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  1. Trim Tab Replacement

    Not sure about the Bayfisher but have replaced both tabs on the MA and it is tough but doable. On mine, there was an inch or two of space between the rear compartment and the inside of the transom. Best bet is to pull the new cable through by using the old cable, or, push the new wire in through the transom and when you get a couple of feet of it shoved in you can find the end by hand or by fishing around with a coat hanger. Second way may be more than three beers but eventually the cable will fall in the right direction and be reachable.
  2. Snaps over a lip on the switch... similar to how a plastic lid fits on a paper soda cup.
  3. They tend to melt once in a while. Acetone will clean up the goo. Available at many place including Amazon, boats.net, eBay, etc....here at Sim yamaha. https://www.simyamaha.com/Yamaha_O_M_Key_Rubber_Cap_p/6k1-82532-00-00.htm
  4. Delivery Day

    Funky Monkey, any plans to make a PRO3 for larger gearcases? Yami F150 size. I'm looking for a replacement for my Yamaha pro 21m which is getting a little worn.
  5. Delivery Day

    What we're you guys running these on? My Yami pro is getting a little worn and this PRO3 might be a good option if they are priced better than the Yami version and will fit a f150 gearcase.
  6. Flip up anchor light repair

    This, mine also good for the last 8 years.
  7. Hewes Detachable Transom Ladder

    One option. Solves the storage issue.
  8. Simrad vs all the rest

    Simrad NSS on my Master Angler. Absolute best selling feature on the NSS and Evo series Simrads is the rotary knob at the top tight of the machine. With one hand braced on the corner of the machine you can zoom in out, scoll through menus and select any function using the knob and the few buttons around it. So much better than trying to use a touch screen when running.
  9. 18.5" Master Angler Livewell Question

    Seachoice 546 LED light. https://www.amazon.com/Seachoice-Led-Baitwell-Courtesy-Light-Sm/dp/B0051507XE
  10. What did you do to your boat today?

    Gofree broadcasts your simrad's screen over WiFi so you can see it on a phone or tablet running the gofree ap. On Apple devices you can control your Simrad from your device.
  11. Have it anodized black.
  12. Is one battery enough?

    One battery is enough. I've run GPS fish finder and livewell all for many hours on a group 34 battery and the motor starts fine as long as the battery is in good condition. With one battery and going off shore or in a remote area, a portable jump starter would give you peace of mind. If you add a trolling motor you'll also add 1 or 2 more batteries dedicated to the troller. So a pair of jumper cables or at least a wrench to swap batteries is a good idea in case your starting battery dies. You shouldn't need to charge your starting battery at all if you run the motor every few weeks. Turn the battery switch off when not in use. Enjoy the new RF!
  13. Front Console Cooler Size - Pathfinder 20

    Get the 50. No tiedowns needed. You'll appreciate the taller height when you set it on the front or rear deck and use it as a seat or casting platform.
  14. Cooler Tie Down Question

    Yes it was for cooler tiedowns. Bamaskeet is correct except not a Kennedy product, formerly a Southco product but now only available from Onmar. Their part number is M7-45-9314631. Listed under their Bimini hardware section. About $12 each. Shipping defaults to express but if you change it to ground it's much cheaper, about 10 or 15 dollars if I remember correctly.
  15. Anyone build rods?

    Have used several of the spin jig blanks from MHX. 781, 841, and a couple of 842s. All are excellent.