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  1. Service Shout Outs

    John at Maximum has been taking care of my folks' boat for years, and rebuilt the HPDI on my Pathy. I've dealt with several Yamaha guys around Broward County throughout the years, and he has far and away been the most honest, thorough and competent mechanic I've come across.
  2. Livewell Stand Pipes

    Accidentally got the ones that screw in, need the ones that push in. Anyone by chance want to trade? Or if you need these, make an offer.
  3. Vinyl/ Plastic trim

    I'd also be interested in doing mine. This is only a guess, but since MHP uses Taco rub rails, maybe they get this trim from them as well? Does the measurement of any of these match up to what's on your boat? http://tacomarine.com/category/cat_rigid_vinyl_moulding/Rigid-Vinyl-Moulding
  4. Assorted MHP Decals

    Tournament decals sold. All else still available.
  5. Igloo Marine 54

    Igloo Marine 54 with stainless latch and hinges. SOLD. Coleman cooler. About 40 quarts. $15, or buy the Igloo and I'll throw it in for free. Local pickup in Pompano Beach or Fort Lauderdale. Also sometimes travel to Miami or WPB. PM, e-mail, call or text. Harleyg8r@gmail.com or 954-579-7782.
  6. Pathfinder decal replacement

    The chrome ones are almost a perfect match, so they'll cover any sun fading from the factory set. I did mine, and it really updates the look of the boat.
  7. Assorted MHP Decals

    Got some decals left over from projects over the years. Make offers. Set of Hewes Redfisher 21 logos in black. $30 for set. Single Pathfinder decal in navy blue. $15. All prices for local pickup in Pompano Beach or Fort Lauderdale, or will ship on buyer's dime (should be pretty cheap). PM, e-mail, text or call, harleyg8r@gmail.com or (954) 579-7782.
  8. Obscure parts for 2005 22’

    Horn cover is on Amazon. Can also eat in black or while if you prefer. https://www.amazon.com/AFI-Marine-11225-Chrome-Plated/dp/B000NUYXQ4/ref=pd_sim_200_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B000NUYXQ4&pd_rd_r=BH462S92RCVFMX0PF4RP&pd_rd_w=4AJNq&pd_rd_wg=5OXWI&psc=1&refRID=BH462S92RCVFMX0PF4RP
  9. I'll take it. Please PM or e-mail Paypal info (or however else you want to be paid), harleyg8r@gmail.com
  10. T-top Canvas

    The velcro wears out before anything else does. Unfortunately, they're a necessary evil, since I use 7' rods and this is the only way they'll fit on the sides of the console.
  11. T-top Canvas

    I did Weblon that was white on top and light blue on the bottom. Holds up better than canvas. Bought from this guy and installed myself, been very happy with it. https://www.thehulltruth.com/fishing-miscellaneous-items-commercial-sellers-only/505180-sunbrella-t-top-canvas-replacement-189-any-color.html
  12. 2006 Pathfinder Hardware brands?

    Code is tht35off https://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-forum/834254-gemlux-discount-code.html
  13. 2006 Pathfinder Hardware brands?

    Gemlux for both. Look around thehulltruth.com, they offer a pretty generous discount code for forum members.
  14. Yamaha 23M 14 1/2" x 23" Prop

    I don't, but the guy I sold it to was reselling it (link below). He bought it as an interim while waiting on a special order prop to come in, so he didn't put a lot of time on it. May want to give him a shout and see if he's still got it.
  15. Powerpole switch help...

    It's a Bennett single trim tab switch. Early on, Power Pole used Bennett pumps and switches, but got away from them pretty quickly. http://www.mmimarine.com/mmi/index.php?pid=prod&item=view&prod_id=13781