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  1. geobsm

    2019 HPX 18V jackplate

    Seems to be the general opinion of those in the know, thanks.
  2. geobsm

    2019 HPX 18V jackplate

    Thanks for the response.
  3. geobsm

    2019 HPX 18V jackplate

    Hypothetically speaking, For those of you with with real experience with the boat. If I was going to buy a new 18 HPX-V with a 115 Yamaha should I get a jack plate? And if so which one? Thanks
  4. geobsm

    2016 Maverick HPX-S PRICE REDUCED

    Does that trailer have a folding tongue? Overall length of boat and motor on trailer?
  5. geobsm

    2006 18 Maverick MA w/F150

    That is not poleposition's old boat as I own it. But I may be selling it sometime soon!
  6. geobsm

    Charlotte Harbor

    I'm seriously bummed that I'll in NH for the event.
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