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  1. MA21 Switch Panel

    Thanks FLDXT. I've got an idea I'm gonna try. Will post up some pics when done.
  2. MA21 Switch Panel

    I searched and saw your panel, looks good. Where did you get the labels from? Also saw that newwiremarine.com can make some nice panels too, but at much higher price.
  3. MA21 Switch Panel

    The sticker with labeling is peeling off my switch panel on my MA21 so I'm looking for the best fix. I found that Flounder Pounder Marine has a replacement panel, but its $115 and says it has a clear acrylic protecting the panel. I don't know if that's good or might come off down the road too. I searched and saw where some of you used Master Repair, or Shallow Water Customs, but I'm not near either of them (north central florida). Will they make something and send it to you, and what's best, engraved? Maybe get my current one engraved? Just looking for solutions or ideas you guys have found to work good. Thanks Here's a pic of the peeling sticker
  4. Going to Crystal River

    I fish a little north of there around Cedar Key, but should be pretty much the same. Topwater lures (I use Skitterwalks), jig heads with gulp shrimp, and a popping cork rig usually cover all the bases for me. Lots of grass flats there.
  5. New MBG Facility

    I like the translucent panels on high side walls, let some natural light in. What's going in the covered exterior areas facing the pond, finished boat displays?
  6. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Got my share of catfish yesterday. Really windy and dirty water from all the rain lately so fished some mullet chunks on the bottom. Nothing but cats. Switched to jig head/gulp shrimp later on and in a different spot and got this guy. Forgot to bring my darn phone on the boat so just a cooler pic. Looks like he had a run in with a porpoise or something.
  7. Reds in good numbers.

    Glad to see that. Last report I red a few weeks ago said you couldn't drag a bait slow enough to entice a strike in the cold water.
  8. MA Ladder Removal

    Looks like one I had on one of my old boats. To lower it I had to lift it straight up from where yours is in the picture, then just let it swing down and the pins at the top rest on the face of the bracket. To remove it off the bracket, I think it had to be in the up position as yours is, lift up and twist it so the pins rotate out of the bracket. Then lift up and remove.
  9. MA21 Prop Choice

    Not a 225 but 250 Vmax HPDI running a Powertech OFX4-21
  10. My 21 MA

    Got a 2009 and with a 250 2-stroke runs the same numbers as Capt. Troys with the same OFX 21 4 blade. 5800 rpm and 61 mph but with a light load. Plenty fast enough for me. Love the boat.
  11. My 21 MA

    MDS, is that St. Augustine? Looks like the big cross they have there.
  12. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    That makes sense, probably precast "U-lintels" then the block and infill holes when the beams are removed like you said. I'm sure they engineered some type of uplift connections from the house to the new supports to meet wind codes too. My wife and I are over there quite a bit and rent condos to stay at, but have been thinking about buying something there to fix up and use part time, rent part time, so what you are doing gives a bit more to think about in what properties we might look at.
  13. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    Watching the progress on this is very cool. I'm curious too on the supports that will need to go in now, on top of the 16" x 16" CMU columns. There will need to be some beams spanning the columns to support the exterior block walls of the house, and any interior floor joist bearing points too. Looks like your plans (front elevation) shows a pretty deep beam. Maybe formed and poured in place concrete? Did they jack up the house a little higher than final position so the new beams can be constructed? Then lower the house onto those new beams? Keep posting pics, you're gonna have some nice additional space under it as others have said.
  14. Breakers not labeled . Info please

    Here's what is in mine. Had to replace the battery switch and replaced the breakers at the same time. As you can see though, nothing is connected to the bottom two breakers.
  15. HPDI Vmax problems

    Just an update on the problem and the solution found. It was the speed sensor, which connects to the water pitot tube in the lower unit and converts to an electrical signal into the wiring harness. I had noticed the speedo wasn't working on the gauge and just figured something had clogged up the intake hole. Turns out the speed sensor had a very small hole in it and was allowing water into the connector to the wiring harness and creating a short. Thus all the other sensors on the harness were giving error codes. I could have just unplugged the sensor connector and used the GPS for speed indication, but liking things to work the way they are supposed to, I had the speed sensor replaced. Time to get back on the water now and catch some fish.