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  1. gamecock

    3 Prong Plug In Connector Replacement?

    Anybody know what size wire that is from the bilge?
  2. gamecock

    3 Prong Plug In Connector Replacement?

    Yeah I thought about that too.
  3. gamecock

    3 Prong Plug In Connector Replacement?

    Thanks. I would have never found that.
  4. I have a 2005 2000V pathfinder. I noticed a few weeks ago that my automatic float on the bilge wasn't working. The switch will turn it on and off but the float switch didn't come on with water in the hull. I already corrected the water issue and started troubleshooting the float switch issue on saturday. The wiring from the bilge comes up into a bundle directly below the hatch access. I traced it out to a brown, three prong, plug in, waterproof connector. When i opened the connector the float switch prong was corroded and broken off. I assume that's where my issue is. Where can i find a replacement plug in connector? I did an internet search and haven't find anything that looks reliable yet. Any ideas?
  5. gamecock


    I have a 2005 20' pathfinder and I'm looking for a cover. At a minimum I need a new cover for my console but I may get a complete cover. Previous owner installed a taller windshield so it would need to accommodate that. Where is the best place to order a cover?
  6. gamecock

    Live well plug

    Yep I see them. Thanks. I knew I've seen them somewhere but couldn't remember where.
  7. gamecock

    Live well plug

    Fished today with the family and somehow managed to lose one of the plugs for the live well. It's the black rubber plug with the loop at the top. I think my boys misplaced it when they were catching the leftover bait to turn loose. Probably blew out. Either way, where can I buy a replacement?
  8. gamecock

    Trolling Motor Plug

    I hate the marine co plugs. I went through several that died from corrosion and heat issues and won't ever go that route again. I put a battery tender on my small boat this past time and haven't had an issue since. I know you said that won't work but I'd try every way possible because they're great plugs. My pathfinder has a marine co plug and it's only a matter of time before I replace it with a battery tender also.
  9. gamecock

    2014 2300 HPS With 2015 250 SHO

    Just curious but what did he like about the 24 that he didn't like about that one? I've fished a 24 a couple times and loved it but I've never been on a 23 hps.
  10. gamecock

    20' pathfinder prop

    I'm interested in thoughts on re-propping my pathfinder. I have a 2005 20' pathfinder with a f 150 Yamaha four stroke and an Atlas Jack plate. I get good top end out of it but hole shot is weak and it slides some in turns. It's pitiful with a full bait well or live well. The only marking on the prop says 21-M. Any suggestions on a better prop for better hole shot? Would a four blade help?
  11. gamecock

    2200 TRS trolling motor selection

    What thrust is your 24V? I have a 70 lb 24V on my 20'. Here in SC it's good on a small tide and little wind but if the wind is blowing or if we have a 6.5+ foot tide 70lbs is not enough. I don't want to have to add a 3rd battery but I'm also not sure it's worth it to bump up to an 80lb 24V. Any thoughts?
  12. gamecock

    Dual Batteries help

    OK I bought a 20' pathfinder from a forum member back in July and I still haven't figured out the wiring yet. It has two trolling motor batteries under the console and one other battery in the console plus a fourth battery in the back bin. The onboard charger is connected to all three batteries under the console. When I charge the batteries I normally leave the switch in the off position. Is that the correct way to do it? Also what position should the switch be in when running? 1, 2 or both? My electronics in my console have started freezing up when I crank the boat, I ***ume because of low voltage. The boat also struggled to crank and sounded like a weak battery after we had been on the water all day and shut the boat down and cranked back up. Not sure if it's a battery going bad or because it's not getting charged properly. I plan to tear into it tonight and see what I can figure out but I wanted to run it by you guys in case anybody had any brilliant ideas.