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    Grew up fishing the Stuart / Ft Pierce FL area for everything that swam. Lived in Key West for 4 years and got addicted to flyfishing for tarpon and dolphin. Now living near New Orleans enjoying outstanding redfishing.
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    Retired USCG Master Chief Boatswains Mate
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    Fishing, making custom fishing rods, boating, travel, NASCAR
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    Pearl River, LA
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  1. GatorJ

    two fer'

    Beautiful fish! When stationed in Galveston, I used to bust the hell out of them along the Coast Guard docks and shoreline as well as on the flats across the way by the Navy ship at Seawolf Park.
  2. GatorJ

    Transom access for powerpole

    Power Pole makes various sizes of engine mount brackets to compensate if additional side and aft offsets are needed to cleat the poling platform. Worked like a charm for mounting my 8ft Power Pole. Got lots of clearance from the poling platform, and no additional holes in the hull.
  3. GatorJ

    Hewes Redfisher 16 Hull changes

    I have a 2002 RF16 with the 2-stroke 90hp Yamaha. I have two trolling motor batteries under the console seat, carry basic equipment under the bench seat, never use the live well except for icing drinks, carry about 15 lbs of tackle in the forward storage compartment and usually 20 lbs of ice in the aft port fish box. The boat is well balanced both fore and aft as well as port and starboard. With that set up, the hole shot was ok, only cavitated when running half trim or more and making left turns, and had minimal porpoising when could usually be eliminated with a bit more speed or tweeking the trim a touch. I was looking to get a better hole shot and better cornering without cavitating so I talked with several owners or similar year models and everyone said contact the PowerTech prop guru on here and try a 4-blade prop. After getting the recommended 4-blade, the hole shot was like a rocket, but I lost 7mph on top end speed, had to run the trim most of the way down or the prop would blow out even in a straight line, and it blew out turning in both directions. Given how negatively the boat reacted to the 4-blade when compared with slightly newer models, I always suspected that something changed with hull design or interior layout due to different performance between my year and the 2004/5/6's. Skip weighed in and said the hull design was the same and only very minor interior changes. I think moving the fuel tank a little bit was one of the changes. I wrote down a detailed performance comparison between the OEM 3-blade and the new 4-blade and the prop guru suggested a different 3-blade. After swapping out the 4-blade, I got much better performance.....better hole shot, better speed and only cavitates in sharp left turns at high speed. Since all that, I have added an 8ft Power Pole on an engine bracket on the starboard side. That has actually helped the left turn cavitation. As others have mentioned in previous posts, these boats are very weight sensitive. My recommendation would be to get off to the side when the boat is tied to the dock, with the standard load you normally carry, and see how it sits, and how much is underwater at the very back corners. I typically have my fishing guests sit on the console seat to better disperse the weight and help with the hole shot. I also don't use the seat back, keeping wind resistance and drag to a minimum. With full fuel, myself and one other onboard with the load distributed, I am hitting 43mph as per the GPS.
  4. GatorJ

    2001 Redfisher 16 SEADEK Project

    Sent you an email with pics to your edu email. Coming from contender31@yahoo.com
  5. GatorJ

    2001 Redfisher 16 SEADEK Project

    MarcoFishHippie, outstanding job of the refurbishment and modifications. That is an amazing SeaDek job. Love the outlining around the fittings, screws, rod tube holes, etc and the weathered gray wood look is fantastic. I really liked your modifications to the bench seat. I never use the back rest, so I have the same wasted space that you had. Removing the seat bottom and padded backrest, then elevating and reinforcing things is a great innovation. Something I am seriously considering on my 2002 RF16. Did you do anything as far as replacing the hatch latches? The OEM latches are convenient, but prone to having the locking tab get accidently pushed down by bags of ice, tackle boxes, etc. A couple of ideas for future consideration: I replaced the single under gunwhale courtesy lights with three small blue LED lights on each side as well as a slim blue LED bar under the front edge of the poling platform. I also replaced the navigational side lights and stern light with LEDs. Years ago, there was a post about a step that was mounted midway up the poling platform framework and projected forward to make climbing up on the platform easier.
  6. GatorJ

