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  1. Lightning

    X2 on My Radar. Saved my butt more than once. I am not sure what else you could have done based on where you were.
  2. Yamaha outboard help

    I had the same issue with my Micro. If you have a 2012 you have an injected 40. Check the fuel cooler for obstructions like sand or dirt. It's super easy to get them clogged up. During long runs in hot weather we would get a vapor lock situation same at very low speeds like idle for long periods of time. Once everything cooled down all was fine. Wait 30 minutes and it will crank right up. I can't tell you how many times I got stuck up on a flat until I traded it in for a Honda. My dealer says there is a fix out for it. I also had a carbed 40 on my HPX 15 that was a piece of junk as well until I spent $2000 for a new gas tank and carb re-jeting. good luck!
  3. 2000v Questions

    Had that exact boat. Loved it and it treated me well (and its new owner). You will break before it does. If it's right for you and your family go for it!
  4. What to do??

    Take a look at a 18 redfisher. Sounds like that would fit your needs as well.
  5. 2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms

    Glad the liquor store made it!
  6. Redfisher 18

    I was more interested in the curved mount and how it held the GPS.
  7. Redfisher 18

    The cup holders are really cool. Where did you have them made?
  8. mpg on a yammy vf200la

    Our 2014, 22TE with a VF200 runs anywhere between 3.1 to 3.6 mpg depending on the load. We run. 4blade 17 pitch merc rev 4. It will run 53 at 6000rpm. Jackplate setting is critical. I rum plus 1 on the rev 4
  9. SHO 200 Tilt Trim

    A little help here from the experts. The motor is about half tilted up and will not go either up nor down. I can hear the motor running when i push the tilt trim switch. It's on its lift so I can get under it. I know there is a manual relief screw. Is this just loss of fluid? Thanks in advance for the guidence.
  10. SHO 200 Tilt Trim

    Went and lowered the motor manually with the screw on the side. Tried it and it worked in both directions. It did need some fluid (2oz) after I exercised it a couple of times. Seems ok at this point. Even Yamaha tech support was surprised. Ill keep an eye on it. The fluid had to go somewhere. Thanks for everyones help.
  11. SHO 200 Tilt Trim

    not fluid. Looks like gearbox
  12. SHO 200 Tilt Trim

    Batteries are at 100%. I am going to check the fluid this morning. Something interesting. This motor doesn't have a trail lock. I never saw one that way. MAybe because of the jackplate?
  13. Fishing shoes

    Don, good choice. Make sure you buy them big enough. Check the sizing chart
  14. Cover for boat on a lift

    I saw someplace a cover that you can lower over the boat like a rent. It was about $3500 for my Pathfinder.
  15. Cover for boat on a lift

    Must be cheaper than my metal roof.
  16. Cover for boat on a lift

    I have fooled with this one for 10 years without a good solution. There is no way to get all around the boat on a lift. I have tried the standard cover and tied it down to the boat and or the lift and it blew off when the wind came from the stern. I have used elastic under the rubrail with limited success but it's a pain to get it all in place. I roofed both of mine and covered the console, leaning post and forward cooler. If you come up with something please post it. Good luck!
  17. Ameratrail Customer Service

    Sorry, don't know. I just know Junior took good care of me.
  18. Ameratrail Customer Service

    The HPXS never really fitted well on its trailer so before I put it away i called Ameritrail and talked with Junior. He took the trailer id and looked it up and told me that they had done some tweaks since they started building them for MBC. He offered to update the trailer if I brought it to him so I drove down there today. Besides tweaking the bunk location and side rails they went through the whole trailer, found a clearance light that didn't work and just charged me for the part. They only charged for the light no labor on any of it. Considering the trailer is 3 years old I think it was a pretty good deal. Dropped the trailer off before lunch and picked it back up right after and made it home for happy hour.. Pretty super customer service.
  19. Ameratrail Customer Service

    Interesting, I guess I lucked out. Maybe I got the right guy
  20. Fishing shoes

    Soft science here too. On my third set of fins and can fish all day. Love em 20% off online on their website now with code fireworks
  21. Trailer Advice

    So, finally getting to taking care of the boats after getting the house trashed by Irma. The trailers get parked on the side of the house and ended up in about 18 inches of water from the storm. I got the trailer out for the Maverick and found one bearing full of water. Replaced it, serviced and detailed the boat and it's back in the water. The pathfinders trailer is another story. All of the wheels locked up from rusted pads, rotor and calipers. I finally got the wheels off and to turn a little but everything is caked in rust. I think my only choices are to replace everything or rebuild them. I only use the trailers a couple of times a year for service and go to the various OT and a couple of trips to the lagoon. So suggestions? Is it worth going stainless and will it solve this problem going forward or just *** it up? Thanks in advance for your guidance.
  22. Trailer Advice

    Interesting thought on rental. I’ll investigat that and get rid of this pia.
  23. Trailer Advice

    The admiral cast her vote. Stainless all around. She doesn't want her pretty boat at risk! Or us!
  24. Trailer Advice

    What are you guys towing with?
  25. T-Top for 2300 HPS

    The maverick is in the driveway. Just finished the annual and headed back to the water later today. Fishing stinks. I had the grand kids last week and they put the hurt on catfish but only a couple of reds and trout.