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    I fish mainly around Rockport. Prefer to fly fish for red on the flats, but will chunk just about anything anywhere.
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    oil & gas insurance broker
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    fishing and guitar
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  1. Solo Fishing on Flats Boats

    I suspect that hiring guides is actually a cheaper - probably much cheaper - way for the vast majority of us to fish once you factor in all the direct and indirect costs of boat ownership. To me, boat ownership is great for the immediate convenience (not having to book at good guide months in advance), but also for the satisfaction of doing it myself. I also love to use my boat for just "being on a boat", which I love whether I have a fishing rod with me or not. But for pure fish caught per dollar spent basis, I know I could do much better just hiring guides.
  2. Is the HPX-T a goner?

    I might have missed this from other conversations, but notice that the HPX--T is not showing up on the website any longer. What's the scoop?
  3. Solo Fishing on Flats Boats

    I'll echo these comments. I pole my HPX-T often by myself and I fish in the Rockport, Texas area. I put the ice chest on the front platform to help a bit with the weight balance. I usually pole a bit then drift and spin fish. I might have a fly rod on the front deck with the line stripped out, but as someone else said, it's pretty hard to pole yourself and expect to fly fish. Often I'll pole into an area and then wade from there, particularly if the water is our usual Texas-skinny. Then the fly rod is very handy, of course. Even though I have a trolling motor for my boat, I rarely use it because I'm most often in water less than 18" or so.
  4. Boat lift with remote control

    I use the GEM Remotes too and they are amazingly convenient. It makes single-handling your boat so much easier. I just pull in, hold the side of the dock to keep the boat in position and then hit the switch. Simple. It’s not an inexpensive addition to your lift, but worth every penny.
  5. Brand new boat-Live wells flooding

    I had that issue with my 2400. Some suggested I just close the valve a little to slow the intake, and that fixed it for me. I probably moved the shut-off lever just an inch or so.
  6. Care and Maintenance

    Replace your water/fuel separator every year. Use some fuel stabilizer whenever you add gas.
  7. Storm Shutters

    It's interesting to read how many of you prefer French doors to sliders. During Harvey in Rockport our sliders (4 of them) didn't let in a drop, but the French doors were a problem for us and many others I talked to after the storm.
  8. Ideas for new fish cleaning stand

    Rob, just stop in that shop in Wharton that was right across the freeway from Hinze's BBQ (before it burned down). They have tons of used restaurant equipment in there including dozens of stainless tables, at least when I stopped there once.
  9. Coastal Texas

    Sorry to hear that your RP home got that much damage, but you sure have the right attitude. That's also great news that your Houston home stayed dry. I'm sure if our little garage-bound HPXT's got together for a beer, they would have some great stories about how they rode out the storm! Prayers for all of our Bahamian and Floridian brothers and sisters...
  10. Dream Car

    Wow, what a great thought and deed! That son really loves his dad.
  11. Coastal Texas

    My house in Rockport took a harder hit than I first thought. There was almost no exterior damage, but rain driven by a 130mph wind will find a way to get inside. Our floors and baseboards are toast and we have numerous smaller sheetrock issues. All fixable stuff but it will take a lot of time with so much damage in the area and relatively few craftsmen. Sort of the same repair work required in Houston, but because of flood not wind. I am testing all of my insurance policies! All a minor inconvenience compared to those who are really suffering in Rockport, Houuston, Beaumont and Louisiana.
  12. Coastal Texas

    While doing clean up on my house in Rockport, I took a trip over to the mangled drystack at Cove Harbor where my beautiful Pathfinder is lost somewhere in the rubble. But wait! I used my binoculars to scan the wreckage from about a quarter mile away, which was as close as I could get. Amazingly, I found my baby, still sitting in her rack on the highest shelf in the place! From the parts of her I could see, it is possible she doesn't even have any damage, which would be just crazy. The pic shows roughly where I found her The next questions are how and when and even if they can somehow extricate her from a severely damaged building. It will be a fascinating to see how they do this, but at least I have a chance of getting her back in one piece. One step at a time!
  13. Coastal Texas

    Pretty sure my lovely Pathfinder is gone in Rockport. She was in a big drystack facility that is about 75% damaged. If you've seeen any of the videos of Rockport, you've probably seen the still standing but crippled and unclad shell of the buildings with some boats still up in the racks. I'm guessing it will be weeks before we really know as they start to sort out the tangled mess. Imwould hate to lose her, but there are so many bigger priorities for everyone in Rockport and Houston now. I feel so sad for my Rockport resident friends who have no homes, power, water, schools, etc.
  14. Coastal Texas

    Our home in Rockport survived the Cat 4 punch in the mouth, but now it looks like our home in Houston (190 miles away) will flood from the same storm. This is one really bad dude. I am safe and dry for now at a friend's house in Houston, but we have at least one more full day of rain, and maybe more.
  15. Sea Claw question

    Yep, just heard back from Kevin and he says 90% of the Pathy owners go with the 18" bar.