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  1. all wet

    Gel coat service near Gainesville

    I had Young Boats in Crystal River refresh my 21MA hull bottom.
  2. all wet

    Cedar Key Reds

    Went out in the heat yesterday, but a good breeze kept it bearable. Nothing biting artificials so I cut up some ladyfish chunks and tossed 'em between some grass/rocky areas. The picture is the 1st of 11 redfish in a row in the same spot. All lower slot 20"-22". As soon as I could release, re-bait and toss back out, another was on, repeat, repeat, repeat. Nice to find them hungry like that once in a while.
  3. all wet

    New Trailer Brakes

    Yes, I do have aluminum wheels. They are 5-spoke so I don't know if there is any difference from yours, but there was plenty of stud length for the lug nuts. Like Ron says above, rinsing them off after launching and loading will help prolong their life. Spraying down my axles too now since I had to replace them last year.
  4. all wet

    Beach Activity?

    We are more to the north of you beachbuggy, but found some here. My buddy got one around 26" on a doa white cal jig, and I had one come un-buttoned this morning on a mirrodine.
  5. all wet

    Beach Activity?

    Thanks for the info, I forgot about bridges being an option too. Got a buddy with a boat there and may be able to get out on it as well if he's not tied up with work and kids.
  6. all wet

    Beach Activity?

    Got a beach house for a week on Ft. Meyers beach next week, not any room to keep the boat there so am just bringing some gear to beach fish. Any Snook roaming the beaches there? If so what would you suggest for artificials, jig with gulp, topwater if calm?
  7. all wet


    Went out of Cedar Key yesterday to make sure the new water pump worked good, and to try the new Simrad I had just installed. All mechanical and electrical working good so out to Seahorse Reef and trolled some Clark spoons. Nice fat Spanish Mackerel loved 'em. Got my limit in about an hour, and ran back to the islands to see if I could find a red...…..yep. Beautiful calm day, and got back home early. Soon to be a fish fry. Side note, while at the ramp I met a guy with a 2008 Hewes Redfisher 21 that was absolutely showroom condition, nicest one I've seen.
  8. all wet

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I put a new Simrad NSS9 evo3 on the boat, nice and lightweight and built in GPS receiver. Cleaned up the organized the NMEA 2000 network in the console too. Now as soon as the Yamaha gateway arrives, I'll tie in the engine data to the network. It's super easy entering waypoints, and I really like the combination of touch screen and buttons/rotary wheel.
  9. all wet

    MA21 Prop Choice

    I usually open her up on the way back to the ramp and get 59 to 61 at 5700 - 5800 rpm depending on load, current.
  10. all wet

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I haven't run the boat for a while due to being out of town, so got back and cranked it up last week. Well, no peeing through the tell tale and temp going up. I found some bug crap in the hole and cleaned it out, but still nothing. It did flow fine when hooked up to the engines flushing attachment. So I ordered a water pump replacement kit including a new housing, watched a couple youtube videos, and changed it out today. Got a pissing motor again! Not that difficult a job and definitely saved some money. Time to get back out on the water.
  11. Unit works perfectly, and has a screen protector on it since it was new. Will include the GPS, mounting bracket, dome type antenna, sun cover, power cable, NMEA 2000 backbone, and Garmin manuals. The GPS has always been kept off the boat in a storage case when not in use. Selling for $425 shipped. Contact via this forum, or e-mail to: ktcom@bellsouth.net
  12. all wet

    NSS12 EVO 3 Transducer Recomendations

    Blackacre, I fish primarily out of Cedar Key, and on up to Deer Island towards Suwannee. Out to Seahorse Reef, and scalloping in Steinhatchee. Trailer from Gainesville so sometimes I’lol head east to St. Augustine. The FMT video of the gulf coast doesn’t show much in this area, he skips on up to the north pretty fast.
  13. all wet

    NSS12 EVO 3 Transducer Recomendations

    Decided to pick up a Simrad NSS 9 Evo3 while the $400 rebate is still offered. I like the combination of touch screen and buttons/scroll wheel. The FMT charts look good for use in unfamiliar areas, but not going to get the chip until they get more tracks for the big bend area. On one of their YouTube videos they said they were going to do that, but don’t know when. Now to see what I can get for a used Garmin 4208.
  14. all wet

    2019 Pathfinder 22 Electronics

    I looked at the Garmin unit above, when I was down in Ft. Lauderdale last week. Am considering it in the 10" size to replace my 4208 unit. Was considering the Simrad NSS evo3 but was not impressed with the mapping detail. The new Garmin BlueChart G3 maps look very good. I think Garmin is stepping up their game since they bought Navionics.
  15. all wet

    Replacing Garmin thoughts?

    What's the standard chart that comes with the NSS Evo3? I'm interested in either the 9" or 12" with a FMT chart, but curious about what the standard chart is. Simrad site says it's a C-Map US Enhanced Basemap.
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