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    I fish mainly around Rockport. Prefer to fly fish for red on the flats, but will chunk just about anything anywhere.
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  1. Bruce J

    Good Boat Name

    Hey, at least he didn’t name her Reel Nauti or Sea-Duced or any of those other corny ones we’ve seen a few hundred times.
  2. Bruce J

    What did you do to your boat today?

    It cost me $290 from my local dealer, which I thought was great. The engine data cable and NMEA backbone parts were about half the cost. I was happy to pay the other half to avoid fishing wires through tiny places on my HPX.
  3. Bruce J

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I'm not doing the work myself, but am adding a NMEA engine cable and backbone to my HPX-T to get the engine data to my Garmin. I'm mainly interested in getting much better fuel data using the actual burn rate to calculate remaining capacity. My fuel gauge itself starts flashing empty when I still have narly half a tank, so it is close to worthless. I added the same feature to my Pathfinder recently for exactly the same reason, and now have tank accuracy to about 1-2 gallons.
  4. Bruce J

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Happy Lappy, I recommend taking a tape measure to your seadeck ruler to be sure it measures properly. I had one made recently and it measured anywhere from 0-1/2" off, measuring too long. And I checked before mounting, so it didn't result from being stretched.
  5. Bruce J

    Hatch latch issue

    I got the new latches and when trying to replace the originals I ran into a new problem. I found that the original latches are 5200’d (or equivalent) onto the hatch. I tried every reasonable means of persuasion but could not budge them at all. I didn’t use a heat gun because I didn’t have one handy, but also because I didn’t know if it would help. Any suggestions?
  6. Bruce J

    Hatch latch issue

    Yeah, let's keep this bit of news to ourselves!
  7. Bruce J

    Hatch latch issue

    When asked about the key for the new hatch locks, I was told they will match my original ones. I asked if that meant there was only one key type for these locks, and he said yes. That seems really unlikely to me, but I'll see when I get back to my boat next week.
  8. Bruce J

    Hatch latch issue

    Good question. We never discussed this. I will find out.
  9. Bruce J

    Hatch latch issue

    I emailed with them yesterday and have two new locks coming my way for no charge. Great service from Gemlux!
  10. Bruce J

    What size prop for 2400 Pathfinder?

    There’s a Pathfinder Prop Discussion section in this forum - one of the “chapters” at the top of the page. Within that there is a lot of discussion about props for a 2400 with the F300.
  11. Bruce J

    Friction hinge for anchor locker

    My anchor hatch has a spring that’s supposed to help hold the hatch open, but if the anchor line touches it, the boat rocks, the wind breathes on it, or if I even look sideways at it, the spring fails and the hatch slams. I just wish I could open the hatch all the way and have it lay open, but it only opens into a vertical position.
  12. Bruce J

    Friction hinge for anchor locker

    BH, did you get the replacements from Gemlux? I just got off the line with them. The hole measurements on their drawings look like they are identical except for one measurement which is .01 inch different. The main other difference is that the barrel on the friction hinge is bigger and it might not fit in the existing space between the hatch and the deck. Just eyeballing it, it seems like it would be really close to fitting. Is yours not close at all?
  13. The one and only irritation I have with my 2016 Pathfinder 2400 is the anchor locker hinge. The hatch only opens half way and constantly tries to fall closed. Seriously, it is very nearly a perfect boat, but for this one thing... I think I read somewhere that the new ones have a friction hinge now for the anchor locker so that it will stay open. If so, is there any chance this will retrofit in my 2016 without having to do any reworking of the glass?
  14. Bruce J

    Repower 2001 Maverick HPX-T - Yamaha 60 or 70?

    The hull on the older boats is essentially or exactly the same as the current ones. They changed the cap and hatches slightly with the 2011 model year, but I believe the hulk itself is exactly the same. The newer hula are more commonly fitted with a jack plate, and that will effect operating performance some. That said, I’ve only run the 70 HP Yamahas - the 2 stroke on my first boat, an ‘02 model, and now the F70 on my 2011 model. Both motors have been fantastic.
  15. Bruce J

    Hatch latch issue

    Thanks for the replies. I still haven't done anything with mine, but will take some pics and get in touch with Gemlux.
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