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  1. Cheese grater question

    Yep! There have been hundreds and hundreds of great post over the years gone Tons by Hobo It goes back to its a manufacture run forum and not an "independent" forum... at least as "independent" as forums are... My guess is it became too hard to manage and weed thru the less positive and none helpful\wrong post so they decided to kill it and start fresh with no longterm storage so posts just go away after a time, thus requiring minimal management. This also means that folks that spend a lot of time putting together post have little to no incentive since it'll be gone in 6 months For me personally, the forum was and is a big selling point... But I'm just guessing on the details and I'm mad about all the older post for my older boat that are gone.... which remains a thorn in my side!
  2. Where did you buy the "seadek"\foam for the top? Looking at getting RTIC 45 to replace the beat up 72 igloo Travis
  3. Cheese grater question

    Here's a print\pdf I made with Hobo's install\how-to years ago which I followed, for the most part, it worked well except 5200 ran all over the place... Drive link and attached Cheese Grater Install and heck I even had 500+ posts back then... Travis Chesse-Grator-Install.pdf
  4. Tired of wet feet

    Yep, in your boat, the scuppers are below the waterline and you need to have the gasket at the top as shown by RodWorks. This is the way Rabuds say not to do it... but for it to work they have to be like shown
  5. 1900v Seat Cushion to Starboard "How to"

    Nice work! Thinking about doing the same someday
  6. 1999 2200v gunnel rod holders?

    It is possible.... but there is no room for error in the placement. Back when they came out some folks managed to do it but it took some CAREFUL measurements and the along the gunnel location really matters. If I remember right there was a certain brand that worked best. I've never done them since I was afraid I'd mess it up and didn't what the holes in the deck Had Maverick keep the old post you'd be able to see and read what was done... but I'm getting on my angry soapbox about that again...
  7. Yellowing inside livewells

    Not much you can really do except paint them, it's an acrylic with limited UV protection that turns yellow
  8. Stainless console rod holders

    I got the Gemlux SS ones for mine on eBay at $22 each
  9. This is the size 1/4" x 1/4" x 7/16" x 5/8" x 3/8" sku OMAR 2554 I got mine from here https://www.cableorganizer.com/grommet/?gcssku=OMAR-2554
  10. Rewire

    You can do it yourself, just take your time and keep track of everything. I really like duplex wire such as this ancor marine duplex wire http://www.ancorproducts.com/en/products/wire-and-cable/multi-conductor/safety-duplex-cable Here is an old manual, I also keep it here to share etc https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3BKMjUk8BI5OGxPNkxVNGxid3M 2000v_and_2200T_Oweners_Manual.pdf
  11. Bobber Storage

    Thumbs up!
  12. Rod sleeves in rod lockers on 2200 TE

    It can be done and I've seen a post in the distant past but it's a lot of custom work. Rod sleeves are a cheap and pretty good option
  13. Torsion vs Leaf Spring on trailer?

    Yep, pretty much maintenance free... I say "pretty much" but I've never done anything to mine is 16 years... but you never know...
  14. Rabuds (Again)

    No need for them with Rabuds, and if you leave them in its just something else to catch debris