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  1. had

    Smith optics warranty

    The best warranty is the one you don't have to use. I don't know if brand x is costa del mar. But I've used their customer service alot and it has always been exceptional!!!!! I own 2 smiths and have never had to use theirs. I prefer the costa lenses so I guess i'll keep using their customer service lol
  2. U best put them in the bow. That skiff is already rump heavy
  3. Sorry bud, but that's one of the nicest mavericks I've ever seen
  4. had

    HpX-V 18 Ameratrail Trailer Dry Launch?

    I would say 14 and yes to the dry launch. I don't think they make them any other way. I've owned two and loved them both.
  5. had

    17V draft vs. 18V draft

    my 2005 17v with 90 4stroke was atleast 9-10 It is by far the best 2 man tarpon skiff ever built. If you want to draft shallower you will need to keep a good bit of wt forward.
  6. had

    casting platform

    carbon marine makes one I thinks protrim was the original but they not in business anymore
  7. had

    17 HPXV 115 Performance

    it would sag in the azzzz I can tell you that
  8. had

    Gel Coat Renewal and Bottom Paint Removal

    Done correctly you will have a base layer of primer sometimes 2. Done like the person or biz that did mine it'll pretty much wipe off with any kind of stripping agent.......
  9. had

    Tarpon Fly Guide in Tampa Area

    thanks i will give you a call. Alan
  10. gonna be in Tampa area june 20-24 Who is the go to fly guide in Tampa. Not looking to break the bank either. lol
  11. had

    Cast Net Help

    Tim made me one and I love it.
  12. had

    MA 17 vs 18.5

    Except for tarpon most of my fishing is done with my buddy and our twelve year old sons. It's very crowded in my 17 with 4. I don't think it would be much different in a 18.5. I love my 17 so I doubt I change but if I do it will be a pathfinder.
  13. had

    Boat Master Trailer / HPXV?

    Ur pic of the v ticks me off. lol I really miss mine. U could turn that trailer into a dry launch pretty easily.
  14. I've had both. Minnkota is my fav but quality in both was lacking. I didn't think the remote would be that big a deal but it is to me.
  15. had

    RTIC coolers

    Why would you need a 180 dollar cooler if you not worried about it holding ice I've owned two boats that came with yeti 45 tundras. One held ice like my walmart cooler. One held ice like advertised. It did a pretty good job in 90-100 temps
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