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  1. Yes my wife got me the RTIC 65 for my B-day. I'll call you once I get out of work. Thanks Dave.
  2. Hello Dave, I'll take one of each.
  3. Thank You Marcus & PT Props !!!

    Marcus is the prop king!!! He has always been very helpful and professional.
  4. New Pliers

    Van Staal cost a lot, but you will never need another pair.
  5. Intheslot, can you please PM his number? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the info. Next time I need something done; I'll try him out. This forum never stops to amaze me with the comradery and endless information.
  7. Boat Cover for 2016 Maverick Mirage HPX 18

    I've used Ivan many times, so have all my friends and neighbors.
  8. Bob's jack plate sending unit

    It's the piece that goes on the jack plate that tells the gauge the height of the jack plate. I think gambler pinpointed to the solenoid. thanks
  9. Bob's jack plate sending unit

    I lost the sending unit on my jack plate does anyone know where I can get a replacement? Thanks
  10. Cleaning Pathfinder

    Bar Keepers Friend; works very nicely for me.
  11. Great event indeed!!! We were waiting for your post and pictures.
  12. Proud Grandfather tonight

  13. New Forum - Q&A

    The new forum looks nice.
  14. Cooler question

    I wished they had bigger models.
  15. Cooler tie downs

    Please let me know if you find them because I can't find them anywhere.