    LA Redfish Info

    I recommend targeting the Delacroix area. It is a very large expanse of marshes, bayous and duck ponds. It is a consistent area for shallow water / sight fishing redfish. Best of all, it is close to New Orleans. Most guides in the area have their customers stay in NO, then meet them on the outskirts, have a very early breakfast, then head to the ramp for a day of fishing. www.rodngun.com has lists / ads from guides as well as fishing reports and pics posted by them. Could be a good starting point for planning your trip.
  7. GatorJ

    Onboard battery charger installation redfisher 16

    I installed two trolling motor batteries under the console seat, with a Guest battery charger mounted to the underside of the console seat hatch.
  8. GatorJ

    2002 RF16 fuel capacity

    Thanks for the link Bud_man!
  9. GatorJ

    2002 RF16 fuel capacity

    I cant find my original 2002 Redfisher 16 Owners Manual. Does anyone know what the fuel capacity is for that size model? Thanks in advance.
  10. GatorJ

    Trailer Lights

    A couple of tips: 1. Buy quality LED lights. Not the ones from Harbor Freight or Walmart. 2. Use stainless hardware for attaching lights to the frame. 3. Use marine grade terminal ends and butt connectors. 4. As others have said, use post lights if possible, minimize the number of connections, use heat shrink tubing on connections. 5. Possibly the biggest trick is to apply a double coat of Liquid Electrical Tape to all connections AND where your ground wires attach.
  11. GatorJ

    plastic latches for older Hewes flats boats

    Check which specific model you order as Southco makes those latches in I believe three different "strengths". Meaning the amouht of holding power the latch has. I think they come in 3, 5 and 10 pound strengths.
  12. GatorJ

    Replace Tilt Seal 90 Yamaha

    I had to replace seals a while back while the boat was on the trailer. Here is how I refilled the fluid reservoir: 1. Buy the proper Trim / Tilt oil, go to a drug store and get a small plastic syringe, track down a disposable plastic cup. 2. Lower the tongue jack all the way. Manually pull the engine to the full tilt position and lock it in place. 3. Remove the reservoir cap and use the syringe to slowly fill the reservoir then replace the cap. 4. Release the Tilt lock and slowly raise and lower the engine several times then lock it in the full tilt position. 5. Repeat Step 3 and 4 again. 6. Once completed, use the power trim / tilt switch to raise and lower the engine a couple of times to work the air out of the system, then recheck the reservoir level one final time.
  13. GatorJ

    Older angler

    Brian D.....As others have said, go with a trolling motor and pole when you want to / have to. I would recommend one step further: get a trolling motor with a wireless remote. I like to be up on the poling platform and using the trolling motor remotely, giving me much better visibility for spotting the fish. I have a 2002 RF-16 and do pole it fairly often, but it takes a good bit of balance, coordination and power / strength to pole. It is especially tiring if you are poling in a soft sticky bottom where not only are you exerting energy pushing the boat, but also pulling the pole out of the bottom every stroke. It can be difficult to climb on and off the poling platform. Here are some pics from a forum post years ago. One of these days I am going to put it on my boat.
  14. GatorJ

    Marine rope deal

    That is very odd about the double braid twisting like that. After 30 years in the Coast Guard operating small boats and smaller cutters, I have never experienced or heard of that problem, and double braid is the standard material for anchor line if not using straight chain. When you stow your anchor line, do you coil it down in the anchor locker or fake it, figure eight, toss it in, etc? I could understand the twist if the line was coiled in the hold.
  15. GatorJ

    Rode hard and put away wet

    What is up with the trim tab? Starboard side is a huge long tab with the ram extended a good ways just to get the tab level, and the entire port tab and ram are missing! Definitely an previous law enforcement boat. Note: bright white (non discolored) hull section on both bows at an angle where a racing stripe decal was, the added large cleats, flood lights on sides of console angled to the side, total lack of anything fishing related (rod holders, coolers, etc), and mounting holes where things like antennae / blue light / siren were located.
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