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    72 years old, first operated a boat when I was 3, been at it ever since. Born in the Bronx, NY, lived in Lakewood, NJ, Far Rockaway, NY, Avon, CT, Clinton, NJ, and now, Alpharetta, GA a northern suburb of Atlanta. Spent 2 years in US Army.<br /><br /
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    Retired. Former Tech Guru
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    Photography, sailboat racing, SCUBA diving, running, hiking,windsurfing, and running my Pathfinder to remote places in the SE
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    Ron Goldfarb

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  1. Ron in Atlanta

    Which boat. 2000 or 2200

    OK, I just have to get in on this discussion as I also have had both boats and based strictly upon the lines of the boats, the look of each one - I loved the 2010 20 footer. It was lower, slimmer, sleeker whereas the 22, in stead of looking like the 20 "on steroids" looks like the 20 having become "matronly". Here's the 20's rear... Wide, low, sleek. Here's the 22's rear... Kind of a chunky butt, you could even say fat. From the side, the 20... From the side, the 22... OK, I get that the higher freeboard is marginally more seaworthy and she handles the chop slightly better, but if they had still made that model 20 (not the new design) I would have bought it. Oh yeah, one more thing. The 20 had a single axle Ameritrail - IT USED TO ACTUALLY FOLLOW MY TRUCK. The 22 has the twin axle trailer which I need to drive like an 18 wheeler - it cuts way inside on the turns. The 22 is still a great boat but there is nothing like your first Pathfinder love.
  2. Ron in Atlanta

    New Trailer Brakes

    I can second this solution! Whenever we launch in salt water, Laurie always drives the boat off the trailer. I ask her to meet me at the dock in 10 minutes. That gives me time to park the rig and get out the garden sprayer with the Salt-Away solution and spray the Heck out of the brakes while they are still dripping wet. With the boat off the trailer, you can stand inside the bunks and easily reach the inside brake surfaces with the sprayer. Of course, when you retrieve the boat, same drill, either sprayer or hose if the launch area has one. Good luck!
  3. Ron in Atlanta

    2012 22TRS - Rear Seat Latch

    Yes, the old "backrest-flips-up-while-towing" trick. Bought my 2016 22 TRS, new down in Florida a few years ago, put the 10 hours till first service on down there then towed her home to Atlanta. Every time I looked back, one or the other backrest had flipped up - almost like she was trying to signal me. When I got home, sent Ray an e-mail describing the problem. He sent me a second pair of the goofy friction latches which I installed. So now there are two friction latches on each backrest. I would have bet a lot of money that that particular solution would not work, especially after some time passed (I assumed that the friction would decrease slightly after each use). Surprise, after 400 hours, the pair of latches still hold the backrest down at towing speeds! Clearly, we were not the only owners having this problem since the company decided to replace the friction latches with the barrel bolt solution for the next year's model. If and when the friction latches fail, I will also replace them with the barrel bolt. Incidentally, if your model has the springy thing holding open the hatch on the anchor locker, replace it with a pair of friction hinges. Your bare toes will thank you! All in all, a great looking and performing boat - love it.
  4. Ron in Atlanta

    ENP Boater Permit

    Thanks guys for this information. I wonder how folks that are not lucky enough to have a Maverick Boat Company built boat (that comes equipped with an online Forum) are getting this info. Big surprise at the entry gate! You are right, those of us with experience down there may not need this but it sure will help with the inexperienced folks who show up with a deep Vee center console boat and tear the grass up.
  5. Ron in Atlanta

    ENP Boater Permit

    OK, that explains my confusion (that plus a few years of football and getting hit on the head by surfboards from time to time), no requirement right now, but in the near future, when boaters become aware of the requirement, then it will be required. Thank you for the info, I'll take the test right now...let's see, the pointy end of the boat is the bow??? The boat coming from the starboard side is the privileged vessel, unless you drive in Atlanta where no one else ever has the right of way but you...got it. See you out there.
  6. Ron in Atlanta

    ENP Boater Permit

    As far as I can see on the ENP site, there IS NOT REQUIREMENT FOR A "BOATING PERMIT" at this time. The company listed on the original post is a private company, not govt. They are pushing the permit for free perhaps as a way to harvest names and e-mails of boaters, perhaps for sale to the boating industry. Nice "permit" you got there anyway.
  7. Ron in Atlanta

    Nikon D-300s DSLR Camera/Lens - $500

    Yes. If you are interested send email rongoldfarb@earthlink.net or call 678 358 2134. It's a good camera, needs a good home.
  8. Ron in Atlanta

    Garmin GPSmap 1040xs Screen Delaminating!?

