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    I fish mainly around Rockport. Prefer to fly fish for red on the flats, but will chunk just about anything anywhere.
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    oil & gas insurance broker
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    fishing and guitar
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    Houston and Rockport,TX
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  1. Bruce J

    2400 trs freshwater washdown tank location?

    I have one on my 2016, but have never used it and can’t recall where it is in the boat. It obviously hasn’t bothered my yet! Will try to remember to check it out when I get on the boat this next weekend.
  2. Bruce J

    2400 Bilge Pump

    Still looking for any advice on how to access the bilge pump itself without tracking down Manute Bol!
  3. Bruce J

    2400 Bilge Pump

    Thanks, Bama, that's good to know. Is it an in-line fuse for the float switch - and any advice on where I would find that? I won't be back to my boat to have a look till this weekend. Am also curious how anyone would get to it to pull the pump if I do have a problem there. I might be able to fit my one-year old grandson into the rear starboard hatch, but he's really not quite up for any electrical work yet.
  4. Bruce J

    Spinning or Baitcaster

    I use both, but find myself always reaching for the baitcasters first. I find them lighter, simpler, and more direct feeling. I’m right-handed, but use left-hand retrieve baitcasters, just like my spinners.
  5. Bruce J

    2400 Bilge Pump

    I was just doing a routine check-up of the bilge pump on my 2016 2400TRS. The first issue is that it doesn’t come on when the battery switch is off. It is supposed to be wired directly to the battery, right? Secondly, the float switch apparently doesn’t work so I’ll need to fix or replace it. I opened the hatch to se if I could pull it out, but that pump is at least a foot farther away than I can reach. What’s the trick to get to it?
  6. Bruce J

    Anybody want there boat taken north?

    Looks like heading south might be the better direction, but your mother might not agree.
  7. Bruce J

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Trim gauge repaired. I know....boring.
  8. Bruce J


    Congrats, Bubba. It’s always great to see such a well deserved retirement! And here’s a little story about your great storm reports. I was over in London on a business trip in 2008 when Hurricane Ike was closing in on the Texas coast. I could not fly back home to Houston, so I had to watch it from there. Naturally the London news was not focusing on it much, but my friends and colleagues working at Lloyd’s of London wanted to know more. So I showed them how to log on to this site and see all of the great maps that you put up for us. So you’re an internationally famous storm tracker now, just in case you didn’t know!
  9. Bruce J

    Floating Grass Clogging Intake

    On my Pathfinder I have a Yamaha 250 SHO and because it has a nose cone water pickup, it never gets fouled with grass. My F70 on my Maverick, on the other hand, loves to get wrapped up with grass. I fished with a guide once who had a 6th sense for when his motor picked up any grass. Keeping the boat on plane, he would trim the motor out fully until the grass would slide off, then he’d trim it back down immediately and keep on flying. I haven’t mastered that move yet!
  10. Bruce J

    2500 Build

    I have a 2400 with hardtop and love it. Although there must be a weight difference, I don’t know how you would ever notice the difference when running the boat. Meanwhile the hardtop provides lots of other storage, lighting, and sound/speaker options, plus easy mounting for VHF antennas, a radar dome, etc. It just depends on what is most important to you.
  11. Bruce J

    Pathfinder 24 hull

    I bet that’s right, but am not certain. There were a few changes to the cap, console, options, etc since then.
  12. Bruce J

    fuel indicator problems

    On my 2400 and on my Maverick HPX-T the gas gauge consistently underestimates the gas, and both drop quickly once under half a tank. Of course rule #1 of boat ownership is never to trust the gas gauge. Never. The best thing to do is connect your engine data through a NMEA 2000 backbone and then to your multi-display, Garmin or whatever. Once you get that calibrated it will calculate your fuel burn very accurately and subtract it from your tank capacity to show a much more accurate fuel level.
  13. Bruce J

    Kind of a funny story

    That’s a great story, thanks for posting it!
  14. Bruce J

    Squealing drive belt on boat lift

    Are you sure the noise is coming from the belts? Mine gets screechy every now and then, but when I hit the zerk fittings with some grease it goes away.
  15. I've seen these Shelta hats advertised and thought they looked promising, so it's good to see a real review.
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