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  1. T-top Canvas

    I did Weblon that was white on top and light blue on the bottom. Holds up better than canvas. Bought from this guy and installed myself, been very happy with it. https://www.thehulltruth.com/fishing-miscellaneous-items-commercial-sellers-only/505180-sunbrella-t-top-canvas-replacement-189-any-color.html
  2. 2006 Pathfinder Hardware brands?

    Code is tht35off https://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-forum/834254-gemlux-discount-code.html
  3. 2006 Pathfinder Hardware brands?

    Gemlux for both. Look around thehulltruth.com, they offer a pretty generous discount code for forum members.
  4. Yamaha 23M 14 1/2" x 23" Prop

    I don't, but the guy I sold it to was reselling it (link below). He bought it as an interim while waiting on a special order prop to come in, so he didn't put a lot of time on it. May want to give him a shout and see if he's still got it.
  5. Powerpole switch help...

    It's a Bennett single trim tab switch. Early on, Power Pole used Bennett pumps and switches, but got away from them pretty quickly. http://www.mmimarine.com/mmi/index.php?pid=prod&item=view&prod_id=13781
  6. 2005 Pathfinder Cockpit Drain

    Maybe try some metal fab shops? At the end of the day, it's a piece of standard thread pipe stock welded to a flat round plate with some holes drilled in it. Assume you have one and are looking to match it? Could probably get one made up of brass or bronze and then take it somewhere to get chrome plated. May have to call around a bunch, and it may end up costing you a couple hundred bucks, but beats doing major surgery on your boat.
  7. 2004 200 hp vmax hpdi question

    In 04, the VMax 200 was a 2.6L, in 2005, they changed the 200 to the 3.3L. Outside of the 200, the 150-175 has always been a 2.6 and 225-300, always the 3.3. For the boat/motor in question, it's possible the motor has a production date of 2004, but is in fact a 2005 model. Nicecast hit the nail on the head with the silver "ducktail" on the rear of the cowling. Regardless of the year, if you move forward, in addition to the maintenance advice given above, I'd pull the injectors and send them to Brucato for cleaning. Believe they're the only ones who test them to their design pressure of 900psi. Many an HPDI has been felled by a clogged or malfunctioning injector.
  8. Prop Chatter AGAIN

    Glad to be of service, and that some of my past mistakes can benefit others! Now go sneak up on some fish.
  9. 2200 TE - Replacing Livewell Pumps

    Just finished up! Short a bit of skin on my knuckles. First pump took me 45 min or so, by the time I got to the last one, knocked it out in 15. Not easy, but very doable. New pumps are much quieter, can't wait to get on the water and test them out.
  10. 2200 TE - Replacing Livewell Pumps

    Sounds like a consensus! Would still love to see pics so I can see what I'm going to end up with, space-wise (and see how much skin I can expect to remove from my knuckles!)
  11. 2200 TE - Replacing Livewell Pumps

    The livewell pumps in my 2005 2200 TE are on their last legs; one is cracked and I believe they're all original to the boat. Looking for tips & suggestions from people who have replaced theirs. The main issue is the style of Rule pump that is currently installed is no longer manufactured, and the newer style looks like it won't fit in the same configuration. How are y'all dealing with this? Using a bronze 90 to turn the pumps upright? Using a different pump manufacturer? Eliminating the strainers to give myself more room to play with? (Not sure that I get much benefit from the strainers, and they seem like a possible failure point). Open to any ideas and pictures from anyone who's gone through this before.
  12. Two Pathfinder questions: 1. Interested in changing out my rub rail to white, debating between doing the stainless insert or not. Does anyone know the manufacturer and part number/profile for the Pathfinder factory rub rail for both the version with and without the SS insert? 2. Trying to fine tune my boat's positioning on the tandem axle trailer. Approximately where is the front-to-back center of gravity for a 2005 2200 Tournament? Believe I saw Skip answer this one before, but couldn't find it in a search.
  13. Console rewire

    I did this a couple times on my old RF18 and RF21. I took a piece of 1/2" starboard and drilled holes to match the location of the bolts holding in the rod holders on the side of the console. Then bought longer bolts for the rod holders and mounted the starboard with lock nuts and fender washers. No visible screws on the console, was thick enough to hold a screw for mounting equipment and zip ties, no messing with adhesive, and was removable for future modification or maintenance. Worked great.
  14. Prop Chatter AGAIN

    Some Yamahas have a plastic bushing with a stainless cap and a couple bent washers that goes over the driveshaft on top of the water pump. Looks like the F150 is one of 'em. The purpose is to load the driveshaft to keep the gears from chattering at idle speed. Look at part numbers 9, 10, 11, 12 in the link below: http://www.boats.net/parts/search/Yamaha/Outboard/2006 and Later/150TXR/LOWER CASING DRIVE 1/parts.html I'd bet good money that your mechanic re-installed these incorrectly or not at all. They're a pain in the butt to get back on. Should be easy to see when you drop the LU.
  15. Yamaha 23M 14 1/2" x 23" Prop

    Bump. $200.