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  1. LENCO tabs LED switch conversion questions

    It's pretty easy mine was just plug and play using existing wires. I like the auto retract feature. when I reach my fishing area I cut the engine and deploy the Ulterra , about 50 feet fro my spot so as not to scare fish with the retractor noise. No problem still catch same amount of reds. I chose to incorporate the LED switch into my instrument panel where the old switch was. See image below
  2. Learn from my mistakes - Insurance Learnings

    Just FYI, my engine (F150), and my trailer (Ameritrail) were both stolen, and Progressive handled the claims professionally, very easy to work with, and covered both with full replacement value within a week from both incidents. I would highly recommend Progressive for boat insurance.
  3. Boat lift with remote control

    I use Gem remotes also and in addition to all the advantages of remote and automatic stop, after launching my boat i hit the up button on my remote so the lift raises to the automatic stop position and is not in the water for the day while I'm out in my boat. Don't know if it really matters but i feel better about it not being in the water all day.
  4. My 2008 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport **SOLD**!

    I see it is a V6 how about 4WD ?
  5. My 2008 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport **SOLD**!

    Is this the access cab with jump seats, and also is it a v6 ?
  6. Bilge Pump

    thanks guys I was thinking Attwood Sahara so that's my next bilge pump
  7. Bilge Pump

    About to replace my fourth bilge pump (Rule automatic 1100GPH) and am wondering what people have found to be the most reliable bilge pump. Some of the problems I've had with these automatic pumps are : never shutting off, only working manually, etc, I realize that they have an electronic sensor to determine liquid height and the sensor constantly cycles off and on. Are the float switch pumps more reliable and durable or am I just destined to buy a new bilge pump every couple of years ?
  8. RATS

    My boat was left unattended for a few months, covered and on a lift. When I returned rats had invaded beneath the cover, chewed the leaning post seat, and my seadek pad. is there anything that can be done to discourage a return of these PESTS !!
  9. t-top or Bimini top

    I've had a T-Top on my 2007 22' Pathfinder from day one and I've never looked back. It hasn't been a problem casting either spinning or fly. Maybe I've learned to compensate for the perceived problems. Having said that it won't give as much shade as a bimini, and it is permanent so if you have to go under low lying bridges it could be a problem depending on the tide. It will limit where you park your boat (garage,etc) but my boat is on a lift so not an issue. The only thing I would change if I were to do it over again is get a fiberglass top because the canvas tops do wear and eventually leak an have to be replaced. If you can afford it the T-Top will give you years of trouble free service.
  10. Battling Humidty in Florida-Help

    Try this, they come in different sizes for most applications : Dri-MA-1-125-Moisture-Absorber-Disposable on Amazon
  11. Boat Cover Recommendations

    Try this site, they are a little pricy, but make a fabulous boat cover. Check out the installation video on YouTube https://www.ttopcovers.com/
  12. Fishing tackle storage under leaning post

    Thanks guys. Awall, I'm in Beaufort and the helm pad was from Seadek , they will put any logo on it that you want.The tackle station wasn't all that difficult . I measured the area, drew a plan including each piece of starboard, cut and screwed together. If I were to do it again I would use drawer slides instead of the grooves on the side of the drawer that fit into a bar of starboard. Not a smooth gliding drawer. Believe me if I can do it, anybody can do it.
  13. Fishing tackle storage under leaning post

    Made this from starboard. Bolted to legs of helm seat. It works for me
  14. Dock to boat lift boarding

    This extension is part of the dock floor. It is great for boarding the boat , however you can't raise the lift higher than the extension. It hasn't been a problem so far , even after hurricane Matthew where the tide and wind was extremely high. If I were to build it over again I would do the same thing.
  15. Ulterra Heading Sensor

    Mine is mounted on the top shelf of the center console behind the windshield. Works perfectly, spot lock is spot on !