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  1. RokGrdn

    92 18MA Restore, Gunnel Rod Holders

    Have not gotten that far, still contemplating on what to do. I don't see how its structural in any way. When I pull the cap I would work on the tub from the bottom since there are so many glass repairs to do and make the decision then.
  2. RokGrdn

    98 Hewes LT 18 Rehab

    How have the boat repairs fared in the last 4 year since you splashed the boat? Your thread has given me inspiration and guidance in getting my 92 MA back in the water, I have read it for the most part, well at least up to where you got the cap back on. I am at the point where I'm planning on getting the motor off in preparation to pop the cap and change out the fuel tank. I don't have leaks but its the original. There are also stringer system and below deck repairs needed to boot. I want it to be reliable for another 15 years. My motto lately has been; the More I Grind the More I Find. Thanks for this Thread!
  3. Looking into reducing or even eliminating the gunnel rod holders on my 92 MA. It seems to me that they are not really structural. The rod holder doesn't support the the top deck or maybe the foam was so degraded or replaced at some point, either way they are not glassed in and there is air between the deck and rod holder. Does it support the hull sides? So what I want to do is replace them with something similar to what Maverick is using, like these
  4. RokGrdn

    92 18MA Restore, Tank Removal - DIY

    I'm in the Ponte Vedra area near St. Augustine, I'll look them up
  5. RokGrdn

    92 18MA Restore, Tank Removal - DIY

    Aluminum, doesn't look too bad but its old, I'm thinking of going with the ploy tank now.
  6. Has anyone removed an original fuel tank from a 92 18 Master Angler? I have been searching this forum and others for info. I'm in the process of restoring mine and need to figure out if I can remove the tank from the cockpit deck. There doesn't seem to be much room to tilt and pull the tank out from the deck area, unless its just a matter of cutting the deck far back enough. The other problem I'm wondering about is how the tank is secured, and any methods to get it out. Help is much appreciated, thanks. I have been working on removing all the hardware and repairing fiberglass. I have the console removed so I figured I would look into replacing the tank even if I don't have leaks.Pretty sure I have a 45gal tank but thinking of replacing it with a 35-40 gal smaller Moeller Marine permanent tank since I'm running a F150. Still researching......
  7. RokGrdn

    1992 Maverick MA 18.5'

    Thanks for the info! It will all help me during this restore @Riverratz Sorry if I hijacked the post, but I was hoping someone may have had some pictures, been going through the same info search you are.
  8. RokGrdn

    1992 Maverick MA 18.5'

    I'm in the middle of restoring my 92 MA, but inside the Starboard side rear compartment, the previous owner cut out some fiberglass for better access to the bilge. Is yours intact/factory? Needing a picture reference to see if I want to repair the area or not.
  9. ****SOLD**** Project 1991 18.5 Master Angler, unfortunately I need to part with, no motor. Continental Trailer is in good condition, but could use some new tires. Wish I could restore but, I have another 92 MA I want to get back in the water. Boat is located in the Vero Beach area. PM me if interested, $3,000 Pictures Added, She's Dirty, Sorry didn't have my Pressure Cleaner
  10. RokGrdn

    1993 Hewes Redfisher 18

    I’m usually browsing the Maverick forum and then I found your post. Wow, kudos on the work, you really brought that boat to life! I know you did this last year and I wish I had found this earlier, but I’m now planning similar work on my 92 Master Angler. I have the same issues with the console holes and gel coat; my question is what filler material did you use to fill the old holes before gl***ing? I have two large speaker holes along with the stereo’s cut out and a bunch of small holes of course. I am trying to find the best way to fix all of these problems.