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  1. Hi guys, its been a long time since Ive been on the forum. I had to part ways with my 2200V after a divorce, blah blah blah... Anyways... I am organizing a charity tournament for a single mom that was diagnosed with breast cancer that metastasized to her spine. She underwent alternative treatments and is currently cancer free but is still taking supplements and seeing specialists monthly, Her supplements alone are around $1500 a month. I have organized this tournament for the last 9 years for local charity causes and was approached earlier this year to make Shannon the benefactor. The tournament is out of Berts Bar and Grill in Matlacha and will be held on October 13th, the Captains Meeting will be on the 12th at Berts Bar as well. More information can be found on our Facebook Page @bertsredfishchallenge and on our website (currently down for updating and maintenance, should be back up soon) www.bertsredfishchallenge.com. We are also in need of donations for the auction and raffle if anyone would like to help us out. contact email is bertsredfishchallenge@hotmail.com or you can call me (Jason) at 239-349-1129.
  2. 8th Annual Berts Redfish Challenge

    8th Annual Bert's Redfish Challenge $300.00 entry fee for Team of 4 / $50 for additional anglers 1st Place - $2,000 2nd Place - $1,000 3rd Place - $500 Charity Tournament for Pine Island FISH Location: Berts Bar and Grill Matlacha, FL www.bertsredfishchallenge.com for more info Tournament Director - Jason Snyder 239-349-1129 We are in need of auction and raffle items. COntact Jason if you are interested in donating.
  3. 2004 VMax starts and stalls

    The mechanic is going to check the fuel pressure, siphon valve is on order, I am going to replace the fuel line while I am at it to...
  4. 2004 VMax starts and stalls

    Here's an update.., I replaced both low pressure fuel pumps and it runs way better. It idles smooth and runs longer than it previously did so that was definitely part of the problem. However, it still stalls after a few minutes of idling and I have to pump the bulb to get it to restart (It wouldn't start unless the throttle was engaged before) . I chanced it and took it for a test run and it got up on plane but stalled out after a few seconds. My next guess is the pickup and line from the tank to the bulb.I have recruited a mechanic to give me a hand in his spare time as well... I will hopefully have a final solution to post soon. Hopefully it will help someone else out as well! Thank you for the link Hamfisted!!
  5. 2004 VMax starts and stalls

    Well, I finally got to tinker a bit. Been working 70-100 hours a week, bleh!! I replaced the primer bulb and the issue hasnt changed. My next step is the low pressure fuel pump(s). Does anyone have a link to a video or a picture or two that may be of assistance, I will check out the fuel lines as well. as always, thanks for the tips!!
  6. 2004 VMax starts and stalls

    I haven't had a chance to work on it. Work got crazy all of a sudden. Oil tank was good, no alarms sounding. I replaced all the filters and will be replacing the primer bulb as soon as I can get to it, planning on Saturday! I will get a hold of a fuel pressure gauge as well. This forum is still awesome!! I haven't been on in a long while and you guys came out of the woodwork to help me out! Thanks to all!! I will post an update as I work through all of the suggestions...
  7. 2004 VMax starts and stalls

    That was my first thought. I was unaware that there are 2 of them though. I will have to google a yamaha fuel system schematic...
  8. 2004 VMax starts and stalls

    Its definitely fuel delivery. It wont start at all unless I have it throttled up and once it starts running it dies shortly after. I use Rec 90 and I replaced the filters (first thing I did). I too usually start with the most complicated expensive thing to find out it was something simple. That is why I turned to the forum before I went all crazy with changing out pumps. I would think spun prop if it didn't have the running issue and it was a very rough 4800 RPM... The bulb is pretty old so maybe I should start there. Thanks for all the replies, keep the ideas coming!!
  9. Cleaning Pathfinder

    I use Chlorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach (blue bottle) and a scrub brush. I use it sparingly and it gets the job done. For rust and random stains that the cleaner wont get out I use On/Off. After I use a wax and dry spray and towel to spread it while I dry it. The wax makes it a little slick but easier to clean the next time!
  10. 2004 VMax starts and stalls

    Hello all, I took my ride out for a rip a few weeks ago and it ran great until I slowed to turn around. It stalled and would not restart. Thinking it may have some water in the gas because it sat for a little while, I drained the VST and the clear bowl on the side of the engine. I pumped the bulb and it started and ran for about a minute. I unscrewed the VST drain plug and nothing came out. After sitting in the harbor for an hour messing with it I decided to try starting it with the throttle engaged. It fired up and ran very rough. At full throttle it moved at idle speed. I assume running it at 4800 RPM and bareley moving wasnt good for it but I made it back to the dock. I tinkered with it a little and it seems that the mechanical fuel pump may need to be replaced. I pump the bulb and it will start and eventually stall. The VST is dry and when I pump the bulb, fuel spurts out of the VST drain. Am I correct in my assumption that the mechanical fuel pump is toast? Thanks in advance for any input!
  11. Hello all. It has been a long time since I have been on this forum. I am still the proud owner of a Pathfinder 2200V just havent been on the computer much... anyways, I am putting together my annual charity fishing tournament out of Berts Bar in Matlacha. This will by its 8th year!! This year we will be fishing for the heaviest combined weight of 2 legal redfish that are released live and well. The date of the tourney is October 15th with a Captains meeting held on the evening of the 14th at Berts Bar and Grill. We are also looking for donations for our auction and raffle if anyone is interested in helping us out!! I am in the process of setting up the website so you will be able to get more details and see pictures of previous events.check us out at bertsredfishchallenge.com. It should be up and running in the next week or so. Happy fishing and tight lines! Jason
  12. I am putting together a Trout Tourney out of Miceli's in Matlacha, FL on May 12th for any who is interested (May 11th Capt. Meeting). The entry fee is $350 per boat and payouts are 1st - $3000, 2nd - $2000, 3rd - $1000 and 13th - $350. (total length of 3 trout)It is a charity tournament benefiting a local ladies organization called the Matlacha Hookers. They help raise money for the local elementary school and provide scholorships to high school students for college. Registration forms are available at all the local tackle shops or email me at teamwastedseamen@yahoo.com and I can get one to you. We are also going to have a huge raffle and silent auction the day of the tourney (May 12th). I am also accepting donations for the raffle and silent auction if annyone has anything they would like to part with!!
  13. 30 days - Daily Shoot Thread

    Sounds like agreat idea! im going to have to read the book for my camera again and try to retain what all the settings do, this would probaly help with that. might not be able to post everyday though...
  14. Sunrise over the Neuse River

    Very Nice!
  15. Sunsets

    Here is a sunrise...