water.
  11. Palatka Shrimp

    Using a 10 foot cast net in 22-26 feet of water. Out going tide.
  12. Palatka Shrimp

    Went back yesterday and today total for three day 105 lbs.
  13. Palatka Shrimp

    Went shrimping today and filled a 5 gallon bucket in a hour and half. They were Med. size.
  14. Jack Plates on Maverick HPX 18

    Is anyone running a jack plate on a Maverick HPX 18. Thanks, RW
  15. Dallas Police Dept.

    In honor of the Officer's who were killed in the line of duty in Dallas TX.