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  1. Ameratrail Customer Service

    The HPXS never really fitted well on its trailer so before I put it away i called Ameritrail and talked with Junior. He took the trailer id and looked it up and told me that they had done some tweaks since they started building them for MBC. He offered to update the trailer if I brought it to him so I drove down there today. Besides tweaking the bunk location and side rails they went through the whole trailer, found a clearance light that didn't work and just charged me for the part. They only charged for the light no labor on any of it. Considering the trailer is 3 years old I think it was a pretty good deal. Dropped the trailer off before lunch and picked it back up right after and made it home for happy hour.. Pretty super customer service.
  2. Fishing shoes

    Soft science here too. On my third set of fins and can fish all day. Love em 20% off online on their website now with code fireworks
  3. Trailer Advice

    So, finally getting to taking care of the boats after getting the house trashed by Irma. The trailers get parked on the side of the house and ended up in about 18 inches of water from the storm. I got the trailer out for the Maverick and found one bearing full of water. Replaced it, serviced and detailed the boat and it's back in the water. The pathfinders trailer is another story. All of the wheels locked up from rusted pads, rotor and calipers. I finally got the wheels off and to turn a little but everything is caked in rust. I think my only choices are to replace everything or rebuild them. I only use the trailers a couple of times a year for service and go to the various OT and a couple of trips to the lagoon. So suggestions? Is it worth going stainless and will it solve this problem going forward or just *** it up? Thanks in advance for your guidance.
  4. Trailer Advice

    Interesting thought on rental. I’ll investigat that and get rid of this pia.
  5. Trailer Advice

    The admiral cast her vote. Stainless all around. She doesn't want her pretty boat at risk! Or us!
  6. Trailer Advice

    What are you guys towing with?
  7. T-Top for 2300 HPS

    The maverick is in the driveway. Just finished the annual and headed back to the water later today. Fishing stinks. I had the grand kids last week and they put the hurt on catfish but only a couple of reds and trout.
  8. T-Top for 2300 HPS

    Fab-tech in daytona
  9. 2400/250 SHO gas usage

    Can’t help you to much on this but my 22TE gets anywhere from 3-3.8 miles per gallon. I track if via the garmin and nema 2000 network. I don’t even look at the gas gauge anymore. It was never very accurate.
  10. On board charger

    I was going Minnkota percision until powermania came in at $135. Good choice I think based on the specs and warranty.
  11. On board charger

    Ended up with another powermania. Out of warranty deal 50% off list plus freight, no tax $135.00. Not bad customer service
  12. 2200TE Under Gunnel Rod Tubes

    I asked that question when mine was built in 2014. The location of the gunnel rod-holder on the port side didn't allow for the tubes. Unless they moved the rod-holder I doubt there would be any on the port side. Kind of dumb but that was the answer.

    I have 3 AGMs in the console and charger. Never had an issue with running out of power. I posted some pictures a while ago on here but just deleted the pictures off my phone. I think you can look up history on my posts. Good luck!
  14. On board charger

    I knew I shouldn't have got on this thread. The Mav's charger just to a C**P yesterday afternoon. I reported wrong above as well. I have a Powermania on that boat, 2 1/2 years old. I think back to MinnKota and try the Precision 3 bank charger. $50 rebate until 5/31. If you google it you can get it for $265 on line.
  15. On board charger

    Dave, yes, back in the house and about 99% done. Getting ready to actually go fishing this weekend between rain showers. It;s been a bitch!
  16. All Quiet for Now

    Thanks as always. The best weather info is right here!
  17. On board charger

    I have a genius on the Maverick and it runs real hot. Too hot for me but genius says normal. I had the Minn Kota on the other Mav and it was bullet proof. I will be interested in what you select.
  18. H2O Leaking In Hatch Hardware

    I think you are talking about the twist latches on the deck hatches.Take the latch apart and see if there are o rings on the shaft. That's where they typically leak. You can get the o rings at ACE Hardware. a little lube on the shaft helps
  19. Current model 22 TE vs Gen 1 22 TE

    Can't comment on the older models but I have one of the first 2014 models with a 200sho. It is heavier (just like a TRS compared to an older PF) and it is solid as a rock. Pluses include a better designed console, live well system and wiring. They also went to the TRS hull at that point. Fit and finish is better simply because of the newer molds. Compared to my 2008 20PF every thing is big time better. Only draw back is you can't get a 5 gallon bucket in the under deck compartments anymore and there have been issues with the switch panel. It will run 53mph light and I couldn't be more pleased. I doubt you could go wrong with either based on how much you want to spend. Good luck with your purchase.
  20. So.............saw this at BOE Marine. This is gen 2, gen 3 is like $5300. Looks like a deal but who knows what the difference is for $3k? I am looking at it for the Pathfinder and then add a FMT chip. Any comments are appreciated as always.
  21. Simrad NSS16 evo2 Chartplotter - $2399

    Thanks Cap!
  22. Compass

    X2 on the Richie. I have that one on my pathfinder. You only need the electric to go down once to wish you had one.
  23. Going to Crystal River

    Ill call you the next time I am in Atlanta with the grand kids. Can you pick up a beer?
  24. Going to Crystal River

    Guys, I am headed to Crystal River this weekend to chase some trout, red fish and snook with CCA. Can so of the local experts help me with what I should bring tackle and lure wise? I haven't been therefor 30 years so my info is a little dated. Thanks in advance!
  25. Going to Crystal River

    Cool look forward to it