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  1. Casting Platform (Pro-trim style)

    Yes. The platform was on the bow of my 17 HPX-V, forward the front hatch.
  2. SOLD 18.5 Master Angler SOLD

    What prop are you turning? Pretty boat.. GLWS.
  3. Carbon Marine Casting platform with SeaDek. The platform shows use but is structurally sound. The platform is very similar in size/shape to the old Protrim platforms, I have added a photo with my stripping bucket to show you just how large the platform is (stripping bucket is NOT for sale). Shape: trapezoidal. Bow-end width: 13", Stern-end: 23", Length: 33", Height: 10". SOLD
  4. 10 1/4 oz. Hookup Lures bucktail jigs *NEW*

    Good morning, I will take them! Please send PayPal info and I will send payment... Thanks.
  5. Push Pole Holders

    Sold. Thanks
  6. Sold

  7. WTB 8 WT fly rod/reel combo

    Enjoy Chad!
  8. WTB 8 WT fly rod/reel combo

    PM sent
  9. WTB: ProTrim Casting Platform

    I am looking for something similar in shape to a pro trim so I can fit both an angler and fly bucket. Price depends on the platform & condition - I am willing to pay market price.
  10. WTB: ProTrim Casting Platform

    Please, let me know if you find it... Thanks!
  11. WTB: ProTrim Casting Platform