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  1. Marathon Lobstering

    Look for holes and depressions on the Gulf side. There are also some common wrecks that show up on fishing and local charts, check them out, this time of year they may hold hugs. Also stop by The Tackle Box... They are a friendly crew and always willing to share some tips...
  2. 2018 SW MOT at the Tarpon Lodge

    Down to two digits... WooHooo... 99 days and a wakeup!
  3. 2018 SW MOT at the Tarpon Lodge

    Dblply is in... WooHooo... 139 and a wakeup...
  4. Sept 27-30, 2018... Double Play is in for two... 243 and a wakeup...
  5. Talked to Sue at the Tarpon Lodge on Pine Island today. The 2018 SW MOT is on for June 22 & 23... Double Play is in for two... 146 and a wakeup...
  6. S.W. Owners tournament.

    I checked this morning, it is on the books for June 22 & 23 2018... Double Play is registered for two... 146 and a wakeup...
  7. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    Double Play is in for two... Reservations made... WooHooo... I’ll wait a while to started that thread... Are we maybe still having something this year?
  8. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    Got an email from Islamorada today which said “We are open for busines... Come on down...” Breezy Palms was on the list of resorts that are open... Glad they are getting back on their feet... WooHooo... When do we fish???
  9. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    I hear ya... But this too will pass and we will be back at it soon I'm sure... Have you heard any news on how things are at the Breezy?
  10. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    Thanks very much for the update... Please keep us posted on the reschedule and how we can help. You are correct, the Breezy and Islamorada area are near and dear to our hearts... We wish them well and a speedy recovery...
  11. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    Any updates on the Breezy Palms and the tournament next week?
  12. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    I will take vacation next week in either case. I'll step up to go down and do whatever I can... I look forward to hearing how we can help...
  13. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    I'm sure Elliott will make the call soon on whether we go, cancel, or reschedule... The Double Play crew wishes everyone affected by the storm best of luck in recovering...
  14. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    I guess we will see how much damage they have... I'm in St. Cloud and getting rain and light wind... If it happens we're still in and will go down on Sunday... I'm with you... I have tools and gear and am more than happy to help fix things and cleanup...
  15. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    To say the least...