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  1. 1900v and 1900t Brochure - Check this out HYD

    Hey, Brad. Thanks for posting that up. After I posed that questions while back, I went thru all of the SETS of brochures that I got from the previous owner. Evidently, when they were at the dealer buying the boat, they took a brochure for one of each model. I actually have that literature and answered my own question!
  2. 1900 Tunnel Prop Question

    Upside down... really?
  3. 1900 Tunnel Prop Question

    Justfish, I probably read that here at some point. I have so many projects going on that I lose track sometimes. It may have been you that told me that in the past. I'll just leave it like it is. It's a great riding hull, I'll just have to live with the speed. I think either the name on the side or the color causes this thing to catch lots of fish. It's going in the water early tomorrow to see if we can have a repeat of last Saturday!
  4. 1900 Tunnel Prop Question

    Ok. I corrected my post. It's got a 17" pitch PowerTech, not a 19. It is a YM90PFS4R17P. Is there a 3 blade out there that would work with the tunnel hull and give me greater top end without blowing out?
  5. My 2008 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport **SOLD**!

    Deal breaker! Hahaha.
  6. Savannah Ga. trout / bass

    Dang, JJ. That looks like a great day! I'd like to make that ride over to Daufuski sometime. Hard to do when I'm within casting distance of the Crab Co. Great catch y'all had there.
  7. 1900 Tunnel Prop Question

    I'm running the standard Powertech 4 blade, 17p prop on my 1900 Tunnel. I'm seeing 40mph +/- when properly trimmed with full fuel and bait well, and 2 grown men in boat. I got into a discussion with another boater this past weekend who is running the same prop on the same engine, Yamaha 130, and seeing similar performance on his flats boat (yes, I know - different hulls). I started thinking about it after talking about hole shot and top end performance and wanted some expert opinions on Tunnel hulls. Is it possible to get better performance (top end) with a Powertech 3 blade prop and still have the tunnel hull perform acceptably at low speeds? I'm aware that I won't get the lifting properties of the 4 blade, but I primarily fish in deeper water and a stern lift and quick hole shot aren't as important to me as long as the boat functions with no ill effect.
  8. 1900 fuel capacity?

    Just wondering if the 1900 fuel cell was the same size as what was shown in the 1810 specs. 45 gallons?
  9. Kilkenny Tournament

    Captain’s meeting this Friday. 6-7pm @ Kilkenny marina. Hope to see some of you there!
  10. 1900v Seat Cushion to Starboard "How to"

    I'm doing great. I know a lot of guys really appreciate this write up. Thanks again!
  11. 1900v Seat Cushion to Starboard "How to"

    Great read! This is a realistic solution to those factory hatch lids.
  12. What were the turnbuckles used for?
  13. Minn Kota Talon 12' for sale

    Willing to ship? Asking this for anyone who is wondering. I would love to grab this thing, just not good timing right now for me. What is included? Helm remote?
  14. What did you do to your boat today?

    Let's move this back to the top now that we are starting to get back to some kind of normalcy after all of the hurricanes. Pioneer marine 6.5s came in and will be installing them while I wait on the head unit. I'm gonna have to install them farther back on the console than I wanted due to the onboard charger location on one side and the fuse block on the other side. Here's my best location I think. Feedback appreciated