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  1. Stainless pipe fittings

    Yeah I know, but someone posted a link to an online supply house that had what I needed and I could just order it.
  2. Stainless pipe fittings

    I brought this up a while back and now I've lost the link that someone posted. I'm looking for the stainless plates that are welded onto the legs of my old poling platform. They are the plates used to mount to the deck. I'm just going to put blank plates in the old mounting locations instead of having all of the fiberglass and non skid work done where the platform was mounted. Thanks
  3. HELP! What is happening with my new motor?

    That won't cause an issue at all. Just like mixing different octane rated gas won't cause an issue (unless the engine requires high octane only). Every person I know will mix ethanol/non ethanol at some point.
  4. 69F water today !

    Here we go again with temps dropping down to near freezing throughout the coming week!
  5. 69F water today !

    It was more of a beer holding platform than a sitting area.
  6. Georgia Coast

    Ron, you couldn't ask for a nicer bunch of people. I've been going to that marina since I was in the single digit age group. I'm now 47 and have known the Bacot's since that time. Very sad when Mr. Bob passed away. He was like a granddad to everyone who grew up down here. I grew up at one of the communities just before you enter the marina property. Back then, when there was only about 2500 people in this end of the county, a guy used to use Kilkenny Road as an airstrip and park his small twin engine plane near the entrance to marina. That would have been a neat picture for you to get!!
  7. 69F water today !

    Thanks, JJ. I never understood it either. Heck, my Bonefisher was too heavy to pole, in my opinion. When I found this 1900, I was on the fence about it because of the platform, but I always knew it could be removed. It bugged me from day one having it on there, but a lot of guys I know kept telling me to leave it on. After a few beers, I decided I was making an executive decision, and I took it off. It was like a breath of fresh air when I saw it without it. It is now much more fishable and no more fighting to get your line around the platform when fighting a big fish.
  8. Georgia Coast

    Trust me, Ron. I know all about those place. I live minutes away from Kilkenny Marina. A word of advice...... don’t used the ramp at Ft. Mac if you don’t have to. You have to back in entirely too far to get the boat off the trailer. If you’ve never used the ramp at Demeries Creek, I suggest trying it. Take Hwy 144 past Kilkenny Rd. Demeries Creek ramp is a mile and a half or so down on the right. There is a roadside sign at entrance to the facility. Much nicer ramp with steep entry. Your vehicle will never touch the water. You can run across the river to the Sunbury Crab Company for lunch and there are some great photo opportunities along the Medway River. I suggest Dickinson Creek. It has one of the prettiest, high bluffs in the area.
  9. 69F water today !

    JJ, we went yesterday also. Fished from the Ogeechee all the way out to McQueen's. Looooong day on the water. Had a total of 6 nice trout with the largest being 3.25lbs. Caught a good many shorts and lots of guys pulling in as many over sized reds as they care to catch. Fish are still here.
  10. Georgia Coast

    Saw an adult Bald Eagle in McQueen's Inlet yesterday. Where in RH did you put the boat in the water?
  11. Maverick Holy S#%T Craigslist Miami!

    Not a deal IMHO. I wouldn't even consider giving him half that price. I would venture to say that the boat is in far worse condition than the photo shows.
  12. THIS is a sunrise

    ALMOST a sunrise. But look at that shy Yamaha playing peekaboo with me from behind the gas pump......
  13. What did you do to your boat today?

    Do the lids stay up until you want to close them? Part number?
  14. Bimini Dimensions

    I'm in the Savannah, GA area. It is red to match my hull color.