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  1. Big Girls Were Hungry

    You are da man Capt. Don. Save some big girls for the rest of us.
  2. T-top canvas replacement solution

    Thanks everyone. I have Sunbrella and it leaks and i tried treating it with 303 fabric guard also and no luck. I will check into the Weblon anything is better then this. I was just hoping to find a thin strong material that the water would just run off like a starboard material but lighter.
  3. Question: has anyone replaced there t-top canvas with starboard or a similar material ? I am so tired of replacing the canvas and it leaking and dripping on me. Just looking for some kind of strong and light material that can handle the sun on it.
  4. Loose console help!!!

    Thanks everyone..
  5. Key Largo Mahi Mahi

    Awesome i was just at the Florida Bay Club for a week back in the last week of June. Got some nice Dolphin and lots of Snapper to feed the gang.. Good catch..
  6. PB Inlet 7/11

    Not yet Capt. Don but, as soon as my 2 oz weight hits bottom in the inlet if a big girl don't jump on it a poon will. I hope to be heading to Jupiter Friday if the weather man can ever get it right.. Lol
  7. Loose console help!!!

  8. Loose console help!!!

    I have access in the console not sure if i can reach the t-top leg to put a backing plate on to screw into. I can try longer screws just not sure how long to use. I was going to try and secure the console down on the inside with starboard and maybe use 5200 around the outside once its secure. Not sure if that's the best option and on this site theres always great opinions and other options.
  9. PB Inlet 7/11

    Sounds like a great day Capt Don.. The big girls are stacking up..
  10. Port Everglades Snook

    Here is just a picture of a Snook i caught on artifical Friday in the port.
  11. Loose console help!!!

    I was wondering if anyone has had this issue before and repaired it. I have a 2001 22ft pathfinder and my console is loose and 1 of my t-top legs. The screws in the console look like they are in on 2 of the 3 sides but the side of the console where the t-top leg is all 3 pulled away. The t-top leg screws all are loose and maybe i just need longer screws not sure. Any suggestions
  12. Gauge Readout Restoration

    Looks great going to do both of mine.
  13. Single axle vs dual axle

    Got my new trailer now went with the upgrade to dual axle with brakes. I am almost done with the compound, polishing and waxing to help with the oxidation removal. Also added new bluetooth stereo, rod holders, pop up cleats all around. Decals and a few more things left and i will be ready to get back in the game again. Looking alot better for a 2001 22ft Pathy..
  14. Single axle vs dual axle

    Thought about getting a repair quote first before i bite the bullet. I prefer a single but, thats only due to never having a dual axle under it. I have emailed Amera Trail not sure how much they are and Continental, Sea tech, Carribean and a few others but, i just need to jump and make a decision here soon.
  15. Single axle vs dual axle

    Great comments... I'm gonna try and find a dual axle with brakes since its the safe way to go.