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  1. Oyster Rash

    Correct, fishing the big bend Cedar Key to up near Suwannee. Sometimes over in the St. Augustine creeks. Loaded with oyster bars. Google Earth the area just north of Cedar Key you'll see what I mean. I've never hit any under power thank goodness. It's the submerged oyster bars that sneak up on you while on the trolling motor or drifting. I can do fiberglass work, but I darn sure don't like thinking about working upside down in tight quarters under the trailer. Plus not being able to get the areas that are under the bunks. That coupled with the cheese grater needing to be replaced, I will take to a shop and have them refurbish the bottom. Then try to be more wary of the submerged bars in the future. Replacement axles already in the works. Waiting on Ameratrail to get back with me. I was thinking they could find the exact axle size, torsion angle, etc. from the VIN number and save me from taking measurements. And I have been reading the posts here about some members cheese grater screws being too long and penetrating the hull and getting leaks. Nothing leaking on mine, but will have the fiberglass shop change the grater and will have a discussion about screw length for sure.
  2. 2015 HPX-V 17 FS

    That is one clean machine! Very nice rig
  3. Oyster Rash

    While inspecting my axles, I see that I'm getting quite a bit of oyster rash on the hull. Mostly on the center section but some beyond what you can see in the photo. Nothing has broken through the gel coat, but I'm feeling like I should get it filled, sanded and smoothed out. Also noticed the "cheese grater" is coming off. What do you guys do when you get this kind of rash? Leave it, take it somewhere, work on it yourself?
  4. Bull reds

    Nice reds! Some clear water near the creeks? top pic fish is very silvery.
  5. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Got this one north of Cedar Key yesterday. Wish I would have caught the two that crashed my Skitterwalk in the morning.
  6. I need one of those too, thanks for posting the link.
  7. What did you do to your boat today?

    Put a new switch panel on today. Original one had the clear sticker peeling off, so I had a local sign shop make this one for me.
  8. Reds devils elbow

    Log in first, then you can see the video. Only 3 seconds long though.
  9. MA21 Switch Panel

    Thanks FLDXT. I've got an idea I'm gonna try. Will post up some pics when done.
  10. MA21 Switch Panel

    I searched and saw your panel, looks good. Where did you get the labels from? Also saw that newwiremarine.com can make some nice panels too, but at much higher price.
  11. MA21 Switch Panel

    The sticker with labeling is peeling off my switch panel on my MA21 so I'm looking for the best fix. I found that Flounder Pounder Marine has a replacement panel, but its $115 and says it has a clear acrylic protecting the panel. I don't know if that's good or might come off down the road too. I searched and saw where some of you used Master Repair, or Shallow Water Customs, but I'm not near either of them (north central florida). Will they make something and send it to you, and what's best, engraved? Maybe get my current one engraved? Just looking for solutions or ideas you guys have found to work good. Thanks Here's a pic of the peeling sticker
  12. Going to Crystal River

    I fish a little north of there around Cedar Key, but should be pretty much the same. Topwater lures (I use Skitterwalks), jig heads with gulp shrimp, and a popping cork rig usually cover all the bases for me. Lots of grass flats there.
  13. New MBG Facility

    I like the translucent panels on high side walls, let some natural light in. What's going in the covered exterior areas facing the pond, finished boat displays?
  14. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Got my share of catfish yesterday. Really windy and dirty water from all the rain lately so fished some mullet chunks on the bottom. Nothing but cats. Switched to jig head/gulp shrimp later on and in a different spot and got this guy. Forgot to bring my darn phone on the boat so just a cooler pic. Looks like he had a run in with a porpoise or something.
  15. Reds in good numbers.

    Glad to see that. Last report I red a few weeks ago said you couldn't drag a bait slow enough to entice a strike in the cold water.