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    Have been fishing all my life. Lived in Florida twice. Dunedin and Rockledge. Back when reds were just a pest that got in the way of catching trout. Have passed the passion to my four sons. Two are certifiable. Got into fly fishing in college and fly tyi
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  1. oldsalt

    ? about my boat:21MA fuel cap?

    Ditto 62!
  2. oldsalt

    Pine Island fishing report

    Water around St. James and Sanibel is still a little stained from the run off, but clear north of Blind P***. Redfish have been tough for months. probably a result of too many cold fronts and fresh water chasing most of the bait away. Snook everywhere, trout (bigger) hanging around, Tarpon: Locals back in the Sound from their winter haunts, Migration is just beginning. White bait working back into the Sound along with Macks, cobia and shark. Starting to get some near shore king reports and a few Permit on the wrecks. Redfish bite should be on with the coming full moon. P*** crabs should show with next weeks full moon.
  3. oldsalt

    Good trolling motor and cranking batteries

    Two 31 agms from Deka, and a Stealth 1 ac/dc charging system. Power to spare!
  4. oldsalt

    2016 SWFL Owners Tournament

    Thanks, I am registered with the MA21 and three for fishing. Nice to have an OT that I could walk to :content:
  5. oldsalt

    2016 SWFL Owners Tournament

    Tried to register three adults and the order form shows "sale ended" for adult tickets. What's up...page says sale ends June 24th?
  6. oldsalt

    Sanibel/Pine Island water quality

    Right now, I would say Sanibel has it tough, between the river water discharge and the red tide. But, it will depend on how much rain we get in the next month. If it stays fairly dry it should be good. The Sound is gin clear and in good shape north of Redfish P***.
  7. oldsalt

    fishing pine island in feb.

    The bigger trout are usually better winter and spring. Big snook are summer time along the beaches and p***. Winter time they go off shore or up rivers and deeper canals, to protect themselves from cold water. Redfish, usually, a fall run of schools of bulls. They can show up anywhere, and leave as fast as they appeared, but there are certain areas that tend to hold some bigger fish all the time. Stop in at Old Pine Island Marine and Tackle in ST. James City when you get here and I will steer you in the right direction.
  8. oldsalt

    Nautical Steering Wheel Wraps?

    I like Rob's work. Beautiful stuff, didn't recommend, because he works for East Cape.
  9. oldsalt

    fishing pine island in feb.

    It will depend a lot on weather. If it has been cool before you get here, look for the larger trout in deeper holes around oyster and island points. Think snook, but you want to fish very, very slow. More like working a drop shot. I use a Rapala Sub Walk in a mullet color. Let it sink to the bottom or close, then twitch like a walk the dog. Try not to move it much each twitch. If your a bait guy, a shrimp on a jig head close to bottom works too. I don't target trout, but I catch a lot fishing for reds and snook in the winter. Schoolies will be in the deep gr*** flats 4-6 feet water.
  10. oldsalt

    Nautical Steering Wheel Wraps?

    Second Randy Worley at www.gslings.com Check him out, awesome wraps.
  11. oldsalt

    Prop advice for 21MA w/200sho

    I have the ofx4 19 on my 175HPDI. Love the lift and the bite. Jumps on plane without much squat and runs a wee bit shallower that the 21-3 blade. Thank you Marcus!!
  12. oldsalt

    Anyone have this on their maverick

    Does this happen when you are lightly loaded or more so with two or three people? I ask because I have the same issue, but some comes in where the deck drain goes through the hull. If you take the clam shell off you will see where the drain pipe meets the hull. Because the boat is always flexing the caulk around the pipe hull connection breaks down. When you get weight on one side or the other one of the drains is under water. Another source is the trim tab screws and on my MA21 the screws holding the trim tab covers. Every screw, bolt, fitting and plumbing fixture on the boat is a source of leaks. Multiple drip points add up, but a gallon a day is nothing spread over 40 sq ft of hull. PS: Shark Eyes can leak too!
  13. oldsalt

    New camera

    John, moving your photos is the easy part. As soon as I plug mine in and turn it(camera) on, the computer ask if I want to down load the photos. Or you can ask a neighbor kid to do it
  14. oldsalt

    2015 OT

    Capt. Rick Murphy said on the CFIFR show he was going to be attending this year. Now, which boat will he be bringing? Mav....Hewes....Pathfinder. I know he has an HPX and an old Hewes. Skip?
  15. oldsalt

    1997 18MA Livewell Pump(s)

    The originals had all the components stuck together with 5200. From the sea chest out. I originally started to change a broken pump. It happened to be the middle one. I couldn't undo the pump from the strainer. I finally got the pump to turn, but it wanted to unscrew from the sea chest. I had to bust the strainer basket off to turn the whole unit. That is when I decided to do them all. I salvaged one or two of the br*** pipes that came from the sea chest. I connected the new valve to the pipe, added a 3" piece of flex tube, connected the strainer, and another piece of tube, then the pump. I will try and dig up a picture. The flex was added to make it easier to replace parts. It had a positive unintended consequence of eliminating the noise/vibration through the hull. I can't hear them run unless I open the access hatch. It also allowed me to angle them away from each other. I put a couple of those oil pads under them to keep them off the hull. The new pumps are slightly longer than the old style and you may have to do the same to not run them into the transom.
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