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  1. Clear fly lines

    I have considered the Tropical Punch, but am interested in the clear tip aspect. I went ahead and ordered three line sizes of the clear tip, 8wt, 11wt and 12wt. Will likely be too cold here in NC to use near term, but will be using it during April in Pine Island and May in Islamorada and Key West. Rods will be Scott Meridian 8wt, Hardy Proaxis 11 & 12 wt, Orvis Helios 2 one piece 12 wt. Will post results. Most of the reviews I have found like the clear tip, but no one ever mentioned the weight, but online reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt. The lines I will be comparing to will be Airflo Tarpon 11 & 12 wt and Scientific Anglers Bonefish 8wt. Have given up on Rio lines due to poor handling/coiling. Would like to try Cortland and Monic lines, but do not want my life savings invested in fly lines.
  2. Clear fly lines

    Anyone use Airflo Ridge Clear Tip Tropical fly line? I like the idea of 12 ft of clear line, but the head wt is significantly heavier than the non clear tip lines. Worried that it may not cast well due to over powering the rod. I use the Airflo Tarpon line and like it.
  3. THIS is a sunrise

    This one was taken from the deck of my house in Oriental, NC.
  4. THIS is a sunrise

    Yep, was catching stripers and trout on topwater right from the dock. Unfortunately a bad year for me boating, between weather, available time and some health issues, hardly got my Pathfinder out. I think anywhere near water has the prettiest scenery, regardless of where you are.
  5. THIS is a sunrise

    Some NC magic.
  6. Boat Covers Direct . com

    Boat is exposed to the elements 100% of its life. Cover is not a luxury in my book. Every boat I have owned has been garaged or under cover.
  7. Seems like you could have just moved the boat forward a couple of inches and lowered your hitch by a inch or so and you have been fine. Did you measure the tongue weight at different attitudes before the change?
  8. Smoking frying or baking ??

    Baking a turkey?? We roasted our 18 lb turkey. We did bake some apple and pumpkin pies.
  9. Sold

    If this is still available I will take for $400.
  10. Help selecting new gps/fishfinder

    Raymarine is definitely the price leader, just picked up an Axiom 9 with 3D side scan and Navionics+ maps for $1,495, including the transducer, nobody else can come close to that. West Marine had $200 off the transducer.
  11. Tongue weight 2300 HPS

    Tongue weight should be 9 - 15% of total trailer weight, 700 lbs is too high. If what you are indicating above is that the boat and trailer weigh 3,800 lbs, then you should be roughly 350 - 550 lbs tongue weight. With the two figures you provided, how did you come up with 700 lbs?
  12. 2013 Tournament 2200 jack plate setback

    Depends on the engine, VF engines, SHO, use a 10 inch setback, the non-SHO engines use a 6 inch setback. I have the jackplate mount, did not think the setback mattered, could be wrong.
  13. HPS 23 Anchor Locker

    Similar solution as above. Seadek sells reel pads that are about 8x8 inexpensively, used a couple of them to protect from the anchor. The other thing I did was add a couple of stainless steel pieces to keep the anchor from jumping up and down.
  14. Grab rail

    Both fold.
  15. Boat and Trailer Garage Fit

    30 ft deep and 10 ft wide will be really snug. My boat is about 3 hrs away, but hopefully others will have measurements.