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  1. rckeat

    RTIC Fathers Day Sale

    sounds like Yeti is beginning to wise up about pricing
  2. rckeat

    2015 Pathfinder 2600 HPS

    That is one beautiful boat. I wish I was in a position to buy it. Good luck with the sale.
  3. rckeat

    Boat cover support

    So my most recent support system uses webbing straps that run around the bow, over my PVC structure which sits in 4 of the console rod holders (slightly taller than the grab rail) and back to the stern hooks. Adding the beach ball to the top of the PVC might be just the ticket. Real curious to hear what other have found to be effective.
  4. rckeat

    Boat cover support

    I have owned my Pathfinder for many years now and have yet to find a way to ideally support the cover to prevent water from pooling on it. My boat does not have a T-top and I am using a Carver cover. I am curious what others have done to support their boat covers. I have used various straps, lines, poles, and even a PVC frame that plugs into the rod holders in the center console. What do others do or have found to be particularly effective? Thanks.
  5. rckeat

    2001 Pathfinder 2200 Interior Finish??

    My 2001 isn't super shiny like the outer sides of the boat, but it is smooth and finished. If I polished it I suspect it would shine up some but not reach that mirror finish of the exterior.
  6. Lots of opinions and we will all like to hear what the issue was when you sort it out. I too think you have an air leak somewhere. If you replaced the external fuel filter, make sure it is tight and not leaking air at its base. If you replaced the filter under the cowling, make sure bowl is sealed. Try to find somewhere quiet, remove the cowling and pump the ball tight. Listen carefully for any leak down in the pressure at these locations. That's my bet at least. Good luck.
  7. rckeat

    Abaco/Elbow Cay advice anyone?

    Thanks Brad. I will probably take you up on it when we get closer. Christmas is a long way off at the moment. Thanks again.
  8. rckeat

    Abaco/Elbow Cay advice anyone?

    Thanks guys. I will probably go with a guide for bones, but rent a boat to mess around for other stuff and with the family. Elbow Cay looks like a really cool spot so we are excited to do something non-traditional for Christmas.
  9. We are planning a family trip to Elbow Cay for Christmas this year as we have never spent Christmas away from home. Would appreciate any recommendations from those who have been there with regards to fishing, guides, boat rentals, or anything else you think we should know. We found a place to stay and now just need to plan the remainder. Hoping to catch some bonefish and anything else and rent a boat capable of transporting the 4 of us to wherever we want to go. All advice appreciated.
  10. rckeat

    Broken Minn Kota shaft

    I broke one once and the shop where I bought it replaced it no charge. And it was clearly my fault and not some sort of defect.
  11. rckeat

    Fishfinder/Chartplotter deals on Facebook

    It has to be, right? But these "deals" keep popping up on my FB feed. I wonder what else is a scam? I have ordered a couple of things that I have seen on social media and have ultimately received them, albeit they originated in China. And they took weeks to arrive. I can't tell if these "deals" fall in that category but it would be worth waiting a couple of weeks if you could truly pick up one of these devices for $119.
  12. I'm not a huge Facebook guy, but I am wondering if others are seeing these ridiculously low price deals on Chartplotters in Facebook ads. Like a Lowrance HDS7 Series 3 for $119? This sure seems suspect to me, but they keep popping up and the site looks legit. Anybody tried ordering one?
  13. My bet is the broker doesn't get paid anything unless you buy the boat. So while he may be perfectly qualified to perform the test and provide other inspections, if it were me I would prefer to have the boat evaluated by someone that is not motivated to sell the boat. My 2 cents at least.
  14. I'm guessing you all already know this, but that Battery Tender plug connection for your trolling motor is far, far superior to the Marinco plug. I finally replaced my Marinco plug setup (which I might add never failed in 10 years or use), and I suspect I will never replace it again. It is solid, has a far superior connection to the wiring and is is quick and easy to connect and disconnect. It's kind of like comparing a Yeti cooler to an Igloo cooler. Both work, but one just works better
  15. rckeat

    Fishing shoes

    If you have never tried a pair of Keen CNX sandals, you should give them a try. I wear mine everywhere, year round. Super comfortable.
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