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    72 years old, first operated a boat when I was 3, been at it ever since. Born in the Bronx, NY, lived in Lakewood, NJ, Far Rockaway, NY, Avon, CT, Clinton, NJ, and now, Alpharetta, GA a northern suburb of Atlanta. Spent 2 years in US Army.<br /><br /
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    Retired. Former Tech Guru
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    Photography, sailboat racing, SCUBA diving, running, hiking,windsurfing, and running my Pathfinder to remote places in the SE
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  1. Nikon D-300s DSLR Camera/Lens - $700

    For those of you who have seen some of my photographs over the years, this is the camera that took many of them. This Nikon D300s is in excellent condition, it is their high end DX format camera (DX is half sensor size). I am selling it only because I have two newer and (much) more expensive Nikons that I use and do not really need a third camera. This camera comes with a Nikon 18 - 200mm zoom lens, that is very wide angle to mid telephoto all in one lens. Of course, the lens comes with a clear UV filter to protect the front lens glass and a sun shade. The camera and lens are pictured below as are some photographs taken with the camera. Please note: In order to take photographs of wildlife, such as these, you will need to add a long telephoto lens (maybe a 400mm to 600mm). The lens that comes with the camera is a great "walking around" lens, i.e., it goes from very wide angle to mild telephoto.
  2. Hard Water Mineral Residue on Chart Plotter Screen

    Thanks for all the good advice! The Garmin folks were also very concerned about harming the non glare coating. They suggested Dawn dish washing soap and a micro fiber cloth. I tried it earlier today and after wiping gently, found the mineral deposits still clinging like barnacles. Then I rubbed very hard in a corner so if that produced a mess, no harm to the main screen. The hard rubbing did the job. Mineral deposits gone, coating still there. Whew. Now, I've got to detail the REST OF THE BOAT which has similar spots. I should have left the salt water on for a few days and washed when I got home. And yes, we enjoyed West Pass. Anchored on the outside, beyond the small breaker line and waded in to a deserted beach. There were numerous "feeding frenzys" where tiny bait fish got trapped near the surface between larger fish below and the birds coming at them from above. That is where Laurie got this photo...
  3. Bamaskeet warned me about the incredibly hard water on St George Island. When I rinse the boat after a day in salt water, I usually wipe dry with soft cotton towels. I guess I missed the GPS screen... This photo was taken AFTER I washed her down and wiped her dry again once we returned home. I don't want to use anything too harsh. Any idea of what to use to get the mineral spots off the screen?? The folks at Garmin Customer Support were not at all helpful (they are located in Kansas. When I said I was rinsing salt water off the boat, they asked, "what is salt water?").
  4. Apalachicola, St George and St Vincent Islands

    Just went over Laurie's photographs, she clearly has the best one of the week!
  5. Towed the 2200 TRS down to the Pan Handle looking for some sun and sand. Found both, plus some wildlife... Big thank you to Bamaskeet for providing some great "local knowledge" about where to look for wildlife.
  6. Back in a Pathy

    That is one BEAUTIFUL boat! Remember, "The view from a boat is good for the soul". In your case, the view of the boat is excellent as well. Let's see a few more pictures once you get her settled in.
  7. Finally, An, "Eagle Catches Fish" Shot

    Shot with the new Nikon D850. Large, fine, jpg file size 29.3 MG. Shutter speed = 1/1250 sec, ISO 400, f 7.1. The 600mm to 150mm lens was set at 150mm to make sure bird was in the field of view. Location = Bird Island, just North of Englishtown, Nova Scotia. Camera was hand held, image pretty sharp... What's a bone fish? And why would he/she "tail"?
  8. So the 20 ft Pathy is back

    Glad to see a 20 back in the line up. I recognize why the boat got deeper, higher freeboard, etc. (seaworthiness) yet I miss the long and low and sleek look of the "old" 20. Very sleek, a good looking, slim behind and solid gunwales where a real midships cleat could be mounted. She was just a sexy, sleek boat. Of course, I was slimmer and sleeker back then as well...
  9. Finally, An, "Eagle Catches Fish" Shot

    I've been after this shot for years.
  10. New 22 TRS on order... few questions

    Add my experience to the "150 HP is more than enough" crowd. Cruise at 30 mph getting 4.8 mpg, a top speed of 43 mph with thunder storms getting very ugly just behind us, what more could you ask. Plus, a tank of gas lasts forever!
  11. Georgia Wild Shrimp

    A hardy amen brother! Local Georgia shrimp are 10 times better than imported, farmed junk from wherever. Remember, farm raised shrimp from Asia (where government regulations that protect consumers are non-existent) taste like (hmmm, what word can I use here that will not be auto-censored) feces because the shrimp spend their lives swimming in feces. In addition, some Asian shrimp operations are worked by slave labor. Georgia shrimpers work hard but love the work, no slavery involved. In addition, Georgia shrimpers led the way in the use of turtle exclusion devices, i.e., devices incorporated in the nets to make sure that sea turtles do not get insnared. Love those guys - love their shrimp! Georgia_Coast_Oct_2016-40.tif Georgia_Coast_Oct_2016-38.tif
  12. 2200V position on trailer

    In my opinion, you can and should have more tongue weight. I would check with the truck/tow vehicle dealer or the mfg. on-line info as to what max tongue weight could be. My 2008 Tacoma did squat down 3 inches when the trailer was lowered on the hitch causing the headlights to appear as high beams at night. I added an additional leaf to the rear leaf springs which solved that problem. Did the same thing for the new Tacoma as well. I'm no trailer safety expert but with the weight of this boat and motor, I would definitely seek a dual axle trailer if you are regularly towing over the road during the season. If you are only towing twice during the year (get the boat to the water in Spring, get her home in Fall) than single axle will just barely do the job - go slow.
  13. Scum line what do you use?

    Wax, wax, wax. Of course, I use Zaino yet I expect any good wax will do the job. With a few coats of Zaino, I can wipe the scum line off with a wet sponge either while still in the water or just pulled onto the trailer.
  14. Dog Days of Summer

    All those good looking dogs THAT LIKE BEING ON A BOAT. Here's Moose, he does not love being on the boat. He does not like being on the SUP board He's OK if he can curl up next to someone He's great on land however... and although he's been fixed, he still has a thing for "Big", tough girls I'm going to get him a small step ladder
  15. Central Florida Trip With A Quick Stop At MBC

    Swallow Tails are very distinctive birds. White with black trailing edges of wings and tail. Split tail, very good flyers. Try and get a photograph of one! Good luck .