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    70 years old, first operated a boat when I was 3, been at it ever since. Born in the Bronx, NY, lived in Lakewood, NJ, Far Rockaway, NY, Avon, CT, Clinton, NJ, and now, Alpharetta, GA a northern suburb of Atlanta. Spent 2 years in US Army.<br /><br /
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    Retired. Former Tech Guru
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    Photography, sailboat racing, SCUBA diving, running, hiking,windsurfing, and running my Pathfinder to remote places in the SE
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  1. 2014 TRS 2400 WET DECK

    I do not fish from my boat (the only Pathfinder owner who does not fish apparently) so I'm not sure what a "mono cut-off" is. I can tell you that monofilament fishing line can be deadly to wildlife, I'm sure all you guys know this and dispose of it properly, not in the overboard drain. Here is a Great Blue Heron we met recently. Nice... Take a close look at her lower right leg... in time, this can tighten and cause amputation of the foot with predictable results as this bird makes its living wading in shallow water to catch fish. I've met many fellow Pathfinder owners and I know you all have great respect for the great outdoors (or else you would all be bowling or something). Just a reminder, please be super careful of discarded fishing line. See you out there.
  2. My 2008 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport **SOLD**!

    Funny story. A Forum member from the other end of the state wanted to buy the truck for his college student son. He wanted him to have a reliable vehicle. The off road riding, rugby playing son shows up in a dented, mud-splattered old truck, takes one look at mine, which looks and runs like it just came off the new car showroom, politely asks a few questions, then leaves. Dad calls the next day and reports that son said that truck was, "just not his style" "too clean". We both laughed. The next time a Georgia 20-something comes to look at the truck, I'll throw a bucket of mud on it first. See above, price reduced to $12,500. New truck is almost ready, no room in the garage for two.
  3. My 2008 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport **SOLD**!

    I don't know but it looks like a million bucks. A Forum member from down the Coast is coming up to look at it this afternoon, I want to keep it within the Forum Family if I can. Your question reminds me of one that interests me...you know I use the boat for wildlife photography. Lets say I start a trip to Flamingo with the 2 SD cards in the camera empty (re-formatted) and I return with 500 images on those cards...DOES THE CAMERA WEIGH MORE WHEN I RETURN OR THE SAME?
  4. My 2008 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport **SOLD**!

    2-wheel drive, rear wheel drive. I've never met a steep boat ramp I couldn't get up and we go to some really primitive ramps. This is an access cab model. I got it because the 4 door model has more room in the cab but they take the room from the bed leaving a short bed. This has the long bed ( 6 ft, 3 inches ). The jump seats are just OK for two full size people, mostly younger people, don't try to put your Mother-in-Law back there. I just polished the head light lenses, they had fogged up some, now they look like this...
  5. My 2008 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport **SOLD**!

    160 K. The bumper sticker stays.
  6. Thank you for all the interest, Forum members. OK, new truck is about to be delivered, no room in garage for 2 trucks. Now asking $12,500. I purchased this truck when I bought my first Pathfinder, it is a 2008 model. Asking $13,500. This truck was purchased in early 2009 and has been meticulously maintained by, some would say, an obsessive owner. A one owner truck, this vehicle has every service record from the day I drove it off the lot. Serviced every 5,000 miles, has used synthetic oil from day one. The truck has the tow package with transmission fluid cooler and oil cooler, recent new tires, bed liner, thick rubber pad over the liner and a locking UnderCover truck bed cover. There are custom made gray sheep skin seat covers and the leaf springs have been beefed up with an additional leaf in each spring for towing, there is a chrome exhaust tip as well.I strongly recommend this truck for towing a boat. This truck tows my 22 foot Pathfinder Bay Boat with ease. The vehicle has deeply tinted windows, chrome running boards, a full cover (for the black vultures at Flamingo) and a very nice fake hood scoop!As the photos show, this is a very nice looking truck. ZAINO FOREVER! Yes, these are recent photos PM or call 678 358 2134
  7. Selling My Tow Vehicle - Tacoma

    I bought this truck when I purchased my first Pathfinder. It is in the same condition as my boat. Those of you familiar with the whole Zaino wax process know what my boat looks like, well, same thing for the truck. I'll list it under "stuff for sale - other" on the Forum but it's a great truck and I wanted to give the Pathfinder family word that it is available, I'd like to keep it in the family.
  8. 2200 TE Standing Water Under Pumps?

