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  1. Maverick Logo SeaDek Pad for Yeti 65

    Ok no worries. Let me know
  2. Maverick Logo SeaDek Pad for Yeti 65

    I’ll pay freight Dave
  3. Loose Power poles

    Had that issue on my 2014. Power pole had a paint issue and they took care of it.
  4. Livewell light installation

    That's what I would use
  5. Trailer brakes advice needed

    I used Flagler Trailer. I was happy with the work but they were not the easiest people to deal with as far as returning calls and finishing the work on time. I should have used Best trailers in Holly Hill. Carlos over there is great to deal with and there price was not much different and they would have supplied everything plus the install.
  6. Power Washing

    Been doing Zaino for years. Just switched to Top Coat. Once you get it clean awesome particularly on dark colors. Works on the non skid deck as long as you wear shoes. Easy to use too but even more pricey than zaino.
  7. Getting out of the nearshore, offshore stuff plus some stuff I don't use anymore.so see if there is anything here that tickles your fancy. 2- Shimano TLD20 on Penn Marina rods. On the boat three times. I have the boxes for the reels. $200 each, both $350. SOLD 1- Crowder Ess-815 15-30# line 3/8-2oz. Great Tarpon rod $100. SOLD 1- Shimano Calcutta 400 on Chaos 7ft 12-20# $125 SOLD 1- CCA 701HS 10-20# 7ft fast action with Shimano Stratic 3000FI $125 SOLD 1-Hooked Rods (new) HCF509BR 7ft medium action 10-20# with Stratic 4000FH $150 1- Star Aerial EX815s76 6-16# 1/4-3/4, butt cut 6 inches to 7Ft $50 SOLD In Ormond Beach but can ship if you pay.
  8. Found 2 more plus Various rods n reels

    yes I do!
  9. Trailer brakes advice needed

    When I talked with Kodak people they estimate the dacomet parts last 5 years in salt and the stainless 10. I just put mine in storage and the rotors had a light coat of rust, the wheels turned so I think I did ok with the lower priced line. Their pads are ceramic so they don’t rust to the rotor. If I still have the boat in 5 years I’ll buy another seat and still be ahead price wize.
  10. Found 2 more plus Various rods n reels

    Found a couple of more reels Shimano 8000 that's been used a couple of time a year for tarpon. $100 plus shipping SOLD Gander Vantage 3000 I bought 4 plus this one as a spare for the charter business. My grand kids still fish two all of the time. $40 plus shipping
  11. Trailer brakes advice needed

    I went Kodiak when I did my Pathfinder. They or Tie Down seem to be the ones most people use and you can get local parts for them as well. I used Etrailer.com very knowledgeable and got a great price. The people at Kodiak were great as well. I know the brakes lock out electrically in reverse and there is a key that you can use to make sure it doesn't lock up but I am no expert in that area. I am sure others will cjime in as well. Good luck with your project.
  12. Ameritrail Trailer prices

    Bernie, I have a magic tilt under my pathfinder. No issues with the trailer but the brakes they use ***. I don't use it often but they locked up with rust from sitting. I just put Kodiaks on it and solved the problem. See if they have some kind of upgrade for the brakes if you go that way.
  13. 2011 23 HPS switch Panel

    I’ll bet you can have one made and save a lot of pain. Try tony at Boatronics in jacksonville
  14. I have a 2014, one of the first with the new top cap configuration. They also went to the TRS hull at that point because the existing TE mold was wearing out. The boat is 100% solid and rides great. It is heavier than older TEs and not as quick with the same power. Fit and finish was head and shoulders above our 2008 PF 20. We never had a porpoise issue but did go through a bunch of props before we settled on a rev 4. Good luck with your purchase.
  15. Insurance Renewal Question?

    An update: It seems like everyone has a named storm deductible of anywhere from 5-10% depending on the company. I checked Boat US (Geico), they were pretty cheap, 5% named storm deductible but would give me a decent agreed value. Charter Lake has 10% named storm deductible but would do replacement value. They were quite a bit above Boat US. Progressive has 5% named storm, replacement value and a price pretty close to Boat US. So it looks like Progressive and I saved a couple of hundred bucks. After Irma I check every line when an insurance renewal comes in and I am sure glad I looked at this one.
  16. Insurance Renewal Question?

    I just got the pathfinders renewal from Charter Lake in the mail today. It has a new provision that increases the deductible to 10% of the agreed value during a named storm. Anyone else seeing this? I am going insurance shopping tomorrow.
  17. Found 2 more plus Various rods n reels

    The post office says $45-50 to ship. 8ft one piece.
  18. Found 2 more plus Various rods n reels

    Great! Let me see if I have a tube long enough and Ill check with the PO.
  19. Can charging shorten battery life?

    My chargers are on all of the time. The pathfinder has a pro mariner and optima AGMs and the Maverick Powermania charger and Dekka AGMs. Both the chargers only charge which battery needs it and goes to trickle when done. I am not sure I would do it with flooded cell batteries but no issue with AGMs.
  20. Insurance Renewal Question?

    Just checked with Gallagher. No buy down from the 10%. I'll check progressive today.
  21. Insurance Renewal Question?

    Bama, Is that your normal deductible or just named storm?
  22. Power Washing

    Not sure what you want to pressure wash but I have a little Ryobi electric pressure washer that I use regularly on the hull and cockpit. Works great and doesn't hurt anything.
  23. Found 2 more plus Various rods n reels

    Rocky, Ok works for me. see you then
  24. Found 2 more plus Various rods n reels

    Here is the bait runner. Sorry, rod is gone!