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  1. Best Battery Charger?

    Good choice ! I've had my Dual Pro charger (original equipment) for 11 years without a hitch, don't even know it's there. Works flawlessly.
  2. Need Embroidery

    My upholstery shop couldn't do it because the logos are protected by copyright laws, supposedly.
  3. Pathfinder 2200 TRS

    Why would you post something that's over a year old
  4. 2015 PathFinder 23hps fuel gauge not accurate

    GFS 10 Garmin fuel sensor. The GFS 10 tracks fuel flow use and sends the data to your chartplotter via the Garmin CANet or NMEA 2000.This is a very accurate system for fuel consumption along with other useful data for fuel economy. I'm not sure but I think it can only be used on Yamaha engines 2007 or newer.
  5. Reupholstered cushion

    The PF logo is from the old upholstery. They cut it out and restitched into the new upholstery. She said that the logo is protected by copyright, but she is going to ask MBC for permission to reproduce it for the future.
  6. Reupholstered cushion

    FYI Just had my leaning post seat reupholstered and thought I'd share the results. It came out as good as new, foam, marine vinyl, and piping to match the original.
  7. Xi5 motor guide or power pole????

    Can't comment on MG since I have the Ulterra, but I will say that since I got the Ulterra I have not deployed my power pole once. The anchor mode keeps me exactly where I want to be and works great for my shallow water fishing.
  8. Replacement canvas- Birdsall

    Openings for fishing rods ?
  9. Porpoising and corner blowout

    I have the same exact boat and motor F150TLR and this is the correct motor for this boat. I do get porposing occasionally and will use the tabs to correct, but no cavitation .
  10. Gelcoat Repair

    Spectrum is the best, they have specific colors for Pathfinder. This is a fairly straight forward repair. Just grind minimally, apply Spectrum repair paste (no slumping or dripping) and overfill the cavity, then go through progression wet sanding, polish and voila ! If after grinding the repair is to deep for just gelcoat repair, then do as RacerxV6 describes using Spectrum as your final layer
  11. LENCO tabs LED switch conversion questions

    It's pretty easy mine was just plug and play using existing wires. I like the auto retract feature. when I reach my fishing area I cut the engine and deploy the Ulterra , about 50 feet fro my spot so as not to scare fish with the retractor noise. No problem still catch same amount of reds. I chose to incorporate the LED switch into my instrument panel where the old switch was. See image below
  12. Learn from my mistakes - Insurance Learnings

    Just FYI, my engine (F150), and my trailer (Ameritrail) were both stolen, and Progressive handled the claims professionally, very easy to work with, and covered both with full replacement value within a week from both incidents. I would highly recommend Progressive for boat insurance.
  13. Boat lift with remote control

    I use Gem remotes also and in addition to all the advantages of remote and automatic stop, after launching my boat i hit the up button on my remote so the lift raises to the automatic stop position and is not in the water for the day while I'm out in my boat. Don't know if it really matters but i feel better about it not being in the water all day.
  14. My 2008 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport **SOLD**!

    I see it is a V6 how about 4WD ?
  15. My 2008 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport **SOLD**!

    Is this the access cab with jump seats, and also is it a v6 ?