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  1. The Limey

    The Prawn's Revenge

    Nice tie David :content:
  2. The Limey

    Aussie Tarpon

    I had a heap of small tarpon at the mouth of the Doughboy off Weipa a few years back, great fun.
  3. The Limey


    Nice mate, lets see how you do in the Cricket Lol! Bring it on....... :susel:
  4. The Limey

    More Aussie water

    Nice Golden mate , flats look killer! Hope your well Dave.
  5. The Limey

    Hinchinbrook Permit

    Nice going Dave !
  6. The Limey

    2010 Islamorada OT

    Well done Alonso , that goterdone right there !
  7. The Limey

    Peanuts with Rivet

    Palm Valley Outfitters , he has a Lodge in LLM.
  8. The Limey

    Peanuts with Rivet

    You might know a good friend of mine down your neck of the woods , Jeff Keen ?
  9. The Limey

    Peanuts with Rivet

    There good fun to use, nice tie Mark
  10. The Limey

    New Boat Launch

    Nice Wazza. Remind me how your boys did against Pakistan ? Ha!
  11. The Limey

    Aussie Tarpon

    Nice going Snelly , I had fun on the Doughboy near Seisia on green toads a couple of years back.
  12. The Limey

    A Couple of GT's

    Yeah, big flashy profile flies tied on 6/0 and 8/0 Gamy SL12s. Also GT crabs on the same hooks.
  13. The Limey

    A Couple of GT's

    Nice work guy's, looking forward to smashing into these dudes in September !
  14. The Limey


    Never mind mate, you had it too good for far to long. Just redressing the balance a bit !
  15. The Limey


    Mate, what was the 20/20 score ? Ha! First the ashes and now we whup you in the 20/20. Still at least you guys can get decent mud crabs !!
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