    Thank you all for the information, i.e..... 1) More vents in the cover to cool the interior down. 2) Keep the screen cover off while in storage. 3) "They all do it" or at least many Garmin units have the same issue and they will replace the units , even beyond the warrantee period. I am having the unit "de-installed" today. Just need to remember to copy the 450 personal waypoints onto an SD Card before sending it away (rocks visible at low tide, sand bars in the middle of various channels, eagles nests, all the private marks on Lake Lanier, etc.). See you out there.
  9. Ron in Atlanta

    Garmin GPSmap 1040xs Screen Delaminating!?

    Hey Fin, I think you are right about the heat. My old boat had two vents in the cover, like this... They both were high up because, well you know heat rises. I think I'll do the same thing with this boat and add one or two more down low or in the stern to allow air flow. Thanks.
  10. Took a look at the screen of my Garmin while washing the boat down the other day and saw this... My first though was that the unit must have shipped, when new, with a layer of protective film over the screen, the dealer who installed it forgot to remove it and now it was starting to peel off. I called Garmin support who told me THAT THE UNIT DOES NOT SHIP WITH PROTECTIVE FILM. Uh-oh. The unit is over 2 1/2 years old, warrantee period is only 2 years. Garmin Support suggested that I send pictures and request for warrantee replacement to Customer Support which I did explaining that the boat and equipment gets the best care, etc., etc. and that if the screen was delaminating it must be a manufacturing defect not poor care. To their credit, they agreed and will replace the unit. Here's the question, what could have possibly caused this unit's screen to delaminate??? Boat lives under a full cover when not in use... she even gets towed with a console cover that is towable and does not flap around at all. All this to keep the sun off of everything. My only guess is the heat under that blue cover in the summer may have caused this trouble. There is a solar powered exhaust fan installed in the cover, may not be enough to cool things down. Anyone ever had a screen delaminate? What could be causing the problem? I don't want to mess up the new unit.
  11. Ron in Atlanta

    Nikon D-300s DSLR Camera/Lens - $500

    For those of you who have seen some of my photographs over the years, this is the camera that took many of them. This Nikon D300s is in excellent condition, it is their high end DX format camera (DX is half sensor size). I am selling it only because I have two newer and (much) more expensive Nikons that I use and do not really need a third camera. This camera comes with a Nikon 18 - 200mm zoom lens, that is very wide angle to mid telephoto all in one lens. Of course, the lens comes with a clear UV filter to protect the front lens glass and a sun shade. The camera and lens are pictured below as are some photographs taken with the camera. Please note: In order to take photographs of wildlife, such as these, you will need to add a long telephoto lens (maybe a 400mm to 600mm). The lens that comes with the camera is a great "walking around" lens, i.e., it goes from very wide angle to mild telephoto.
  12. Ron in Atlanta

    Hard Water Mineral Residue on Chart Plotter Screen

    Thanks for all the good advice! The Garmin folks were also very concerned about harming the non glare coating. They suggested Dawn dish washing soap and a micro fiber cloth. I tried it earlier today and after wiping gently, found the mineral deposits still clinging like barnacles. Then I rubbed very hard in a corner so if that produced a mess, no harm to the main screen. The hard rubbing did the job. Mineral deposits gone, coating still there. Whew. Now, I've got to detail the REST OF THE BOAT which has similar spots. I should have left the salt water on for a few days and washed when I got home. And yes, we enjoyed West Pass. Anchored on the outside, beyond the small breaker line and waded in to a deserted beach. There were numerous "feeding frenzys" where tiny bait fish got trapped near the surface between larger fish below and the birds coming at them from above. That is where Laurie got this photo...
  13. Bamaskeet warned me about the incredibly hard water on St George Island. When I rinse the boat after a day in salt water, I usually wipe dry with soft cotton towels. I guess I missed the GPS screen... This photo was taken AFTER I washed her down and wiped her dry again once we returned home. I don't want to use anything too harsh. Any idea of what to use to get the mineral spots off the screen?? The folks at Garmin Customer Support were not at all helpful (they are located in Kansas. When I said I was rinsing salt water off the boat, they asked, "what is salt water?").
  14. Ron in Atlanta

    Apalachicola, St George and St Vincent Islands

    Just went over Laurie's photographs, she clearly has the best one of the week!
  15. Towed the 2200 TRS down to the Pan Handle looking for some sun and sand. Found both, plus some wildlife... Big thank you to Bamaskeet for providing some great "local knowledge" about where to look for wildlife.
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