    Yes, it seems to have done the trick. I haven't flooded the area with water yet but so far, I see no standing water. The details of how I filled it are shown above. One good trick not mentioned, lower the trailer jack all the way when doing the repair, this will slightly tilt the surface of the repair making it higher forward and lower aft, allowing the water to drain into the existing hole leading to the bilge. I also routed out that hole leading to the bilge enlarging it's diameter. Good luck. PM me if you need additional advice on the repair.
  9. HPS 23 Anchor Locker

    Use either Comet or Bar Keepers Friend and a scrub brush. The picture of the anchor appears to show two very sharp corners on the top of the shaft on either side of the shackle. You might try to grind those down into a rounded corner. I don't know what the anchor locker looks like on the 23, here is how I hold my Danforth Hi Tensile anchor in place on my 2200 TRS... The SS screws keep it from moving side to side... the small hasps hold it down in rough weather.
  10. Need help Garmin 54cv or 74cv

    Agree with everyone. Go with the biggest screen you can afford and fit. Here is my 2200 TRS with a 10 inch Garmin screen... I remember using RDF, Loran A, Loran C and all the NOAA charts I could fit on board to figure out where we were on a foggy Block Island Sound day. To me, the current marine GPS is a absolute miracle - go for it!
  11. Care and Maintenance

    Good advice above. Here are 2 more things to do. Get some "Salt-Away", a concentrated product that will help to protect the brakes. Mix it with water as directed and keep it in a small garden sprayer in the back of your truck. Here is the important part...when you launch the boat and pull the trailer out of the water, spray the brakes immediately with the Salt-Away. Don't let the trailer sit in the sun all day with the salt water on the brakes! When you pull the boat out of the water at day's end, either wash carefully with fresh water as suggested above or hit them with the Salt-Away again. If the boat is stored outside at the marina, get a "down-to-the-waterline" cover. The sun is the enemy of your boat's finish. He's mine... If you do get a cover, the hatches can't be wide open. Get a few tennis balls and use them to keep the hatches open a few inches anyway. Good luck with the new boat, you've asked the right questions already.
  12. 2200 TE Standing Water Under Pumps?

    OK Dr Smiley, filled the cavity as per your suggestion.. Here is what it looked like "before"... Here it is filled with a mixture of resin and glass fibers - very rough and thick stuff - and rough sanded... Here is a thin coat of pure liquid resin on top of the rough stuff... Now, sanded and painted over... i believe that the area will now drain into the bilge. Just gotta get that corrosion off the through-hull now.
  13. 2200 TE Standing Water Under Pumps?

    Nuts. I thought this would be an easy fix. Tell you what Smilemaker, based upon your occupation, I think you could do a wonderful job filling this cavity. In return, I will be happy to Zaino your hull. Deal?
  14. 2200 TE Standing Water Under Pumps?

    And here is his response... "Hey Ron Thanks for the pic. I am more concerned with that leaf???? Oh and you have a spot of corrosion on the elbow. LOL A sponge works well to remove the water. If it bugs you, you can fill the void, with either resin or a putty of some sort? Just scuff up the gel coat and wipe down with acetone first so you get a good bond. __________________________________________________ Ray Ayres Parts/Customer Service · Maverick Boat Group Inc. · Maverickboatgroup.com · 772.465.0631, ext 103 So, I'll try the "flood the zone" fix and report on results.
  15. 2200 TE Standing Water Under Pumps?

    Here is the e-mail I sent to Ray... Hey Ray, we hope all is well at MBC in Ft Pierce. Here is a minor but annoying issue that a bunch of us have with the 22 foot hulls. i.e., Tournament Edition, TRS, etc. Under the Aft Most Starboard Side Hatch, there is a “puddle” that holds about and inch or two of standing water which refuses to drain into the bilge. Here is photo… To get you oriented, the transom is to the left, the bilge is above the picture, the bow to the right. There is a drain hole to the bilge directly above the “A” in Apollo, but it is too high to completely drain this area. As mentioned, there are a few of us on the Forum with the same issue. I told them I would contact you for a solution. I was thinking that we could clean and dry the area, flood with resin up to the hole, then paint white. I don’t think we can drill a hole straight down as that will go through the hull. What do you guys think? Thanks Ray. You can reach me at 678 358 2134 if you need further info.