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  1. T-Top color for Ice Blue Pathfinder

    Weblon - white on top, light blue on the bottom, all day long.
  2. Recirc pump

    Just went through this myself. The pump bases that were produced at the time my boat was built (2005) were very poor quality, and susceptible to cracking. Replacing the pump motor doesn’t help. All three of mine were leaking, replaced them with new Rule tournament series pumps. It looked intimidating at first, but actually was a very simple replacement. No more leaks.
  3. SOLD

    I'll take 'em. PM me for payment info please, or you can call/text (954) 579-7782.
  4. Inboard Pathfinder???

    W. T. F.
  5. VMAX Oil Tank rigging compartment

  6. Looking for a cover for my 2200TE. Either a full boat cover, or one that covers the console and leaning post. Tricky part is, my boat has a T-top. Anybody have something laying around that they're not using?
  7. 300 Suzuki on a 22 TRS

    What shaft length does the TRS take? 300 Zuke only comes in 25” or 30”. They do make a 250 in a 20”.
  8. 3 Prong Plug In Connector Replacement?

    They're called Deutsch connectors https://www.amazon.com/Deutsch-Connector-Barrel-Style-Terminals/dp/B00D3RXBY4 They require a special crimp tool; their branded one is pretty pricey, but I've had good luck with the Chinese knockoff they sell all over the place https://www.amazon.com/D-sub-Deutsch-Crimping-Tool-20-12/dp/B003U02C80 I keep a spare bilge pump and a couple spare bait pumps on board and already wired up with the connector. Makes swapping a pump a breeze, which can save a vacation or fishing trip.
  9. Pathfinder windshield - FREE

    Got friends in Lake Worth, could probably get it that far. Really not interested in shipping.
  10. Windshield has found a new home. Replaced windshield on my 2005 2200TE. Old one has no cracks, but some scratches/crazing. Could probably be polished up. Believe it will fit just about every pathy made up to 2007 or so. Act now, and I’ll throw in the 2014 Coast Guard Auxilary inspection sticker. Free for local pickup in Pompano Beach/Fort Lauderdale.
  11. Console Nav Lights

    The factory lights are Perko 254 series http://www.perko.com/catalog/navigation_lights_under_20_meters/5/vertical_mount_side_lights/
  12. Hewes Redfisher 21 Decals

    One last bump, then they're getting stuck on my garage refrigerator. Any takers?
  13. 2200xl te coolers

    Looks like the same leaning post as my 2005 22 TE, I have a 75 Yeti that fits perfect under the post and a 45 Yeti for in front of the console. Some folks use a 50 Yeti in place of the 45 if they want a little more height. The 65 RTIC is almost the same size as the 75 Yeti, if you're on a budget. Never had any need for tie-downs; the weight and non-slip feet hold everything in place just fine. Enjoy the new ride!
  14. Yeti at Cost plus shipping

    Interested in a tundra 20 and hopper flip 18, if he has them. Please shoot me a message.
  15. Reupholstered cushion

    Looks great! How did they do the PF logo, is it stitched, or the newer style that's embossed into the vinyl? If embossed, do you know where they sourced it from? Trying to get mine done locally (Fort Lauderdale area), and would really like the logos if they can find them.