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  1. Fishing shoes

    I have the Fin and the Drift canvas. Wear the Fin more often, but the Drift can be slipped on without lacing. Watch for sales, have not payed more than about $30/pair for mine. No worse for odor than any other shoes, maybe a tad better.
  2. Fishing shoes

    Look at Soft Science, started by guys from Crocs and Reebok. Most comfortable boat shoe I have found.
  3. Bow seat post for pathfinder 2500

    Mine was off center also, but only a little, was able to ream out the bushing enough to get it to fit. Yes, if humans are involved issues can occur, but humans can develop processes to build in quality and also check things to make sure a customer does not have to deal with the problem. Every time an issue is brought up the answer is always ‘that is what dealers are for’. Frankly I am tired of fixing issues on my boat that should have been caught at the factory. Have been involved in manufacturing for almost 34 years (Mechanical Engineer & 6 Sigma Black Belt) and MBC is definitely lacking in the quality department. Have bought two new MBC boats, but will need some convincing for there to be a third. I like and enjoy my boat, but too many other guys out there have stepped up their game. Not trying to bad mouth, just telling it like it is. I am retiring soon, would even offer to review and make suggestions on how to improve things there if someone would take me fishing.
  4. Woodys Wax / Salt Away Flush Opinions?

    For what it is worth. https://www.practical-sailor.com/issues/31_1/features/5051-1.html
  5. 2200TE Under Gunnel Rod Tubes

    The 2200 TRS has port rod tubes. I had to change out the in-gunnel vertical rod holder on the star board side, first time I put a fly rod in the top tube took me about 5 minutes to get it out. The rod holder is directly in front of the tube, poor design, MBC sent me a rod holder that was at shallower angle. I got the TE for the larger front deck, could careless about the additional live-wells, but would be nice to have more fly rod storage. My guess is the live-well may not allow room for the horizontal rod tubes. May have to take a peek in the forward area to see if that may work, never thought of that.
  6. 2200TE Under Gunnel Rod Tubes

    Tubes would be in the rear of the boat.
  7. 2200TE Under Gunnel Rod Tubes

    I have a 2015 2200TE and it only has rod tubes on the starboard side for fly rods. The TRS version has them on both sides. The web page lists the livewells or release wells as the same size. So I assume that you could potentially add the tubes on the port side? The website lists port and starboard rod tubes, but the website has historically had some bogus info, so does the current year model of the TE have them on both sides?
  8. Bobs Jackplate Motor replacement

    Your link says the the item is currently unavailable?
  9. 2500 trailer tires

    What type of axles? Torsion or weight distributed leaf spring? My guess is you have torsion axles, I would have someone look at whether the boat is positioned correctly on the trailer.
  10. Yeti Cooler Challenge

    Not defending Yeti’s action in anyway, but the fact is that they issued a statement several days ago. It is not a matter of ‘supporting’ the NRA, it is just what their business relationship is that has changed. Their discount programs just happened to be changing now for many organizations that they do business with. No conspiracies to deal with here, guess that must disappoint many of you.
  11. Yeti Cooler Challenge

    The real problem is people making statements such as yours. The Gov’t, as you put it, is not trying to eliminate the 2nd amendment. The whole issue is where do you draw the line. Many guns are already banned or outlawed, but no one generally gets freaked out about them because they are arms that obviously do not belong in public domain. Where the line is drawn will always be controversial, nature of the beast. But making statements about the issue being all or nothing for the 2nd amendment is just inflammatory and wrong.
  12. Quick video from this weekend in Pine Island

    Leaving tomorrow for a week in Matlacha, nice video, hope the fish cooperate as well for me.
  13. 2200 Tournament

    And? What was the weight?
  14. Thoughts on Powder Coating Casting/Poling Platform

    Curious, why have black handrails or other parts, don’t they get too hot to touch in the sun?
  15. Pine island 3/24

    Nice pictures, looks like a great trip. I will be in Matlacha the week of Apr 7th, hoping the fish cooperate.