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  1. Trolling motor / Chargers for 23' Pathfinder

    You didn't say why you don't like 4 batteries in the console....? I like the idea of having both trolling and starting batteries in the console but I need access to the hull hatch to add fluid to my transducer once or twice a year....which is a pain in the butt.
  2. Trolling motor / Chargers for 23' Pathfinder

    Yes on the attached tm plug....it's in the anchor hatch.
  3. Trolling motor / Chargers for 23' Pathfinder

    You have an interesting point on the wiring for a TM. There is a plug-in for the trolling motor in the anchor latch but not sure where it ends. I agree about the use of rear compartment. I only have the bubble system in there for the bait well. I wonder if anybody thought of putting the starting motor in the leaning post compartment and trolling motors in the console? I'm sure it would cause some major rewiring.
  4. Trolling motor / Chargers for 23' Pathfinder

    I was planning to put the batteries in the console for that reason plus more weight in the center of the boat. Another reason is I do find a little water in the deck compartments after heavy rains. Does anybody disagree with my location? 4 batteries in the console will be tight. Thanks to those that have responded!
  5. I'm finally going to add a trolling motor to my 23 pathfinder and have decided on the Riptide Ulterra 112# 60" I-Pilot. I'll add a 4 bank charger but not sure about the need for a dc alternator on-board charger for the trolling motor batteries. Would like some opinions on that and what kind/make of batteries to get. Thanks
  6. Why Pathfinder, Lid Construction

    Well I contacted my dealer and they had not run into this problem but suggested using a bigger screw or fill the hole with gelcoat and drill a hole that would hold the screw. Before trying that I decide to call MBG to get a second opinion. They told me that wood is placed inside the lid doing the construction of the lids where the screws are applied which has worked well. But, the screws can become lose damaging the gelcoat and widen the hole which is what happen on one of the hinges. MBG sent me instructions and photos of a current repair that was done. You'll need to drill through the same hole at a much higher degree (angle) to give you room to connect the nut. Use the same size bolt and nut used on the bottom to attach the hinges to the lid. I used the hole thru the hinge as a guide to drill at the max level with a small drill bit first to check how it entered then use the correct size bit for the bolt. The bolt will need to be a little long than the single one use with the washer. Because of the angle you will not be able to use a washer for reinforcement inside the lid. Be sure to use marine caulking to seal it. The photo is my results and is the same on what MBG sent me. I fish a lot on the bow of my boat a lot so I'll let you know how well it works out.
  7. Why Pathfinder, Lid Construction

    I recently have the same problem with the lid on my front storage area (HPS 23). I was surprised to see small self tapping screws used to attach the lid to the hinge. It should and been a bolt thru system specially since it's a standing area on the bow. I'm surprised it last this long before coming lose and breaking the gelcoat. I just saw the video on the lids for a 25'HPS that bolts thru....why not the 23'? I'm in the process of figuring out how to fix it.
  8. Prop for 23hps

    Why did you switch from the Yamaha 23 to power tech 22? Power Tech did help me with problems I had with my 20' pathfinder 150F Yamaha.
  9. 2018 23HPS delivered

    I like some of the changes but Suntone is right...it doesn't look like the windshield or handrail folds down. A must for storing in my garage. Interesting lower access door on the front console.
  10. Prop for 23hps

  11. Prop for 23hps

    Robert3 , why did you make the comment that your 250 SHO was making oil? I'm in my 3rd year with my 23' HPS with the 250 VF250. I recently have the same problem with oil level increasing. My dealer recommend that I change the oil and monitor the level over the next 50 hours which I did and it's the same at 25 hours. But he made the comment that my engine was not maxing out on rpms and speed. Could this be the problem? I order the same prop that was on the 2011Yamaha performance bulletin that showed max 6050 rpms with 63.7 with the hps boat. I could not get over 5700 rpm and 57 mph with an empty boat. I'm not a speed demon so I lived with it. It just aggravates me that others are hitting higher numbers and read that you should get the right prop to max the rpm's for your motor.
  12. F115 enough for a 2000V?

    My last Pathfinder was a 2005 20' with 150F. The dealer had all his 20' stocked with the 115F which weight is the same as the 150. At that time there wasn't much difference in the price so I ordered it with a 150 and glad I did. There's nothing like a little extra power when you need it. If you can find a 22' close to the pricing of a 20' then I would get it. It wasn't the case when I compared the pricing in 2005. As for the pricing of Pathfinder boats.....they hold their value because they are well built and having a Yamaha motor is a plus. No matter which one you decide on it comes down to how well the owner maintained it....and it's trailer. Ask for service records on the motor. Both those was a plus when I sold my 20' and upgraded. Hope you find the right one.
  13. 2300 hps props?

    Big Pine Key
  14. Thanks for all your responses. I'll go with the AGM batteries.
  15. 2300 hps props?

    I have the same boat (2014) and motor and ordered a 15X23 blade with part # 6BR-45B74-00-00 which was on Yamaha's 1/4/11 Performance Bulletin for the same engine and boat.....which max at 6050 rpm and 63 mph. I have not been able to get over 5100 rpms or 50 miles per hour on mine....boat empty and single person. I'm concerned about using another manufacturer while under warranty...6 years. I had the same problem with my 2005 pathfinder with a 150 F until I went to powertech.