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  1. HewesYourDaddy

    My stolen Pathfinder recovered

    I hate to say it, but I think there’s going to be quite a bit more boats on the insurance auction sites after Dorian.
  2. HewesYourDaddy

    Chime in if you carry a SAT Phone or why not

    I have a .45, a stick, and a string. The .45 keeps me safe, and the string/stick helps me make smoke signals to communicate over long distances. 😆
  3. HewesYourDaddy

    Pathfinder 2200v Prop washout

    Yep. I had the same problem after installing a new transducer. The transducer was too low in the water. I would have never believed it would have been the problem, but I discussed my issue with Marcus at PT and as soon as I told him I had replaced the old transducer, he told me the new one was most likely the problem. I went home and raised the transducer so I was creating less turbulence, tested out on the water, and BINGO! Back to normal.
  4. HewesYourDaddy

    2005 Hewes Redfisher for sale

    Price, year...? You're gonna need more specific.
  5. HewesYourDaddy

    Suzuki 140 vs 150

    I’m seeing 42-43 very lightly loaded. Hole shot with the 4 blade, 20inch pitch prop is incredible. Probably within a boat length to plane out.
  6. HewesYourDaddy

    Suzuki 140 vs 150

    I just repowered with a DF140a on my 19 Pathfinder. I replaced a Yamaha 130. Not much weight difference, MUCH better fuel economy that it’s almost unbelievable. I actually get 2-3mph more than the Yamaha.
  7. HewesYourDaddy

    2000 Pathfinder 1806- Fuel Tank Access

    B.O.A.T. - Break Out Another Thousand (dollars)
  8. HewesYourDaddy

    How similar are....

    I was just looking thru the boats for sale and after looking at a 21 MA and Pathfinder 2200 for sale, I began to wonder how similar their hulls are. The two in question were both 2006 models. Are they the same hull shape?
  9. HewesYourDaddy

    Where is that sound coming from?

    FishmanJJ is correct on what the issue is. Not a very expensive fix, but a necessary one. Get it done and then don’t worry about it ever again.
  10. HewesYourDaddy

    Where is that sound coming from?

    There is a common issue with the mid-2000 year f150s. They had a plastic gear of some sort that caused a squeaking noise. It was prone to fail and cause an engine to take a dump. I had a friend with the same engine and his began to squeak while we were out of town on a fishing trip. He had scheduled a maintenance service once we got back and I suggested he have them address the issue. He breathed a sigh of relief when they told him he had avoided a potentially catastrophic failure of his engine.
  11. HewesYourDaddy

    What did you do to your boat today?

    That looks great! I like the design of the new cowling on that engine. You've got a very clean looking rig.
  12. HewesYourDaddy

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Headed out for a family beach day with our fishing club.
  13. HewesYourDaddy

    02' 2200V Re-Power

    If its running great, run it until it no longer works unless you are just itching to get a new engine. Stash away a few $ every trip until it dies and THEN get a new engine.
  14. HewesYourDaddy


    That’s what I want to do. The only thing different is that I’ve got a 200A house-disconnect next to my meter. That is where I plan on putting the inlet plug (to the right of the single breaker panel).
  15. HewesYourDaddy

    2000 Pathfinder 1806- Fuel Tank Access

    And if there really is only one “pie plate” style hatch that is 3-4 inches away from your sending unit, the mechanic will have to cut the deck. It’s not a big issue. Have him replace it with a removable, rectangular access hatch big enough to access the sending unit. There are a few threads here about enlarging or swapping out pie-plate hatches with rectangular ones. Here ya go.... tap the arrow to open thread
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