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  1. ncdrew


    Used to be the Hewes Bonefisher
  2. ncdrew

    Ameritrail Trailer prices

    Bernie, I just asked for a quote on a welded Magictilt here in Wilmington. I've seen one for a 24 and looks great. I'll let you know. I'm about to move on from my 2005 ameratrail. Put new tires, lights, axle, jack stand etc last year but wanting something new for a lot more trailering next year.
  3. ncdrew

    2015 HPX-V 17

    Beautiful skiff!
  4. ncdrew

    2005 Transom Plug (Install Follow-up Question)

    I ran into the same issue with this plug. Holes line up perfect but hole was too small. Have a machine shop close by? I ended up putting it on a lathe and turning it down .100" or so to make it fit. https://www.amazon.com/Sea-Dog-Corp-Garb-Drain/dp/B004B7STLU
  5. ncdrew

    Sold*Powertech OFX3 19p

    I’ll try and get them posted tomorrow.
  6. ncdrew

    Current model 22 TE vs Gen 1 22 TE

    I have an ‘05 and recently rode on a ‘17. Boat feels bulkier and rides noticably softer. They do seem built better/tougher/heavier. You can tell the sides are higher so a little less spray if you get in rough stuff but it still felt the same lengthwise as it should. All the new fit and finish stuff is very nice and love the console/bilge access. What I learned is I would re power mine with a SHO before I buy a new one.
  7. Powertech OFX3 19p like new ran once $350 Includes shipping from NC in original box.
  8. ncdrew

    Yamaha F150 Prop

    With the fiberglass top and if you run heavy you may even want to go powertech ofx4 16”
  9. ncdrew

    Looking to buy

    Not mine but just listed. http://www.boattrader.com/listing/2016-pathfinder-2200-trs-103291277/?refSource=standard listing
  10. Purty ride! That won’t last long. Hope to get mine that clean one day. What Powertech are you running to see those numbers? thanks!
  11. ncdrew

    Console rod holders

  12. ncdrew

    Console rod holders

    Anyone know where I can find these console rod holders for my 05 TE. Searches coming up empty. Would like to replace my original white ones. Thanks!
  13. Anyone have a glove box from a Pathfinder they are not using and be willing to sell? Boat outfitters is out of stock unless I go smaller. Thanks Drew
  14. ncdrew

    Transducer ID