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    70 years old, first operated a boat when I was 3, been at it ever since. Born in the Bronx, NY, lived in Lakewood, NJ, Far Rockaway, NY, Avon, CT, Clinton, NJ, and now, Alpharetta, GA a northern suburb of Atlanta. Spent 2 years in US Army.<br /><br /
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    Photography, sailboat racing, SCUBA diving, running, hiking,windsurfing, and running my Pathfinder to remote places in the SE
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  1. Central Florida Trip With A Quick Stop At MBC

    The Snail Kites are doing OK. They had problems a few years ago, their food supply, the Apple Snails were disappearing being replaced by an invasive species snail, the Island Apple Snail. The Island Apple Snail is much larger than the native Apple Snail and the Snail Kites have learned to eat them, successive generations even developed a longer beak to extract the larger snail from its shell. They have also moved north from the Everglades to where these new snails have invaded the wetlands. Lake Tohopekaliga and Lake Kissemmi are seeing growing populations. You are right also about the water quality and human activities having a negative effect on these birds. We did see a dozen or so Swallow Tail Kites scattered throughout our trip, from Florida Bay to Blue Cypress Lake to above the Fla Turnpike. The rigging tube was declared too long and replaced with a new, shorter rigging tube. Truthfully, it looks like the splash well is just not big enough, fore and aft, for the tube to fit when the engine is tilted all the way up but that is a much bigger fix. They also cut some holes and installed short tubes to allow stubborn areas of the bilge to drain into the main bilge. Thanks for your interest guys.
  2. Towed the boat down to Central Florida last week. Stopped to see Ray and the crew in Ft Pierce for a fix to the rigging tube issue. They are the best! Got me in and out in a short time in the morning and they even washed the boat when they finished! Not only the best boats in the world but best customer service as well. Spent a few days near Lake Wales in the Kissimmee River and Lake Kissimmee. This is home to the endangered Snail Kite, a beautiful bird... We took great care to stay away from the nests so as not to disturb them. Couple of Sandhill Cranes on the river bank. On to Blue Cypress Lake (the headwaters of the St Johns River). Over 500 Osprey live here. Then to Deland and the St Johns River and side creeks... Little Blue Heron, white phase, just starting to turn adult blue. Here is the result on his older buddy... Green Heron Red Shoulder Hawk and the usual Florida welcoming committee. A great trip, a great state. Gotta move there one of these days
  3. New Boat

    That is just a magnificent boat! The gray color is perfect, perfect. I know just how you feel about the 1900V. When I sold my 2000V it was more of an adoption. I insisted that the potential new owners had to take great care of her or I wouldn't sell her to them. I had delivered the boat to them in St Augustine, FL. While driving home the next morning with no boat behind the truck, I did start feeling very sad. About half way home I got a text. Pulled over and looked at it. It was from the new owners. The text said that they had been out in the morning and wanted me to see these pictures... they were washing her down and wanted to make sure I knew about it. Good people. When you get to West Marine next time, pick up a Stoltz bow roller, kind of orange looking. It will not leave a mark on your bow. Best of luck with that beautiful machine!!!
  4. Dock Lines and Fenders

    Although I have a feeling most folks here are not too interested in docking (maybe just at the launch ramp dock while parking the truck), I wanted to share an idea or two on the subject. Especially for the 2200 TRS which can be ordered with a midships cleat, that happens to be really tiny. Low profile fenders are perfect for our boats, e.g.... That is the "old" boat, the 2000V For the new boat, the 2200 TRS, I needed to splice the fender lines to the fenders with a very small loop so they would fit on the cleats and hang right, e.g.... The tiny midships cleat was an issue as there is not room for both a cleated fender line AND a cleated dock line (spring line). We came up with this solution...I spliced the loop on the dock line to JUST fit over the cleat and be small enough to stay put, i.e... So, for the 2 of you who may tie to a dock for lunch or whatever...here you go. Yes Dino, I DO have too much spare time on my hands.
  5. 2600 TRS

    And when will the divorce be final?
  6. The Channel Through Lake Ingraham

    This belong to one of you guys? I found it last trip to Chocko, at low tide right next to this guy...an Oyster Catcher. The funny part of this is that there had apparently been an earlier "incident" which looped off the bottom inch of the skeg but it had been reattached with super glue. Wonder how he had ever found it?
  7. The Channel Through Lake Ingraham

