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    Miles and miles of power lines down.
  2. Boat Covers

    Carver covers have worked well for me, sunbrella is more expensive but pays for itself in the long run. I get the lightest color possible, had a light grey cover, now have a white one (natural) and can definitely tell the difference in how hot it gets. Not sure why people get dark colors, but to each their own. Carver customer service is also very good, they have treated me well. Several retailers discount and run sales events, if you do not have an immediate need wait for the sales.

    Here is a link showing the area around Oriental, has some of the things we witnessed. There at many more houses with severe damage not captured here. https://towndock.net/news/oriental-after-florence Those attempting to head back, be safe, wear gloves and boots. Wash your hands often and be aware of your surroundings for some of the evil critters hiding in the wreckage. Bug spray will be needed, the mosquitoes will be out with a vengeance.

    Was able to make it to Oriental, NC yesterday. Made out ok, all things considered. All the insulation and duct work will need to be torn out and replaced. Did have some wet carpets from water getting forced up through the registers. One area is still kind of a mystery as to where the water came from, but with the house boarded up it is hard to really see well. Few water marks on some ceilings. Compared to what others are having to deal with, this falls more into the inconvenience category. So feel pretty lucky. Unbelieveable at some of the things we saw. Had what have to be 300-400 lb granite boulders, from our bulkhead, in the grass 10-20 yds from the bulkhead. Miles of power lines down, grain silos were thrown around like tin cans. Cement hog slat docks were no match for this storm, where normally they survive. Several houses were just skeletons, with literally no walls. Water is really, really scary when it gets pushed around like this. The news is concentrating on New Bern, which got very serious flooding. The smaller towns along the inter coastal got it at least as bad, they had much more exposure to the wind, but do not seem to be getting the media attention nor the emergency help.

    Well with 120 miles of I95 officially closed now, there is no way to safely cross the Cape Fear River Basin from north of Fayetteville all the way to the coast. Everyone within a mile of the basin has a mandatory evacuation, with record flooding on the way. Charlotte area and north is getting a ton of rain today, parts of I85 and I74 are now flooding. So every major north/south route is compromised until almost the NC/TN border. I am headed east to the coast tomorrow, staying north of the Neuse River Basin. Hoping for the best.

    View from the deck during slightly better conditions.

    My place in Oriental had a surge of 9.6 ft, about the same as Irene. But the wind has been much worse and over 20 inches of rain, most of that today. Will not get there to see the results for a few days, but not looking good. No water in the house with Irene, but think this will be different due to the higher wind. This is a picture of Irene during the eye, no one stayed to take pictures with this storm.
  8. Trailer fail

    Polliwog, exactly what I was thinking, the torque on the wheel is only rolling resistance. Even if it locked up the tire would show signs of being dragged. Sounds more like the lugs were either brittle (thru hardened) or were over torqued (Neanderthal torque wrench - More is better).
  9. If it is a Blue Seas m series 6011 with a red plastic back, they are junk. It will crack and fail, mine did. Contact Blue Seas, they will send you a new one for free. The new ones have a black plastic back.
  10. Expired Flares

    Maybe try contacting the manufacturer, see what they recommend. Found this, https://gatewaysafetyflare.com/faq-items/how-do-you-dispose-of-unused-old-expired-flares/ Not much different than what you have already done.
  11. PFD Re-arming cartridge

    Even high humidity over time will set them off. So best not to store them in a confined space. Ask me how I know this.
  12. 08 2200TE Nav Lights LED upgrade Question

    These seem to be close to exact replacement. Perko is hot and cold on quality and reliability, but these look to be pretty solid. https://www.westmarine.com/buy/perko--side-mount-led-navigation-lights--2099091?recordNum=7
  13. Cobia 21 Bay - Feedback

    I had the 19Bay, was a great boat, really wish I just repowered from a 115 to a 150 instead of going to the 2200. Think the materials and less features are the biggest difference. The Cobia boats are heavier, but that can actually be a plus in choppy water. The 21 will do everything you need it to do and would not have any quality concerns.
  14. All new Pathfinder 2005

    There are things I like about the design (overall package, narrow console, lots of features) and some things that am not too thrilled about (rear deck, probably the price). But think until I get a chance to see it in person is difficult to really have an opinion. Hoping it is a really nice, probably will want a smaller boat in about 5 years as age makes a larger boat not so fun to deal with.
  15. NEW red tide and water condition report

    The USA internally has some of the highest priced sugar in the world, because a minimum price is set by the gov’t. So would think that big sugar is selling as much as possible in the US. But they are being subsidized by the consumers as it stands, by artificially raising the price. This in affect allows them to export at lower prices, so if we just remove the minimum price locally the export price would go up. Most confectioners have moved out of the US, due to the high cost of sugar. Then you wonder why you see corn syrup sweeteners in so many products, but it has even uglier health consequences than sugar. We have met the enemy and it is us.