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  1. tailingloop

    WTB Hewes

    I have a 95 Bayfisher that I am probably going to move shortly. Yamaha 115; MinnKota trolling motor; service records; trailer just redone. I am in Beaufort, SC area if you are interested.
  2. tailingloop

    95 Yamaha 115 starting problem

    Choke lever on engine seems to be the answer. Many thanks to all.
  3. tailingloop

    95 Yamaha 115 starting problem

    I have a 95 Bayfisher with a Yamaha 115 that only gets run once or twice a month. Starting her cold is always an issue. I follow what I believe is the normal routine of pumping bulb until firm and using choke switch. Motor does not want to catch. Eventually, it will start but it takes 10-15 minutes. Plugs seem to be ok. If anybody has the magic formula, I am all ears.
  4. I have a 95 Bayfisher with 115 Yamaha. Unfortunately, I don't get to use it much - once every couple of weeks. Starting it is a chore. I follow the standard procedure of pumping to firm bulb; depressing choke switch and turning key. It will not catch. Eventually, i will get it to turn over but it takes a while. Plugs are good. Any secrets that I am missing? Thanks.
  5. Anybody have a wiring diagram for a 95 Bayfisher? Better yet, know anyone in the Beaufort/Hilton Head area who does a good job rewiring and does not charge an arm and a leg?