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  1. OX66 100 hour help

    The year code is on the part of the decal that has been scraped off, following the VX150. It almost looks like it was done intentionally, in that the rest of the decal looks to be in great shape. The photos below are what an undamaged one should look like. That said, the maintenance parts are almost always the same across multiple years of the same model engine, you're almost certainly fine with what everyone above has suggested. Good luck!
  2. Hatch D-shaped Adhesive Insulation

    McMaster Carr 93085K67 https://www.mcmaster.com/catalog/124/3589
  3. If anybody still needs one, I have one new one in the package. $20 shipped or $15 picked up in Pompano/Fort Lauderdale.
  4. 21’ Moonlighter Push Pole

    $70? Somebody around here needs a cheap push pole...
  5. Rule Livewell Pump Replacement

    I did this dance not too long ago, see link below. Best part of the new style Rule pumps is that if you have a failure, you can easily pop the motor out and put a new one in. While on vacation in the Keys, I replaced one in about 30 seconds, saved a day of fishing.
  6. 08 2200TE Nav Lights LED upgrade Question

    I've heard that the light from the LED bulbs is on a different wavelength, so you actually have to put red and green bulbs behind the red or green lenses; white bulbs won't give you the right color. However, most of the time I have problems with that type of fixture, it's with corrosion on the contacts and/or the bulb, not the bulb burning out. I'd stick with a dedicated LED fixture here.
  7. 21’ Moonlighter Push Pole

    Bump. $80.
  8. 21’ Moonlighter push pole. Got an ugly splice that ends about 18” from the end of the fiberglass, otherwise, in fine shape. $100, pick up in Pompano Beach, FL. Email, text, call or PM. Harleyg8r@gmail.com or 954-579-7782.
  9. More opinions requested- scuba tanks, big fish

    Pricey, but they work, and meet your "no holes" condition. https://www.seasucker.com/products/two-tank-rack Or if you've already got the roll control racks, you could just buy the bare Sea Suckers and adapt them yourself.
  10. Towing 2200V as a tender

    At some point in it's life with a past owner, my 2200TE was set up for towing. The tow eye that was installed right above the waterline doesn't appear to be factory (though very well installed). Most of the "meat" of it is glassed in from the inside of the hull, with only the actual tow eye poking through. If the OP (or anybody else) is interested in having a tow eye installed, I can take some more pics of it from the inside.
  11. "D shape" hatch insulation material

    McMaster Carr 93085K67 https://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/124/3589/=1dhgv9n
  12. T-Top color for Ice Blue Pathfinder

    Weblon - white on top, light blue on the bottom, all day long.
  13. Recirc pump

    Just went through this myself. The pump bases that were produced at the time my boat was built (2005) were very poor quality, and susceptible to cracking. Replacing the pump motor doesn’t help. All three of mine were leaking, replaced them with new Rule tournament series pumps. It looked intimidating at first, but actually was a very simple replacement. No more leaks.
  14. SOLD

    I'll take 'em. PM me for payment info please, or you can call/text (954) 579-7782.
  15. Inboard Pathfinder???

    W. T. F.