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  1. NCTribute

    New boat - Steering Issues / Prop

    i have a PowerTech OFX 4 prop, and my boat is very difficult to turn to port at high speed. Not sure if it is due to the SHO not having an adjustable anode or not.
  2. NCTribute

    Porpoising problems w/f250 on 2200 TRS?

    What pitch on the mentioned props?
  3. NCTribute

    Cracked T top

    The area where the crack is has two stress risers, one due to the change in section and the second due to the heat affected zone. As others have stated, a gusset is probably needed to prevent a reoccurrence. https://www.lincolnelectric.com/en-us/support/welding-how-to/Pages/aluminum-design-mistakes-detail.aspx
  4. NCTribute

    Prop Help

    I have the 200 SHO and use an OFX4 17P, see 50 mph. I also have an OFX4 18P, which ran great when I tested it, saw 53-54 mph, but did not have the trolling motor on the bow. Amazing that adding just the weight of the trolling motor totally screws up the 18P performance. So the 18 is my back up, probably should sell or trade it for something different.
  5. NCTribute

    Dealer should be ashamed of himself

    While I agree the dealer should ask if the new owner knows the operation and offer to show them, but on the flip side if you buy a new boat and do not know how to operate it, you should ask to be shown. So did the dealer offer and the offer was refused? Did the buyer ask and not get the attention they needed? Or did both parties fail to address proper operation? Two sides to every story, not sure we know what really transpired at the dealership. Pretty easy to envision the dealer asking if they needed any instruction and the buyer saying they were good, not wanting to admit they did not know. Kind of like not using the instructions when assembling an item, it is a male/ego thing. Regardless, kudos for helping them out. Interesting that it was the females, that were not even operating the boat, that asked for help in operating it.
  6. NCTribute

    Hewes Tailfisher- Stuggling to Plane

    With a spun hub he would be hitting the rev limiter.
  7. NCTribute

    Input needed....1/2 ton towing the larger Pathys

    Yes, exhaust brakes are helpful, but not all HD trucks are diesel. You can also get, or install, an exhaust brake on a light duty diesel truck. So it is not a light duty versus HD statement, it is a gas versus diesel statement. Also exhaust brakes work great for long downhill type situations where heat and brake fade due to glazing are an issue, but not that much help in a panic stop situation. Exhaust brakes are also known for reducing maintenance costs associated with high wear items in brake systems. At the end of the day, if the service brake has the capacity to lock the wheels up, any additional braking by an engine brake gains you nothing in a panic stop. Once you reach the coefficient of friction, having additional retarding force does nothing. Still stand by my statement, and have provided links to back it, that HD truck in of itself does not provide better stopping performance than a light duty truck. Perfectly willing to reconsider if someone can show results, rather than opinions.
  8. NCTribute

    Input needed....1/2 ton towing the larger Pathys

    Could be a variety of things, maybe the stiffer suspension caused less pitch, so the sensation of stopping is different. Run into it all the time where operators tell me something is happening during testing and data shows something different. Tactile input can interesting. If you have ever been at an amusement park and watched one of the movies where you are sitting in a chair, yet feel like you are falling, accelerating, bouncing around etc. What you think is happening really is not happening. Hopefully I did not come across too strongly, not trying call anyone out, just trying to explain things. But Engineers have never had a reputation of being subtle.
  9. NCTribute

    Input needed....1/2 ton towing the larger Pathys

    Ok, just have to ask. Since the vehicles you prefer only weigh about 400 lbs more than a light truck, how are they so much better on wet roads? Physics do not support your claim. The tires used on truck/trailer, brake pads and trailer brakes will have a much greater affect. Take over the road trucks for example, the truck itself is dramatically out weighed by the trailer, so the trailer brakes is what stops them. Overall length of wheel base helps them keep going straight. Too many urban myths on light duty versus HD, they pull better and can carry heavier loads, but do not stop any better. Coefficient of friction, area of contact and weight determine stopping distance for a given speed, assuming the brakes can lock the wheel. ABS will keep the coefficient friction in the static range, rather than the dynamic range. The brake systems and the tires are very similar, and the weight difference between a light duty truck and a HD is only 5-8%, which will not make a noticeable difference. Most likely you think it stops better because you have a preconceived notion it does, but actual test data will show it does not. I have been designing drivelines and and doing testing for almost 35 years now, not my first rodeo on this subject. Don’t just take my word, read this. https://rvlifemag.com/towing-half-ton-three-quarter-ton/
  10. NCTribute

    Input needed....1/2 ton towing the larger Pathys

    How does a 2500HD stop any faster than the Tundra? In stopping distance tests super duty trucks have longer stopping distances than light duty trucks, with the 2500HD being the worst performer. Yes, with the added towing load things change, but a light duty truck pulling a trailer with brakes on all wheels should stop just as fast as a so called super duty truck. The vehicle weight difference between light and super duty is not that much, so unless the braking system is dramatically different, a super duty will not be much different than a light duty truck. Better to put your money in the trailer brakes.
  11. NCTribute

    My dry storage... isn't

    Mine leak thru the latch, not much, but enough to make a mildewy mess of things. Not sure how this would be prevented.
  12. NCTribute

    SEAiq USA Charting

    Apple has a free version, but apparently Android does not.
  13. NCTribute

    SEAiq USA Charting

    In the android App Store all I see is a $49.99 SEAiq and a $399.99 SEAiq Pilot. No free version, maybe you are grandfathered in?
  14. NCTribute

    Twin power poles on 2200 TE

    Would mounting a micro on the port side work? Just curious, are people with two power poles needing the two due to current, or to position themselves due to cross winds? Just wondering if a micro would help to position in cross winds, I do not fish much current. I have a micro on my kayak and a single blade on my 2200TE, maybe I should add a mount and wiring for the micro on my boat.
  15. NCTribute

    Wanted 16’ Hewes

    https://blog.suretysolutions.com/suretynews/how-to-get-a-north-carolina-bonded-title This is how you solve the trailer title issue, or you can title it as homemade. I inquired about this boat to, but I really want something that can go real skinny. If you can get this boat for $10k, you made out well. The guy offered to do a compression check, seemed easy to deal with.
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