    BUSTED! It DOES run faster (not measurably but theoretically). However, IT DOES SELL MUCH FASTER! Remember, I sold my 2009 2000V with over 1000 hours on her for $25K 2 years ago. First caller bought it. They wanted to buy it sight unseen based on the pictures but I insisted that they see it in person and sea trial her first. They did and gave me the cash when we got back to the dock. Here was Miss Laurie, the 2000V, with over 1000 hours...(and the backup, AL prop for some reason) Just sayin...
  8. The Channel Through Lake Ingraham

    Did that stop you? I always thought you flats boaters could cross a lawn with a heavy dew! Seriously, I'd love to see the photos. We usually head for Snake Bight in the negative tides, the wading birds all show up for the pools filled with small fish... We will miss the negative tides, so Lake Ingraham seems like a good choice. Thanks for your comments.
  9. Heading down to Flamingo in a few weeks. No negative tides (during daylight hours) so Snake Bight will be too quiet for photography so we thought we would head back to Lake Ingraham so see some old friends, e.g. The only problem is, I've become very fond of my lower unit. Is there a "best way" through Lake Ingraham? The channel is well marked, yet I remember kissing the bottom even when well within the marked channel. Any tips for getting through there in a Pathfinder?
  10. Georgia Coast

    Great advice! I didn't know about the ramp at Demeries Creek. I did think that the ramp at Ft McAllister might be a little less steep than ideal when I would step out of the truck cab into a few inches of water!! I'll check out Dickerson Creek as well. Thank you so much for the Local Knowledge. If you know Kilkenny Marina, you may appreciate this old shot of the Crew showing Laurie how to run the lift. We felt very sad when we heard that Dad had passed away a few years ago. Nice folks.
  11. Early Morning pics

    Wow Fishmanjj, it's flatter than a training bra out there! Where is that?
  12. Georgia Coast

    3 places. If I'm feeling flush, Ft McAllister Marina. They have a lift and for $1 per foot plus $2, they will place your boat in the water at their dock and keep your trailer brakes out of the water. 31º 53' 08.69" N 81º 12' 43.54" W Further East, on Kilkenny Creek, is Kilkenny Marina. Also a lift. 31º 47' 19.70" N 81º 12' 11.20" W On poor $$$ days (most of them) I use the nice Fort McAllister Public Boat Ramp, just before the entrance to Ft McAllister on the left. Nice dock, 2 lanes, it can get muddy at very low tide. 31º 53' 21.33" N 81º 12' 13.74" W Just spray some Salt Away on the brakes JUST AFTER YOU LAUNCH so they don't sit in the sun all day with salt on them. I did purchase the "lifting Hardware Option" when I bought the boat. A bow cleat that attaches to the bow eye under the deck for strength and the stern eyes are offset on aluminum blocks to keep the lifting straps from contacting the stern rub rails. Just makes for a simpler process for launching at a marina with a lift. There is a "Twice the Ice" dispenser just where you make the left turn off GA Highway 144 on to Ft McAllister Rd. There is also a Publics Supermarket on Ga Highway 144 just before the turn to Ft McAllister. 20 lbs of ice, cheap.
  13. Georgia Coast

    Spent last weekend down in the marsh areas near Richmond Hill and Darien Georgia. Quite a collection of White Pelicans, Eagles and a distance swimming raccoon. White Pelicans, must have migrated here from Lake Ingram The shrimp fleet at the Darien Waterfront At first, I thought this was a discarded dog's plush toy No, mister Racoon out for a swim These guys are thinking, "Did I just see lunch swim by?" Mom Eagle on her nest. A poor shot because I didn't want to get any closer than 100 meters and disturb her. Look carefully below the end of her beak, see the fuzzy head of a chick. A young Eagle takes off. Perfect weather, more gnats than I've ever seen down there, especially in February!
  14. South Georgia

    Whoa, great shot dude! Is that your phone ringing, it's National Geographic on line 2.
  15. 2016 2200 TRS Rigging Tube - Too Long??

    Good question, the, "if it ain't broke, don't mess with it" philosophy. Two things. Out a month ago, I had trimmed up the motor (around 4 bars on the trim-o-meter) and the motor started to shake, like it had weeds on the prop. I lowered the trim, shaking stopped, returned to 4 bars, the shake resumed. Thought the fuel hose might have been kinked when trimmed up. Plus, you know how anal I am about the boat, the kinked rigging tube just looks bad.