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  1. Gasket material

    Not sure I understand what you mean by half bulb. It is style C. A hollow bulb, almost round. The top of the grip channel forms the bottom of the bulb.
  2. Yep..it’s in full mode

    Acres of mullet moving along Canaveral bight today. Plenty of big jacks and blues and a few sharks. Only saw one tarpon. Freelined fingerling didn't last long when tossed along the shoreline.
  3. Gasket material

    https://www.mcmaster.com/catalog/124/3591 Just replaced seals in three hatches. This part number fit perfectly and provides the right loft to support the hatches. It's the coextruded type; the bulb is molded to the channel so it will not separate. McMaster Carr 12335a15
  4. She followed me home...

    Welcome to the cult! If the tabs are in recessed pockets, I think the top brackets need to be unbolted to remove the pin. I'd check the switch and wiring first, especially if both are dead. Re batteries, I like the top tier AGMs such as Odessey or Northstar or Power x2 from Batteries Plus which is a rebadged Northstar. They last about 8 years or more and usually die slowly with plenty of warning. Also no outgassing to corrode terminals or nearby hardware. Enjoy the new ride.
  5. MA question

    Interesting. Never knew that the late model 17 had a different cap layout than the 18.5. Always assumed it was just a shortened 18. Just pulled out my old brochure and it confirms they are different.
  6. MA question

    To all of the MA historians... This MA posted on another forum. Claimed to be a 2007 17'. Chrome rub rail and nav lights on the console say late model; deck layout says much earilier. What do you think it is? Early model that was refurbished? What was the last year for 17s. https://forums.floridasportsman.com/discussion/262820/2007-maverick-master-angler
  7. Hatch seal dimensions

    Stood on the boat, or a ladder, so that I could let the seal hang straight down. Let gravity and some jiggling help push the backer rod through. Wasn't too hard as I recall.
  8. Hatch seal dimensions

    Example part number 1120a322
  9. Hatch seal dimensions

    A couple thing to consider before ordering. I replaced some of my seals a few years ago on my Master Angler and used type A from McMaster. Although the advertised dimensions matched the original seals, I found that the compressed height was not thick enough. The thickness of the top of the channel plus two times the bulb wall thickness was less than the original seal compressed height. Therefore it did not support the hatch lids at the correct height. Fixed it by putting foam backer rod inside the bulb which gave it enough compressed height to work. Also, in McMaster, notice that type A and others have an EDPM foam bulb and a vinyl rubber grip; two different materials. In my experience the bulb and the grip tend to separate anytime someone leans or pushes slightly on the seal. I am constantly super gluing sections of bulb to the grip. My original seals, and some of the other types listed in McMaster, have an EDPM bulb and grip. They are co-extruded so the bulb and grip will not separate. The top of the grip channel on the co-extruded types seem to be thicker which increases the compressed height. I've looked off and on over the years and still haven't found a seal as good as the originals.
  10. LED trailer light info please

    Some of the Optronics lights have quick connectors.
  11. Trim Tab Replacement

    Not sure about the Bayfisher but have replaced both tabs on the MA and it is tough but doable. On mine, there was an inch or two of space between the rear compartment and the inside of the transom. Best bet is to pull the new cable through by using the old cable, or, push the new wire in through the transom and when you get a couple of feet of it shoved in you can find the end by hand or by fishing around with a coat hanger. Second way may be more than three beers but eventually the cable will fall in the right direction and be reachable.
  12. Snaps over a lip on the switch... similar to how a plastic lid fits on a paper soda cup.
  13. They tend to melt once in a while. Acetone will clean up the goo. Available at many place including Amazon, boats.net, eBay, etc....here at Sim yamaha. https://www.simyamaha.com/Yamaha_O_M_Key_Rubber_Cap_p/6k1-82532-00-00.htm
  14. Delivery Day

    Funky Monkey, any plans to make a PRO3 for larger gearcases? Yami F150 size. I'm looking for a replacement for my Yamaha pro 21m which is getting a little worn.
  15. Delivery Day

    What we're you guys running these on? My Yami pro is getting a little worn and this PRO3 might be a good option if they are priced better than the Yami version and will fit a f150 gearcase.