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  1. Ignition Switch Replacement

    Google part number... 6K1-82532-00-00
  2. Ignition Switch Replacement

    You can clean the goo out of the key hole with acetone. Saves having to buy a new switch. I now replace the rubber cap every couple of years before it degrades.
  3. Wiring a GPS/sonar unit and running transducer cable

    You will have 12 volt house battery power supplied to your switch panel. Take power from there. Connect the ground to the ground buss terminal block. Adding an additional fuse block is convenient if you are adding multiple accessories. Google "blue seas 5025".
  4. Wiring a GPS/sonar unit and running transducer cable

    Re: fishing the transducer cable...I had better luck pushing the fish tape from the console to the aft, then taping the transducer to the tape and pulling it forward. Even then it took a lot of frustrating tries, then all of the sudden it popped through no problem. Keep trying.
  5. 3-way Watertight wire connections?

    16 awg is plenty. Also, bestboatwire.com is the same store as genuinedealz, but they have different pricing and shipping cost. Depending on what and how much you are buying, one of them will be cheaper.
  6. 3-way Watertight wire connections?

    Strip about 3/4" of insulation off of the main wire where you want the side marker wire to tee into it. Strip about an inch off the end of the side marker wire and spiral wrap it around the stripped main wire. Solder them, clean with alcohol, coat with liquid electrical tape, and cover with one or two layers of hot melt lined heatshrink. I rewired my trailer with 16 ga tinned wire, dedicated ground wires, and LEDs about 5 years ago and haven't had a hiccup yet. Lights work every time.
  7. Seastar Maintenance

    Yeah, the flush is the same as the bleed. Just run a quart or two though until it comes out clean.
  8. Seastar Maintenance

    The Seastar manual (on their website) outlines maintenance which includes an annual greasing of the rod ends and linkage and checking the fluid for contamination. I generally flush and regrease about once a year. Very easy job and takes about a half hour at most. To do the flush you'll need a helper to man the helm and the hose/fitting assembly to add fluid to the helm. The hose assembly can be purchased from Seastar or made with a few cheap parts from a hardware store.
  9. Ripping on my Maverick HPX - Sick Video

    Very cool. I like the view from the back end of the pushpole.
  10. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    Walt and Erica are in... reservations made. ...11 long months and counting.
  11. MA18 cable length?

    Time for new throttle and shift cables. Anyone know what length is needed for a 2005 18 Master Angler? Thanks
  12. Hewes 18 vs maverick

    Since the OP said he'd be running shallow creeks, what's the real world difference in running depth of a MA18 vs a HPX18? I've only spent one day on a guides HPX but it sure seemed to be able to run across shallow areas that I wouldn't try with my MA. At reasonable speeds that is. Both can run shallow at max speed but at normal speeds, say 30 mph, I'm sure the MA runs lower in the water than a lighter HPX.
  13. master angler gel coat

    You can buy gelcoat patch paste kits from Spectrum Color or Minicraft of Florida in oyster white.
  14. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    Missing the MOT for sure. Would have been a lot easier to get up this AM if I was making a run to the backcountry rather than headed to work.