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  1. cadd

    LED Shark Eyes

    Running the Marpac for a few years, way better the the style OEM one's!
  2. cadd

    2200v transom issue

    Doesn't sound good, max hp is 225
  3. cadd

    Hydraulic jack plate flush

    From another forum post, I found and have done
  4. cadd

    2000 2200V Pathfinder - console coming loose

    I've tightened the screws\bolts (on my 2001 they are backed with nuts) and it took shoving my arm thru the hole in the deck till it was scratched and bloody (not much room between the tank and the console boss that sagged down)... but I was able to hold the nuts while my father tightened the screws. Putting in large bolts\screws could be done but get the nuts one would add another level of "fun" and would be difficult. If they are screws with no nuts going larger and using 5200 or 4200 would be good. A guy who used to post here a lot and an expert rigger Hobo had some advice I followed since owning the boat is to use machine screws with tapped the holes vs wood screws and I had good luck with it
  5. cadd

    Stringers on 2001 22” Path

    Here is a page from the manual
  6. cadd

    TH Flow Max vs Rabud Scuppers

    Don't they are big enough to fit over the scupper flange
  7. cadd

    2000 Pathfinder 2400

    Yep looks good!
  8. cadd

    2005 Transom Plug (Install Follow-up Question)

    Could plug the hole with a dowel to get the new hole centered up with the drill bit
  9. cadd

    2200V position on trailer

    Thanks for the info! I'll try and watch my fingers
  10. cadd

    2200V position on trailer

    Yep been hanging on to those photos for a while! I've bought the Starboard, just need the Seadek and time Did you use router the Seadek on a router-table first or after it was attached like BradM? It looks like you routered the edge first? Here is another guy Brad M that did it.
  11. cadd

    VMAX Oil Tank rigging compartment

    Just an FYI, had mine "Rhino Lined" years ago and no rust since
  12. cadd

    2200V position on trailer

    Shouldn't really overhang, how about longer bunks? If a new trailer is out of the question. On the front rod locker\storage, a few folks are doing what's shown in the picture. I'm doing at soon as I find some time... bought the stuff just got get to work on making them
  13. cadd

    2002 2200v ReWire

    Good advice, went BlueSeas and ring terminals a few years ago, Big improvement and cleaned up lots of extra wiring!
  14. cadd

    Cheese grater question

    Yep! There have been hundreds and hundreds of great post over the years gone Tons by Hobo It goes back to its a manufacture run forum and not an "independent" forum... at least as "independent" as forums are... My guess is it became too hard to manage and weed thru the less positive and none helpful\wrong post so they decided to kill it and start fresh with no longterm storage so posts just go away after a time, thus requiring minimal management. This also means that folks that spend a lot of time putting together post have little to no incentive since it'll be gone in 6 months For me personally, the forum was and is a big selling point... But I'm just guessing on the details and I'm mad about all the older post for my older boat that are gone.... which remains a thorn in my side!
  15. Where did you buy the "seadek"\foam for the top? Looking at getting RTIC 45 to replace the beat up 72 igloo Travis