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  1. LED trailer light info please

    Thank you!
  2. LED trailer light info please

    If you happen to know a part number, please let me know. I’ve searched their website and can find nothing. (Or I’m just an idiot).
  3. LED trailer light info please

    I’m going to replace my rectangular trailer lights with LED units. My question is - do any of you know of a brand that has a quick connect pigtail? My current set up has a water proof quick disconnect plug approx 2-3ft away from the brake light housing. I’m looking for these to make my life easier and not have to do a new heat shrink splice.
  4. I need these without......

    Does anyone know a source where I can acquire these 3”x4” plates WITHOUT the center hole?
  5. Sell or trade 2008 150hp Yamaha Vmax?

    JJ, I bet I still couldn’t hit 50mph with that motor on the back. The tunnel hull really keeps the speed down. Any increase in speed is good for me though, plus I love a VMAX!
  6. Sell or trade 2008 150hp Yamaha Vmax?

    Wouldn't mind having a 150 on my 1900T
  7. WTB Nylon strap with snap assembly

    Really..... I did not know that. Thanks for that info.
  8. i need a single nylon strap with a snap assembly on one end. Strap can be about 12 inches long. If someone can make one for me and PM a price to me, I would be grateful. I need one to keep my leaning post seat secure.
  9. ISO Pathfinder 17'/15' poling platform

    I’ve got a platform that I took off my 1900. Text me for pictures if you think it might work. I’ll cut you a great deal. 912 - four four one - one 2 0 1
  10. Fair deal on MA 21 with 4 stroke

    Holy cow! The guy wearing the Adidas track suit isn't worthy of owning a Maverick/Hewes/Pathfinder.....
  11. Looking for a 2000V..

    Would love to have a 150 VMAX on mine. I’m actually looking for for one (2 stroke) now.
  12. Looking for a 2000V..

  13. Engine/gearcase info help

    I may be repowering the boat in the near future. If I do, I would like to go up to max HP. I currently have a 2001 V4 Yamaha with Bob's Machine shop modified gear case (shallow water pickup, bypass hose, etc). My question is - what motors are compatible with my existing gear case? I will need to swap this one onto the next engine due to the tunnel hull. Here's a grainy pic of the current engine for reference (no gear case photo as of now).
  14. What did you do to your boat today?

    Delete. Moved.....
  15. New Redfisher 18 / Introduction

    Great color combo. You're gonna love that Hewes.