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  1. My bet is the broker doesn't get paid anything unless you buy the boat. So while he may be perfectly qualified to perform the test and provide other inspections, if it were me I would prefer to have the boat evaluated by someone that is not motivated to sell the boat. My 2 cents at least.
  2. I'm guessing you all already know this, but that Battery Tender plug connection for your trolling motor is far, far superior to the Marinco plug. I finally replaced my Marinco plug setup (which I might add never failed in 10 years or use), and I suspect I will never replace it again. It is solid, has a far superior connection to the wiring and is is quick and easy to connect and disconnect. It's kind of like comparing a Yeti cooler to an Igloo cooler. Both work, but one just works better
  3. Fishing shoes

    If you have never tried a pair of Keen CNX sandals, you should give them a try. I wear mine everywhere, year round. Super comfortable.
  4. MK Terrova Heading Sensor Install

    I have to say that the jog feature is pretty sweet. If I want to move 20 feet to the right, just press the jog right button 4 times. It is worth the puck installation for me at least.

    I miss Hobo as well as his posts were always so educational, and I was always impressed with his handiwork. I always thought MBG should build "Hobo" edition PF22 in his honor incorporating some of his tricks.
  6. Best Boat Cover, 05 22v

    Those Boat Covers Direct covers are made by Carver, and lots of online vendors sell them. I have had 3 different ones on my boat and think they are a pretty good value. When i bought my last one, they offered them in Sunbrella and 3 other fabrics. I don't really like the material in this current cover and wouldn't recommend it. I would invest in Sunbrella if I had it to do over again.
  7. Smoking frying or baking ??

    Smoking 2 breasts that have been in brine since Saturday. Big Green Egg is at home and we are not, so ours will be smoked on a Weber starting in a few hours.
  8. Tongue weight 2300 HPS

    Can't tongue weight be very dependent to the proper fitting of boat to trailer? I suspect tongue weight increases significantly if the boat is positioned too far forward on the trailer.
  9. Taking your mind off of Irma

    Awesome story. I wish I understood the Hatteras side of the Pamlico that well. Been fishing it for 15 years and never had a day like that one. But hopefully one of these days I will get it figured out!
  10. Actuator replacement

    I did mine recently and ended up cutting the old and new wires and splicing them together. Was far easier than trying to pull the new wire all the way.
  11. Yamaha F225 Fuel issue

    I don't know anything about your motor, but mine has 2 low pressure pumps and I had to replace them both at some point. Might be worth a look if you only replaced one.
  12. A little fun on Saturday

    Man I love that area. I need to drag my boat down there again and do some more exploring.
  13. Yamaha F225 Fuel issue

    For what it's worth, I had a similar problem with slightly different symptoms some time ago and found the external fuel filter housing to be the issue. It had corroded to the point where the filter gasket was not sealing adequately and allowing air to seep into the system. I replaced the filter housing and made sure the new filter element was good and tight, and voila. Good luck and I hope this helps.
  14. Gasket for hatches

    McMaster Carr has everything. And they even make an app to make it easy.
  15. Ulterra Heading Sensor

    Ditto here.