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  1. wthree3

    Master Angler Questions

    Some of the MAs have taller consoles. Mine is perfect for either sitting or standing. I stand most of the time when running. Pic is my 6' tall son driving my MA 18.
  2. wthree3

    Casting platform/cooler

    I use a yeti 50. The 50's dimensions are more cube-like. Not too wide so it fits in front of the console and tall so it makes a good sitting or standing platform on the front deck.
  3. wthree3

    Banana River area

    North Indian, haulover canal, and mosquito lagoon areas are still pretty low visibility. Fished yesterday farther south between the Titusville (406) bridge and NASA causeway. Water there was better, about 6 feet of visibility. Saw several schools of black drum but not a single red. A few dink trout here and there.
  4. wthree3

    Banana River area

    Ran from Titusville to Edgewater today. Water is still a nasty shade.of brown everywhere. Visibility was about one foot most places. Decent amount of bait in the water but no takers in the few places we stopped to fish. However, the fish sandwich at JB's was delicious and the weather was perfect.
  5. wthree3

    Minn Kota i-Pilot Terrova Install Questions

    More specifically, the puck is neccesary for jogging the boat in the correct direction when spot lock is engaged. When the puck is installed the orientation or the boat is known. So that when you tell it to jog left, right, forward, or back, it knows which direction that is relative to the boat orientation. Mine is mounted on a shelf in the console.
  6. wthree3

    Master Angler 18 with F150 suggestions

    A Yamaha 21 pitch Pro series 3 blade is a great all around prop for that combo. Decent hole shot, great top end. Very efficient mid-range. Been running one for almost 10 years. They are pricey and tough to find. Powertech hinted at a Pro3 version of their own last year but I haven't seen anything about it since. They have one for the k gearcase but not the f150 gearcase.
  7. wthree3

    2019 Keys MOT at The Breezy Palms

    Have you tried Kon Tiki. Their website shows availability.
  8. wthree3

    Where is that sound coming from?

    Bad balancer is a whining noise. Dry drive shaft bushing is a squeaky / chirping sound. Latter is not a big deal. Just needs a little grease when you drop the lower unit.
  9. wthree3


    It was a Goodyear Marathon which have always had a bad reputation. I've been looking at my replacement options and it's beteeen the Goodyear Endurance and the Maxxis M8008. The Endurance seems to be well liked; I haven't found any negative reviews. They are widely available and rated for higher speeds than the Maxxis. Have been running the Maxxis on my road wheels for about 4 years with no issues. Both are available in a D load rating but not sure I want to jump up from a C to a D since I don't need the extra capacity.
  10. wthree3

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Replaced the timing belt on the Yamaha F150. Pretty easy and straight forward. Hardest part was holding the flywheel stationary while tightening the puller and retorquing the nut. After breaking a store bought flywheel holder I made my own and things went smoothly after that. Old belt was 14 years old and had 640 hours on it. Looked to be in good shape but after seeing the new one the rubber on the old one was definitely a little more hardened and dry compared with new. Should be good for another 10+ years.
  11. wthree3


    Was working on the boat today and noticed my spare not looking too good. It's never touched the road but is a little over 7 years old per the date code. Good reminder to replace those tires at 5 years regardless of wear.
  12. wthree3

    Throttle cable or shift cable?

    Did it start giving you trouble after you removed and installed your lower unit? If the splined shift shaft on the lower unit is not lined up just right when you install the lower unit it will bind. You can disconnect the cables at the motor and actuate the remote control to see if the cables are binding. Or shift the motor by moving the linkage where the cable was connected to determine if the shift linkage is binding. If the linkage is binding drop your lower unit. It stops binding when the lower unit is is removed it is likely that your shift shaft was not lined up. Mine would bind when I tightened the lower unit bolts the last 1/8 of an inch. Took a few tries to get the shaft line up but when it does the lower slides into place and shifting was effortless. Took me six months, new cables, and a remote control to figure that one out.
  13. wthree3

    Gasket material

    Fits like the original gaskets; no glue.
  14. wthree3

    Cast Net Bag

    I use a dry bag. Doesn't have a hard bottom but works great. Roll top buckle makes a good carry handle. Soft bag conforms to any compartment without scuffing any surfaces. Walmart has them in their camping department in various sizes. Heavy clear plastic. Less than ten bucks.
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