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  1. Front Console Cooler Size - Pathfinder 20

    Agree with above, 50
  2. I think it was 03. My 05 is rated for 250.
  3. New Cooler for CC

    I have a Yeti Tundra 50 with sea deck and a removable cushion with snaps.
  4. Master Angler Production

    Just curious, how does the classic Pathfinder 2200v hull differ from the 21 MA hull? How would you compare the two rides?
  5. Trailer Setup Advice

    My Ameritrail does the same thing on very steep ramps. I don't think what you are experiencing is that uncommon.
  6. Checking in on our Florida Members

    Best to Florida residents. There's been little coverage of the after effect on the Keys. How did the Keys do?
  7. Broken hatch - Replace or is it an easy fix

    The hatches are made out of a composite material but can be repaired by a good glass guy. I had the same damage in SoCal's second photo repaired several years ago and it has held up great.
  8. Trailer grease black??

    A stuck caliper can cause one (or more) brakes to drag and overheat. Feel your hubs after trailering, they should all be cool/slightly warm to the touch.
  9. Yamaha 2005 VMAX Carbed Troubleshooting

    Ordered new white plastic linkage, $18 on Ebay. Temporary fix below. I set the arm so it is about a 1/16" above the stop with the motor in neutral. This is slightly "richer" than factory recommends. I'll see how the boat runs and adjust if needed.
  10. Yamaha 2005 VMAX Carbed Troubleshooting

    I think you nailed it. Thanks
  11. Yamaha 2005 VMAX Carbed Troubleshooting

    Three symptoms I've noticed in the last week or so. This is a carbureted 2 stroke motor. (Not HPDI). I've owned the boat and motor for13 years 1. Excessive increase in blue smoke when starting, cold or warm. 2.Very noticeable increase in oil consumption. 3.Oil reservoir on motor is at or slightly over the full line. Motor has about 1000 hours on it and has been completely trouble free. Motor runs great but I'm also noticing a slight vibration in the mid-rpm range. (This could be in my head.) Any ideas? Thanks
  12. Is a F150 Enough power for a 2200 Pathfinder

    Great to know thanks! I'd gain about 80 pounds net. I'd move my 2 cranking batteries from the starboard side rear to under the center console to help compensate.
  13. Is a F150 Enough power for a 2200 Pathfinder

    My current motor weighs 418 #'s
  14. Is a F150 Enough power for a 2200 Pathfinder

    Tall Tails, Did you notice any difference in the balance of your 2200v when you repowered to the heavier 225 sho? Thanks