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  1. all wet

    Bait & Release Well Plumbing 2003 RF18

    Had the same issue with mine, handles rusted off with valves in open position. Also had a cluster of three valves, three strainers, and three pumps and the valves were so far back it was nearly impossible to get at them quickly if ever needed to in an emergency. Ended up putting new Groco stainless valves in, and instead of a separate feed and strainer for each pump I ran one valve more towards the stern with a longer piece of pipe so I can now easily access it. The other two valves stay closed and have a stainless plug in them as they are no longer used. No grass problems for me either but decided to keep one strainer in the system anyway, better than three. All the pumps are now easy to access too cause they are all moved back to the transom area. No problems with the livewells filling, and I only use one at a time anyway. I just decided to do this since I had to replace the valves. And yes, what a pain in the butt reaching back there to do all the work, but worth it in the end.
  2. all wet

    Reds loving the warm weather.

    Nice fish! Water must be clear now too. You finding them on the darker mud flats? I gotta get over there when my boat gets out of the shop.
  3. all wet

    Improved Cheese Grater

    Good idea on a maintenance list. Just a pain to get to it because half is under the bunk. Need a lifting set-up like SCFD rtrd.
  4. all wet

    Improved Cheese Grater

    Been watching this thread and I'll be interested to see what you guys come up with for a final design. Meanwhile, I've got a brand new SS factory cheese grater sitting in my garage which needs to be installed. Ordered from MBG website (for a Pathfinder), I'm hoping it will fit a 21MA. The screw heads rusted off the original grater, and the grater plate actually folded back on itself, either from water pressure while underway, or the lip catching on the trailer bunk when loading up. Have any of you had the screw heads rust off the grater? Going to go back with the same size SS screws, but is there anything to keep that from happening again? Coat with Sharkhide, cover with 4200 or something?
  5. all wet

    Trailer brakes advice needed

    FYI, in addition to the Kodiak SS disc rotors and calipers, I found they also had disc brake pads with SS backing plates. Would recommend them as well.
  6. all wet

    The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Fished Cedar Key yesterday and was surprised to catch a nice 30" Snook. Not many are caught this far north. Released it and on the next cast hooked into another one, probably 24" but it got around my trolling motor and broke off. Good topwater trout bite earlier in the day, lots of blowups that they missed the lure too.
  7. all wet

    New Axles

    Good question on measuring mileage. I just went to the Ameratrail parts site to see what it say there. It's 6 year/100,000 miles, so 6 years will be the time frame for me. Here's the link that shows the price for them too. https://ameratrailparts.com/collections/hubs/products/5-lug-vortex-hub-w-6-year-100-000-mile-warranty-packed-greased-and-ready-to-roll
  8. all wet

    Help with Yamaha Fuel Gauge

    I had the same problem with the swing arm type sending units. Replaced mine with a WEMA sending unit in the picture. Use a wood stick and measure the inside depth of your tank, subtract an inch to keep it off the bottom, and order that length if you decide to go with this type.
  9. all wet

    New Axles

    Took a trip down to Ameratrail on Tuesday and picked up a couple new axles. Old ones were 9 years old and getting metal peel off at rusted areas, so I figured it was time. They came with hubs that were different from the old ones, these are Tie-Down Vortex hubs and Mark at Ameratrail said they don't require adding grease at all, fully sealed and warranted for 100,000 miles. Anyone have any experience with them?
  10. all wet

    Oyster Rash

    Correct, fishing the big bend Cedar Key to up near Suwannee. Sometimes over in the St. Augustine creeks. Loaded with oyster bars. Google Earth the area just north of Cedar Key you'll see what I mean. I've never hit any under power thank goodness. It's the submerged oyster bars that sneak up on you while on the trolling motor or drifting. I can do fiberglass work, but I darn sure don't like thinking about working upside down in tight quarters under the trailer. Plus not being able to get the areas that are under the bunks. That coupled with the cheese grater needing to be replaced, I will take to a shop and have them refurbish the bottom. Then try to be more wary of the submerged bars in the future. Replacement axles already in the works. Waiting on Ameratrail to get back with me. I was thinking they could find the exact axle size, torsion angle, etc. from the VIN number and save me from taking measurements. And I have been reading the posts here about some members cheese grater screws being too long and penetrating the hull and getting leaks. Nothing leaking on mine, but will have the fiberglass shop change the grater and will have a discussion about screw length for sure.
  11. all wet

    2015 HPX-V 17

    That is one clean machine! Very nice rig
  12. all wet

    Oyster Rash

    While inspecting my axles, I see that I'm getting quite a bit of oyster rash on the hull. Mostly on the center section but some beyond what you can see in the photo. Nothing has broken through the gel coat, but I'm feeling like I should get it filled, sanded and smoothed out. Also noticed the "cheese grater" is coming off. What do you guys do when you get this kind of rash? Leave it, take it somewhere, work on it yourself?
  13. all wet

    Bull reds

    Nice reds! Some clear water near the creeks? top pic fish is very silvery.
  14. all wet

    The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Got this one north of Cedar Key yesterday. Wish I would have caught the two that crashed my Skitterwalk in the morning.
  15. I need one of those too, thanks for posting the link.