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  1. NCTribute

    All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    Actually, the top of the swim platform is where the bottom of your platform is, pretty similar if you compare water line to hull lines.
  2. NCTribute

    WTT/WTS Jones Brothers Cape Fisherman 20

    Do not take this the wrong way, I love these boats and would like to have one, perfect for (actually the best boat ever built for) NC nearshore fishing, but you may want to look at the NADA value of this 15 year old boat and motor.
  3. NCTribute

    New Fishing Buddy

    Cocker Spaniel and poodle, but definitely more cocker influence, should be a little over 20 lbs. She is already an outstanding fetcher at 11 weeks, will train her to blood trail. Should be a good boat dog, gives me an excuse to Sea Dek the boat.
  4. NCTribute

    New Fishing Buddy

    Picked up our new fur baby the day before Thanksgiving. She, Ginger, is more work than I remember from our last puppy. Best of luck with yours.
  5. NCTribute

    2005 Hewes Tailfisher 17 Tunnel Hull For Sale

    Are we supposed to guess the price?
  6. NCTribute

    Improved Cheese Grater

    This is really interesting. I would think that with the complaints and reputation of porpoising that MBG would be all over this. My biggest dissatisfaction with Pathfinder is the relatively mediocre handling of a premium priced boat. I do realize that there are trade offs for shallow draft, running at speed and rough water, you will likely never satisfy them all and my Pathfinder does do some of the aforementioned operations very well, but the cheese grater feature seems to be the bane of the hull design for a variety of reasons. Hope someone is listening back at the ranch.
  7. NCTribute

    Stripping Bucket

    Been using the lawn version of those collapsing bins with same weight system for about 7 years. The lawn version has a hard plastic bottom.
  8. NCTribute

    Back rest repair advise

    Wondering if you will have to cut the cushion to get to the bolt head, the threaded portion I believe is in the tube flange and sure looks like it has red Loctite on it. I would contact the factory, that could be a real issue if it gives out under way. Might just be removing the metal strip on the back of the cushion will get to the bolt head, after a second look?
  9. NCTribute

    2018 Pathfinder 23 HPS

    The Pathfinder site has a “build yours” button, which will be the MSRP for the configuration you want.
  10. NCTribute

    Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Question I have is if you buy the the $1400 tuner, can you tune to 200, 225, 250, 300 and 323 hp? What I read was you can tune to 323 hp and it saves the original tune and then you can reinstall the original tune. But are other hp tunes already on the tuner, other than 323 hp?
  11. NCTribute

    Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Think that he explained earlier that tuning to 323 hp is not a huge gain, since the engines are already tuned to 300 hp by the OEM. They are just giving you the option of buying a 200hp engine and re-tuning to a higher hp. I have worked closely with several diesel engine manufacturers, both internally and externally. It is common knowledge that engines are sold on power rating, so higher power ratings command more money, even though the engine supplier cost is the same. Part of this is obviously marketing, but there is some method to the madness. Warranty costs on the higher power engines can be higher, so a higher price supports this. The other is that the lower rated engines are essentially subsidized by the higher rated engines, helping them be more competitive in their power range. So they are not ripping you off, just pricing them to support their business plan. The reason the manufacturers will not honor third party tunes is that they are outside of their control and it screws up their marketing plan and associated profitability.
  12. NCTribute

    Hard Water Mineral Residue on Chart Plotter Screen

    I would try vinegar, might want to ask Garmin or research first how vinegar reacts with plastics. Biggest concern might be scratching when trying to wipe the residue off.
  13. NCTribute

    Boat Covers

    Carver covers have worked well for me, sunbrella is more expensive but pays for itself in the long run. I get the lightest color possible, had a light grey cover, now have a white one (natural) and can definitely tell the difference in how hot it gets. Not sure why people get dark colors, but to each their own. Carver customer service is also very good, they have treated me well. Several retailers discount and run sales events, if you do not have an immediate need wait for the sales.
  14. NCTribute

    Trailer fail

    Polliwog, exactly what I was thinking, the torque on the wheel is only rolling resistance. Even if it locked up the tire would show signs of being dragged. Sounds more like the lugs were either brittle (thru hardened) or were over torqued (Neanderthal torque wrench - More is better).
  15. If it is a Blue Seas m series 6011 with a red plastic back, they are junk. It will crack and fail, mine did. Contact Blue Seas, they will send you a new one for free. The new ones have a black plastic back.