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    22 tourny model who has one?

    B is 48 inches at the top of the rod locker and 44 1/2 at the deck. A is 37 at deck level and 37 1/2 at the deck. This is from our 2014, 22TE
  2. Headhunter

    Braided Line Questions

    I use the standard pp, 10# inshore and I buy 1200 yard spools from Cabella. Historically they have the best pricing on bulk spools and charge no tax online. I am not sure now because of the bass pro purchase but check it out. I also buy the hivis yellow because I am old and can’t see.
  3. Headhunter

    Which boat. 2000 or 2200

    I have had both and as stated above your fishing style should dictate what you buy. Example: if you fish narrow creaks like I do the 20 is a lot easier to turn around compared to the 22. The 22 will handle a chop much more comfortably than the 20. Remember the 20 is a 22 with 2 feet taken out of the middle so it is more weight sensitive than the 22. I wouldn’t put anything less than a 150 on it as well. It took us a long time to get the 20 dialed in with a jackplate but if you don’t need one avoid the hassle. They are both nice boats and do different things well so make sure you have your needs well identified. Good luck with your purchase.
  4. Headhunter

    Upgraded 2015 17HPXS

    Standard on 2017 and later.
  5. Headhunter

    23 HPS Stereo upgrade suggestions

    Turn it down when you pass my house or invite us to go!
  6. Headhunter

    WTB Maverick HPX or Mirage

    My "S" as well
  7. Headhunter

    Upgraded 2015 17HPXS

    Some new pics........Sorry for the side views
  8. Headhunter

    Simrad Totalscan Spraying Water

    I take no credit for this, kawakibi posted this link on my thread asking about total scan install issues. This is an Australian Company and I bought one stuck it on and no more spray. Cheap too! https://www.berleypro.com/product/rooster-rooter/
  9. Headhunter

    Best Charts for Garmin

    Maybe I can help get this back on track and answer the original question. I am an ex Garmin user of 20 years. They make a great product and I progressed up to the G3 vision chip. I still run a 7607 on my Maverick. I find Garmin very user friendly (that might be 20 years of experience with them) and up until I saw an FMT chip work would have never considered switching. I just replaced the 2 Garmin 740s I had on my Pathfinder with a Lowrance Carbon 12 inch. The Lowrance is more difficult to set up and use and Navico doesn't have anywhere near as good back up service and customer support. Again, that might be an experience issue. Navico is a little chicken *** with some things as well. If you go NEMA 2000 and want to track fuel consumption you need to buy a $100 kit, Garmin has it built in. I am not sure what else I have to buy as I am still just getting into it. I am still fooling with it but making progress like trying to twin my power pole to the unit so I can do away with the dash switch. Can't do it and Navico can't figure it out either. BOE Marine is a great go to resource on Navico products and right now the have the 12 in Carbon on sale. Sorry for the long comment but when all is said and done when you crank up the Lowrance and jam in the FMT chip the images are fantastic and the routing is a game changer for guys who run skinny where they shouldn't. Agreed, it doesn't help much in home waters but if you travel it's a gotta have. Finally, I really like the pallet changes you can get on the Lowrance.
  10. Headhunter

    Boat/engine appearance care.

    The F11 does bring the shine back to a degree. Inside white I just do magic eraser on any scuffs and spray the F11 everywhere and microfiber it off. I get about 6 months out of it. The Pathfinder is grey and the Maverick black and I do need to use a little polishing compound on the sterns that face west into the setting sun everyday on their lifts. The hulls get done once a year when the boats are pulled for service. F11 really works well on the dark colors and again it's real easy to use. I can do the hull of the Maverick in about 1/2 hour and the Pathfinder in an hour.
  11. Headhunter

    Boat/engine appearance care.

    Switched 100% over to Top Coat F11 even on the deck. It does not clean so you need to get the surface right before you use it but it's spray on wipe off. Great on the cars too!
  12. Headhunter

    Upgraded 2015 17HPXS

    2015 HPXS with 2017 vortex generator hull upgrades by MBC. I am the second owner and purchased the boat with 22 hours on it from Ft Myers Marine. It has just about every option available on it that was offered when it was built. Sorry for the crappy pictures and I will post more when I get the boat on the water. $41,500 located in Ormond Beach. Moving to an 18 HPX and will consider a trade for the right boat. Jet Black hull with white top cap, black powder coat grab rail, and poling platform. Yamaha F70 with 72 hours, Yamaha yes to 2021 non ethanol gas always Jack plate Power tech 4 blade 6ft Powerpole Minn Kota RT80 I pilot with quick release 3 bank charger with Decca AGM batteries Garmin 7607 XSV down view, side view with G2 Hi Res chip Yeti cooler seat Stick it anchor Advanced Bubbler system Ameritrail dry launch trailer, swing tongue and spare only dunked once a year Console and cooler canvas by Sandy Chuck 386-441-8411 or 407-257-8233 or cgleichmann@earthlink.net
  13. Headhunter

    Best years for 22 TE

    One other thought. The switch panel on the console can be an issue with water laying on it and making the switches inop. Need to keep them dried off.
  14. Headhunter

    Best years for 22 TE

    I have a 14. The first year of the current design. I came from an 08, pathfinder 20. The fit and finish of the 14 was head and shoulders over the 08. I like the fact that you can carry gaffs and rods under the gunnel. I like the bigger console but hate the lack of cup holders on it. You can mount more on this console compared to the old one so keep that in mind. The 14 is a lot heavier than the older models so it is not as quick but I think it’s a little more comfortable in a seaway. I ended up adding ray buds and pulling out the cockpit drain check valves since they always clog up with crap. No water intrusion. good luck with you search.
  15. Headhunter

    Total Scan Install Question

    I was drinking and moving!
  16. Headhunter

    Total Scan Install Question

    Finally done! FMT loaded and ready to fish.
  17. Headhunter

    Feldten Marine Nano Extracts?

    Anyone have any experience with these products? They are all over Facebook and it looks like they get a fabulous finish with an oxidized hull. I have a little fading on both the Pathfinder and Maverick's sterns that face the west sun everyday. Zaino doesn't seem to bring all the way nor TopCoat F-11. Guidance is as always appreciated!
  18. Headhunter

    Slow Fuel Fill 18 HPX

    I have the same issue on our “s” model. It fills easier when you start with 1/2 a tank of fuel. It is an a cute pain.
  19. Headhunter

    Total Scan Install Question

    I am just learning Navico but you can check theOutlet Store for brackets and check out Kawakibi’s post above on rooster tails. good luck with your search
  20. Headhunter

    2 Garmin 740's (SOLD)

  21. Headhunter

    Cool option for 2-stroke Merc Optimax owners

    Looks like they are taking care of their customers!
  22. Headhunter

    Total Scan Install Question

    I will sure save this website in case I get a rooster tail. Thanks, great info
  23. Headhunter

    HPX 17 Owners- I have a question

    I have a "S" so I am not sure if you want this. 28 mph at 4200, 34-38 at 6000 all depending on the load.
  24. Headhunter

    2 Garmin 740's (SOLD)

    Deal fell through. Back on the market!
  25. Headhunter

    2 Garmin 740's (SOLD)

    Bump! $500
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