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    I fish mainly around Rockport. Prefer to fly fish for red on the flats, but will chunk just about anything anywhere.
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    oil & gas insurance broker
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    fishing and guitar
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    Houston and Rockport,TX
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  1. Bruce J

    Twice as Nice

    Yes, living the Dream. Very lucky and grateful. And here’s the shot from the other side. My little Mav took me out to catch a few reds right after these shots.
  2. Bruce J

    Twice as Nice

    My Maverick HPX-T and Pathfinder 2400 TRS are posing and ready for some action on this beautiful Saturday in Rockport, Texas. These are perfect boats for our water, with miles of very shallow flats, but the Gulf is only minutes away.
  3. Bruce J

    1978 18' Maverick / berg

    Wow, what a gorgeous boat. Congrats!
  4. Bruce J

    VARIS construction

    Aren't vacuum bagging and VARIS 2 different things? I thought vacuum bagging came first and then VARIS a few years later.
  5. Bruce J

    2019 Pathfinder 2400 TRS w/ 250 SHO **HELP**

    I have the exact same setup as you do on my 2016 2400. I believe that is the same prop. It is a PowerTech 4 blade 19” pitch. Not certain it’s an XSB, but that sounds right. Hole shot is good. It spins up around 5800 and I could get it higher but with a lot more slip. I max out at about 50-maybe 51 if I play around with it a lot, but like you I don’t care much about top end. At normal cruise of about 3500-4000 rpm, I get about 2.4-2.6 mpg. Can get up to about 3-3.2 if I slow down and really work the trim.
  6. Bruce J

    ordered: Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid

    Just installed one on the pad of the hardtop on my 2400TRS. This is a Garmin Fantom 18 dome radar.
  7. Bruce J

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Added a Garmin Fantom 18 radar to my 2400TRS.
  8. Bruce J

    Back in MBG Family with new boat

    I’d recommend adding a NMEA 2000 backbone in the console. I don’t know the Redfisher’s wiring, but assume you have a Command Link gauge on your dash. If so, then with some pretty simple wiring, you can then connect the motor’s ECU data to your big display (I assume that’s what the Simrad unit is). This gives a lot more motor info on a bigger and easier to read screen. You can also add options like an AIS capable VHF radio or other NMEA 2000 compatible accessories.
  9. Bruce J

    NMEA cable run

    I still don't have my project done yet as the Garmin VHF was backordered for what turned out to be a couple months. Still waiting to get it all installed, and now that we're coming up on the holidays, it might be a few more weeks.
  10. Bruce J

    NMEA cable run

    It’s really hard to believe how much conflicting info I’ve received on what seems like a pretty straightforward question. I’ve finally decided to install an additional NMEA backbone in the console, connected to the Yamaha multi-hub link on one side and the Garmin on the other. I’m doing that because I’m more confident it will work, and it also gives me flexibility in adding new devices like the VHF I’m outing in at the same time. Possibly a fuel flow meter too. I’m still waiting for the back-ordered radio to come in before it all gets installed. Will report back then.
  11. Bruce J

    2400 TRS ride quality

    Ryan, on the first day we stayed in Matagorda. Then two nights in Galveston and we stayed at the Harbor House hotel. They have a few wet slips available. Then we did the return home all in one day, about 180 miles. It took us about 6 hours with a refueling stop in Matagorda. We had a great time, and were really lucky with the weather.
  12. Bruce J

    2400 TRS ride quality

    Ride quality is such a subjective thing, but I love my 2400. I also have a Maverick HPXT, and when someone asks why I have two boats, I say it’s like having a Suburban and a Porsche. The 2400 is just like a Suburban - loads of room, tons of storage, and it rides great. We just took a 380 mile trip in ours, from Rockport, Texas to Galveston and back, and that involved 3 big open bay crossings including some pretty sporty conditions. We had another couple with us, a long weekend’s worth of gear, plus fishing tackle and we weren’t close to capacity. We have lots of very shallow water around Rockport and I haven’t grounded her - yet. It seems to float and run quite shallow for such a big boat. The draft is reported to be about 15” and that seems accurate to me. If properly trimmed out, I bet it can just about the same. I have the 20” shaft 250 SHO on mine, and with its nosecone water pickup, it really helps to run shallow and not pick up grass. Of course you really just need to go for a ride on one!
  13. Bruce J

    Horrible Boating Accident

    A nearly identical accident happened to one of my friends and work partners this summer in Greece. He was on a rental boat with his two teenage sons and step-son. His 15 year old son fell off the front of the boat when they hit a wave. My friend was at the helm, but immediately hit his son. He dove into the water to bring his son back on board, but I believe he died almost immediately. It’s impossible to imagine how horrific that would be for him and the other two boys. Since then, every time I’ve seen a boat go by, maybe a little too fast, and with family or friends up in the bow, I think about how quickly things can turn very badly.
  14. Bruce J

    NMEA cable run

    One step forward, and one step back....maybe. I talked with Emily over at BOE Marine to get the cable I need to run from one of the unused Device ports in my Yamaha multilink hub to my Garmin. We got that sorted out, but on further reflection overnight, she thought I would still need to add a NMEA network. My understanding is that the Yamaha multilink setup is a NMEA network, but it's just Yamaha's own design and they use some proprietary plugs. It's already transmitting data from my engine up to my Command Link gauges. I would think I just need one more cable to transmit the data to my Garmin too. We decided to stick with the original plan of cable-only, no additional NMEA setup, and just see if it works. This is all surprisingly complicated for what seems like a pretty simple - and very common - need. If it turns out that this one cable really does the trick, it sure would be good to have that as an option, or even standard equipment, from the factory. I would think everyone running a boat with this type of equipment (meaning virtually every MBG boat) would like the added functionality of the engine data ported onto the GPS/etc screen. MBG could produce that cable as part of the wiring plan for pennies on the dollar and zero additional labor compared to all of us doing it after the fact (and confusing ourselves mightily in the process!).
  15. Bruce J

    Motorguide Xi5 remote

    Thanks, ASB. I did reset the power a few times, and I checked the remote for corrosion when I changed the batteries. While there might have been a little discoloration on the contacts, it didnt look like corrosion to me. And with the new batteries the motor did beep when I tried resyncing the remote. So it seemed to be sending something to the motor, but it might not have been what it wanted to hear. I’ll try another remote if I can find one.
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