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  1. HewesYourDaddy

    Suzuki SMIS info needed

    I was able to answer the question, finally. Thanks.
  2. HewesYourDaddy

    Suzuki SMIS info needed

  3. HewesYourDaddy

    Insurance for new boat

    I use Foremost. It was a little more expensive, but USAA stopped selling boat insurance (it was a GEICO policy), so I went with the Foremost policy sold thru my friend's independent insurance biz. Another friend had to make a claim with the same company, and the customer service and follow-up was incredible with Foremost.
  4. HewesYourDaddy

    Suzuki SMIS info needed

    There seems to be a range of answers for this question. Let me start with some background info..... I have a 2013 Suzuki DF140A with a interface cable that has version 3.5 software (correct version for my engine). I want to put an older type SMIS gauge on the boat (fits better than the newer square ones). I have been told that the V2.5 gauge will work with engine as long as I have the correct interface cable for my engine. I have also been told that it won’t. Any Suzuki experts on here that can give me a 100% definitive answer? The people telling me it will work say that the interface cable to engine is the deciding factor, and that the gauge just displays what the interface cable allows to pass thru it.
  5. HewesYourDaddy

    Anybody know what this is?

    Looks like he's doing more than "cruise" speed!
  6. HewesYourDaddy

    My stolen Pathfinder recovered

    I hope they allowed you to keep the knife. My parent's house was broken into once. The dirtbags only got caught because they tried to kill a gas station attendant during a robbery in Brunswick. One of the items they stole from the house was a watch that the Navy gave my dad for being the top aviator of the year. Even though he described the watch (during the initial investigation) and it had his initials on it, the Chatham County police (yes, I'm calling them out here) wouldn't let him have it back because it wasn't 100% identifiable to him. Glad to see the boat recovered, hope the perps get a good jail sentence, and hope this gives you some closure.
  7. I had a Rolls Axle under my Hewes. Incredible trailer. Never had a single maintenance issue with it. That included bearings and I owned it for almost 9yrs. Not many people around here have seen and all-aluminum Rolls, and when they saw mine, they were amazed at it. If you plan on submerging your trailer at a boat ramp, the Roll is the way to go. EVERYTHING on it is aluminum. The only "issue" I had was that it would float after the boat was off the trailer due to the larger tires I had on it, and lack of anything steel to hold it on the bottom. No biggie to me though. My plan was to have some custom lead blocks made to add weight when in the water.
  8. You got one heck of a deal! I kept coming back to this post and trying to work out how I could manage to buy this boat. Enjoy!
  9. HewesYourDaddy

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I ordered new shark-eye LED nav lights and a Suzuki SMIS engine interface cable. Hopefully the lights will go in later this week. I will wait to find a decent deal on a SMIS unit before I install the interface cable.
  10. HewesYourDaddy

    Trim Tabs

    PowerTech 4 blade on my 19 Pathfinder. I ran a Ballistic 3 blade on my 16 Bonefisher and it ran great. Gonna be trial and error to find exact prop that works for you.
  11. HewesYourDaddy

    Bad Elf GPS for inexpensive phone or tablet navigation

    You've already got and internal geo-location service on your smart phone or tablet (if you own one). I often use the MAP app (or whatever it's called on an iPhone or tablet) while fishing to look for new fishing spots. Just swap the screen view over to 'satellite' view and not only will it work as a real-time GPS, but you can zoom in extremely close to other spots and look for good locations. AND if the satellite took a picture of a good drop on a day when there was a boat fishing there, you've just been given a huge clue where to try to catch something.
  12. HewesYourDaddy

    Fishing Hilton Head Island

    I would try the May River. You could always run over to the mouth of the Savannah River. FishmanJJ can give you better ideas of where to fish.
  13. HewesYourDaddy

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Thinking about cleaning my bilge...... never mind. 😂
  14. HewesYourDaddy

    THIS is a sunrise

    Ron, I’ve seen several dead dolphins in Lazaretto Creek with prop gashes all the way down the dorsal side of their bodies. When I still lived on Wilmington Island, I would use the boat ramp at Lazaretto, and as we would idle out, the dolphins would come out of the water and lay on your gunwale and just stare at you, expecting a handout. This behavior required no action by anyone in the boat. The dolphins there are too accustomed to handouts in that area. When one of the big males pops out of the water and lays over the side of your boat, it will scare the CRAP out of you!!!!! Is Dr. Gillian still with the marine biology program at SSU?
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