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  1. Transducer ID

    Can anyone ID this transducer? A clean bilge would help, that's next. It's running a Garmin 320c that was installed when boat was new. Wondering if it can still be used before I get a new machine. Thinking about going Simrad though.
  2. Transducer ID

  3. Transducer ID

    It's 2005 Pathfinder. I don't know how anyone could get down there to install it after the build. At least the bilge pump you can see!
  4. Prop Trade

    I've got the yamaha prop I took off my 150 you can try. Couldn't use the jack plate with my setup without blowing out. I think its a 19 but Ill look in the morning. I'd like to run that pt one day if possible. Fred, are you running the 19 on a pathfinder?
  5. 2005 Pathfinder 2200V Tournament Edition - Sold

    Sweet rig! will the 19 3 blade get on plane with jackplate all the way up?
  6. Sweet! Do you have a pic of your battery tray?
  7. A little fun on Saturday

  8. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    She looked good rolling by in Mason's inlet today!
  9. Differences in 18' models

    Running surface is similar. 1806 is rolled gunnel, smaller console, no built in rear deck, rated for less hp than the 1810. 1810 layout is similar to the 19' you see around. It has some cushioned seating with storage up front, bigger console, rear deck. I think the 1810 has floor drains while the 1806 just has plugs in the back.
  10. Slam by 7, at work by 8

  11. Roll Call - who's still out there?

    I've never fished too much in that area I usually skipped that and went on to the river if I went south. A variety of ways and places to fish down there. I love the clear water up north this time of year though!
  12. Roll Call - who's still out there?

  13. That's what got me, but I've seen a few in that range in Texas. And it's been relisted a time or two. Anyone know someone down there?
  14. Roll Call - who's still out there?

    Still shopping for another 22 pathfinder but the skiff works just fine. Lots of reds and trout the last few weeks!
  15. Not Mine- CL 2000 1806 Pathfinder

    Think this boat has been bought and sold at least twice in the last month. Started out at like 9k
  16. Trolling Motor Decisions

    I've been curious about these. Have you ever ran out of juice during a day of fishing? Do you re-charge on the go? Im concerned I'd have to go with 2 of them and that would not make the weight savings worth it to me.
  17. I'm all for protecting our resources. Cutting us from 6 to 4 will make very little impact. Most recs can't catch 4 legal ones anyway its gotten so bad. That cut in quota was for summer flounder so for trawlers offshore. Does nothing to limit the netters inshore. So if they caught 92% of our southern flounder in 2014 and we've been cut again how high does it go? Left with crumbs.
  18. And then payback... Rec limit for flounder dropping to 4. No cut for commercial side!!!
  19. 24' TE for sale, CL Corpus Christi

    Looks clean too. Wish I had the time to make the trip.
  20. 02 17 HPX craigslist

    https://hickory.craigslist.org/boa/6000610008.html Not mine, just passing along. Saltwater is 5+ hrs away so probably a clean ride if kept covered.
  21. I'm in Wilmington. Been in and out of Pathfinders but currently have a Jones Brothers bateau. Always looking for another 22!
  22. 2008 Pathfinder 2200 TE $29,500

    Sure does look like it, not many of those made. Says pending too.
  23. NC TROUT

    Im no expert but they hit the trout hard every year. Don't confuse the spot netters(they're annoying too but at least are tended to) with the gill nets you see at the mouth of creeks and on every shoreline in our rivers. New River has been unfishable at times because of them. Its ridiculous. Remember we had some hard freezes a few yrs ago and last year there were tons of 10-14" fish. This season there has been a good size ones and Matthew pushed most of the shrimp out at once which is why you saw everything wide open after the storm.
  24. 2005 21 Master Angler 20,000

    cheap? have you priced a carolina skiff lately? talk about gag.