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  1. Hewes Steering Wheel -- free

    4-v if you still need steering wheel I have on that came off 2005 or 2007 Redfish 16---it was passed down and I don't need it; its stainless is mint condition can off manual cable . free good home u pay for shipping or pick up; wheel is in garage in Central Florida.
  2. Trailer for 296 Cobia- Continental or AmeraTrail

    Thx all for all the feedback, comments and ideas. Ended up working a deal with Amera Trail and should have a new tri-axel in a couple of weeks! Safe boating to all and tight lines!
  3. Trailer for 296 Cobia- Continental or AmeraTrail

    Thx for the feedback- Amera Trail has 4-6+ week leadtime and won't commit to date. Can get from others in 2-4 of similar quality . Don V- thx I have all specs. from them and an quoting 2 and 3 axle (leaning toward the heavy duty 3 axle, R15)
  4. Anyone running Continental trailer with 2-axles w/R16 rims/tires under their 296 Cobia ? What model trailer? Upgrades- Front V-Bow catcher?, SS hubs? Comments? Need a trailer for 2016 Cobia 296 and getting mixed feedback from dealers on trailer/axle configurations. Most 296 Cobias have 3-axle w/R15 tires from what I see but considering the idea of 2-axle w/R16 tires with the same load rating (10,500 lbs ) (Our 2400 TRS had an Amera Trail trailer so we are very familiar with the product & quality )
  5. Push pole holders question

    Install looks great and thanks for both the photos and feedback.
  6. Push pole holders question

    Waterguy: Would also like to see photo of final install of the Accon holders. Looking for recessed holders for my ride right now to remove the "foot busters".
  7. Push pole holders for RF 16

    Thx for the insight! Checked google before posting and didn't find any that looked like what I saw on the new RF models . Will find some...
  8. Push pole holders for RF 16

    Looking to upgrade push pole holders on my 2001 Redfisher to recessed or flush mount design. Anyone know where I can buy the latest MBG factory hardware or equivalent? Forum feedback is welcomed if you care to share any pros/cons. (tired of tripping and busting my feet on the fixed protrusions). Thx much!
  9. 2014 Pathfinder 2400 TRS

    Sale pending- if it falls through will let you know
  10. Lowrance Elite7 HDI Gold

    Still have the unit? Send me PM and let me know where ur located.
  11. 2014 Pathfinder 2400 TRS

    Thx and thanks for looking! Custom sunbrella cover made by Sorite Cushions and Canvas Ft.Pierce,Fl
  12. Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Build

    Good deal! Buddy of mine has twin Verados on 29' Jupiter and the boat does fly and has a great hole shot (for offshore rig). Must admit the white mercury cowling looks great (better than Yamaha). Keep us updated with pix and just think shortly it will be your!!!!!!
  13. 2014 Pathfinder 2400 TRS

    Still available; boat in Central Florida- contact info above if you have questions. Thx for looking and asking!!!
  14. Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Build

    Sweet looking ride!!!!! Curious why you went with the mercury???? Enjoy the build and we look forward to updates and more photos
  15. Congrats! That's a nice ride---bet you'll miss her....