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  1. Give yourself some credit Brent, That snook in the double pic is a decent fish. Not a monster by any means but i don't know that i would classify it as a snooklet.... Nice day!
  2. I have found that their rates don't change for the seasons unlike most of the places in everglades city. I think it is $120 for a single bedroom (sleeps 3-4) and $145 (sleeps (5-6) for a 2 bedroom year round.
  3. Hurricane Conocean's place may not be for rent but there are a few 1 & 2 bedroom rental trailers at Chokoloskee Island Park. When I stay for multiple days it is almost always there. Pretty good deal and you can keep you boat in the water.
  4. I was going to post a separate report, but don't have any pictures so here it goes.... Fished Saturday and it was real tough in the morning. Couldn't find white bait (or at least enough in the net to justify dumping out and cleaning up the 20lbs of jellyfish that came up in the net with each throw)so we hit a bunch of spots on the outside and just inside rivermouths and came up pretty empty. 2 skinny 19" reds and a bunch of small snapper and catfish. We found a pretty decent trout bite later in the afternoon and almost got a 3 man limit of nice sized fish to 22". Word at the CIP dock was that fishing was slow, even from the guides. My fishing partners wanted to try offshore which I was against initially due to the weather, but with the sub-par results Saturday I really didn't have any argument to try to repeat that performance. we found bait this time and headed out to a pretty well known spot 20 or so miles out and found 8 or so stud mangroves, 18"-22", and 1 20lb cobia. lost some kings and caught some big jacks too. The ride back was none too fun slogging through 4 footers at 8 knots for the fist 10 miles... tried the rest of the bait at a bunch of spots on the way in through Chokoloskee p*** and nada... We were the stars at the dock though with the mangs and cobia though I'll see if I can di up a picture from the partner to post.
  5. 2014 2200 TRS w/ Yamaha 200 for sale

    I'm not interested, or at least not in actually buying it, but you made a comment about how it runs with the 200 and I've always been curios so I guess I'll ask. The performance bulletin's on Pathfinder's website show very little increased performance for the 200 vs. the 150 and I always thought this was strange. both say it gets close to 5mpg at a 30mph cruse and the 200 only has a 1 mph increase in top speed. Do you know what the actual top speed of this boat is? I know the 200 is a 6 cylinder tuned up 150 block, but it doesn't make much sense that a 33% increase in HP only gets you 1 mph.
  6. Red Bag Of Death Full !!!

    Love it Dino! good to hear. Im headed over for the weekend next weekend. Staying CIP, hopefully ill run into you. Nice job :thumbup:
  7. Help me find the tarpon!!!

    Do yourself a favor an take a short trip down to Bahia Honda. Put in at the park entrance on the north side of the bridge and idle over to the bridge. Crabs should be the bait of choice, but you can bring the mullet and herring. Just watch everyone for a half hour and anchor where they are. Drift back your bait and you'll get bites. Its about to be prime time for that fishery.
  8. Help me find the tarpon!!!

    Where are you staying?
  9. Key Largo Charter

    I've been put in charge of planning a fishing trip during a conference in Key Largo in September. Look like it will be a group of about 20 guys. Im more of a backcountry fisherman, but I'm thinking a half day reef trip to get 4-6 guys on each boat to keep costs down. Does anyone have any charter recommendations for insure or offshore? Any captains reading this who want to PM me I'm open to that too. thank you!
  10. chokoloskee tournament?

    I could be in, What are the measuring rule? 1 fish in each species? 2 fish for each species? Unlimited fish? Also, I wouldn't mind seeing tarpon taken off the list, or at least capped at 36" A lot of questions for someone who hasn't committed yet I know, but i'm just trying to confirm the details...