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  1. My Plexiglas shield has gotten a bunch of cracks in it and I'd like to see if I could get another one. Maybe even a bit smaller by about 6 inches or so just enough to keep my stuff on the top from sliding all over the place. I see a lot of the stuff on the internet but it is not shaped like the one I have. If there are shops ho make these special order does anyone have any names for that? Thanks for the help and Happy New Year!
  2. 2001 Redfisher Re-power options/ thoughts

    I may be off a little from Spec in tilt and in prop as I run a 4 blade for better hole shot but still an 18 RF with a 115 going 50mph is awesome but hard to believe. I was in a friends 18 with a 150 this past weekend and he aired it out and on gps was 53.8 with boat loaded to the gills.
  3. 2005 Hewes Tailfisher

    congrats on the purchase, and welcome!
  4. 2001 Redfisher Re-power options/ thoughts

    Id like to see that to not call BS, (49mph with a 115 4 stroke on a RF18) I have 2004 RF with 115 four stroke and the best I can get with low fuel, trimmed up and fastest prop and perfect conditions is 42
  5. Trim tab help?

    Ok, went for it last night and took actuator off. The cable is another story that will be tonight. it is glues in there an di cant get to it from my small hatch. But the actuator came off "fairly" smooth. The hardest part was I left the boat on the lift and did it all half upside down and hanging over the back of the boat. Thanks for the replies guys!
  6. Trim tab help?

    How to I get them off? The person at Lenco said to not take off the brackets but to pull the pins. But my pins are like plastic and nothing to grip in and no room to get anything in there. Do I then take off the brackets ? But they are 5200 in there. Plus the wire goes through the top bracket so I am thinking I must take the bracket off. Anyone ever do this and have any pointers? Thanks
  7. Trim tab help?

    Thanks, they are lenco style. I will check their website. Thank you.
  8. Trim tab help?

    How do you tell what kind they are when they are recessed in the back of the boat? I guess I need to take the triangular cover off the transom area and look inside?
  9. Trim tab help?

    Ok found out yesterday my port side trim tab will not go down on my 2004 redfisher18. It makes a rough noise but doesn't move. Firstly where is the pump? Are these inside the cut out on the transom? They are inset and look to be behind a couple of screws, but is the actual pump in there to?Is there a trim tabs 101 to trouble shoot these and get parts? Thanks
  10. New HewesOwner in Australia

  11. I have the black valves and like you say I cannot turn them off. That means if I have a broken line I will not be able to cut the water off at the sea chest! Not good. And I have the same small round opening. Guess a lot of work is due. Thanks
  12. Thanks. Mine does not have a strainer section and that is what i would like to put in there. Currently there are 2 tsunami 500 pumps inline with the shutoff valves one for each well.
  13. Is there anything posted here like a livewell plumbing diagram for the 2004 RF 18?