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  1. NCTribute

    My dry storage... isn't

    Mine leak thru the latch, not much, but enough to make a mildewy mess of things. Not sure how this would be prevented.
  2. NCTribute

    SEAiq USA Charting

    Apple has a free version, but apparently Android does not.
  3. NCTribute

    SEAiq USA Charting

    In the android App Store all I see is a $49.99 SEAiq and a $399.99 SEAiq Pilot. No free version, maybe you are grandfathered in?
  4. NCTribute

    Twin power poles on 2200 TE

    Would mounting a micro on the port side work? Just curious, are people with two power poles needing the two due to current, or to position themselves due to cross winds? Just wondering if a micro would help to position in cross winds, I do not fish much current. I have a micro on my kayak and a single blade on my 2200TE, maybe I should add a mount and wiring for the micro on my boat.
  5. NCTribute

    Wanted 16’ Hewes

    https://blog.suretysolutions.com/suretynews/how-to-get-a-north-carolina-bonded-title This is how you solve the trailer title issue, or you can title it as homemade. I inquired about this boat to, but I really want something that can go real skinny. If you can get this boat for $10k, you made out well. The guy offered to do a compression check, seemed easy to deal with.
  6. NCTribute

    Wanted 16’ Hewes

    There is one on Craigslist in Wilmington, looks like a nice boat. https://wilmington.craigslist.org/boa/d/hampstead-hewes-flats-boat/6859541757.html
  7. NCTribute


    Your post does not seem to match this info? https://myfwc.com/research/redtide/statewide/
  8. NCTribute

    ordered: Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid

    Where are finding Li batteries at 2-3 times AGM’s, what I have seen is 7-10 times the cost?
  9. NCTribute

    What’s a good website for trailer rims.

    Most likely pitting at the bead, can easily be fixed. But new rims are also pretty inexpensive. Six of one, half dozen of the other.
  10. NCTribute

    200 SHO tuned ECM results

    Plot, if anyone is interested. BradM, I asked Simon if they could provide a tune that was 250 hp and he said yes. So maybe conflicting info. Peak power of the stock 250 is 273-274 @ 5100 rpm and is 263-264 @ 5500 rpm. Peak power of the Nizpro is 331-332 @ 5500 rpm. So just shifting the peak power point up 400 rpm will help with top speed numbers for the same power rating. To my earlier point, it might be that a Nizpro tune of 250 will get to a higher top speed than the stock 250 tune, but the holeshot (for sure) and mid range (depends) might not be tremendously different. For reliability, bear in mind bearing life is a function of the bearing capacity divided by the actual load to the 3.33 power and speed is a divisor. So small changes in load with addititional speed make a significant reduction in bearing life. Think the graph also shows why so many people get stuck at 5300-5500 rpm, while others get close to 6000 rpm with similar setups, if you can get through the power valley you can pick up power again.
  11. NCTribute

    200 SHO tuned ECM results

    Think you are misinterpreting what I am saying, they have a tune that is a 320 hp tune, but they will also provide tunes that only get to 250 or 200 hp, just like the stock engines have different hp tunes. Graph is a little confusing, has SHO 250 in the top legend and 200 SHO in the other legend, and swaps indicated colors. A little sloppy for the Engineer in me.
  12. NCTribute

    200 SHO tuned ECM results

    I asked Simon in the other thread if they had a 200 hp and 250 hp tune and he replied that they did. My interest was in the tuner you can buy from them and you store the stock tune on it. So you can go back and forth yourself. I have no desire for 330 hp. But am curious if their 200 hp and 250 hp tunes are much different than the stock tunes. You can meet the power at whatever rpm spec, but playing with the torque curve you can have a ‘power bulge’ at other rpm points that can make the acceleration feel totally different. I work with ‘yellow’ engines, you can have the same power spec at x rpm, but it can have a genset torque curve, an over the road torque curve or an construction vehicle torque curve, for example. They all will perform differently.
  13. NCTribute

    200 SHO tuned ECM results

    Sort of, the shape of the torque curve makes a big difference on the feel and responsiveness of the engine. Also, are the power ratings at the same rpm? Again can make a significant difference. I have been designing powertrains for 35 years, so have a little understanding of it. Top speed is just one characteristic, but how you get to the top speed is what defines the ‘feel’ of the engine/prop combination.
  14. NCTribute

    200 SHO tuned ECM results

    I would like to know the apples to apples comparison of the stock 250 hp tune versus the Nizpro 250 hp tune, or any other power rating versus stock. Just curious if there is much difference. Obviously if you increase the power you will see performance differences, but how does the tune perform versus the stock tune of the same power rating.
  15. NCTribute

    Severe cavitation

    Sounds more like the prop is spinning on the hub, my guess is who ever pressed in the hub did not know what they were doing or used the wrong hub. I would try a different prop and see if you still have the issue, at least narrow it down to a prop or engine issue. A bent shaft would be causing some nasty vibrations when on the rev limiter.
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