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  1. Headhunter

    Moving back to FL. Miami or Jacksonville?

    Lived in Coral Spring, worked in Miami. Jacksonville all day for your family. St. John's County has some of the best schools in Florida. Check it out!
  2. Headhunter

    Trailer Bunk Carpet Replacement

    Thanks guys for the feedback and expert opinions as always. The trailer only gets used a couple of times a year so I am going to check out the diamond back material and carpet. Good tip on the monel staples as well.
  3. Headhunter

    Trailer Bunk Carpet Replacement

    Working on the Pathfinder's trailer and I have a couple of worn carpets on the outer bunks. Do I need to use some type of adhesive between the carpet and bunk? I was figuring on using stainless staples. Is that right?
  4. Headhunter

    2019 Keys MOT at The Breezy Palms

    Just cancelled our reservation. Wife's blood pressure would not come down so staying close to home. Room and slip released. Tight lines all!
  5. Headhunter

    Upgraded 2015 17HPXS

    Taking this one to the OT this year.
  6. Headhunter

    Fueling 18 hpx maverick

    I am not sure this is relevant but I could never get the tank full on my "s" model while it was on the lift. The tank just would not vent. After it's annual service I stopped at a station with the boat and pumped 15 gallons into the tank no issue. I checked the boat's level on the trailer and it was spot on level.. On the lift 1/2 bubble off level.
  7. Headhunter

    Lowrance Customer Service is non existent

    HDS Carbon 12 and yes that the upgrade 19.1
  8. I just did the software upgrade they published. It wiped out my instrument panel layout and what inputs I want to track. Called customer service twice and ended up in their “offshore customer service center”. The first rep had to return to the laboratory to check with an engineer. I finally gave up after an hour on the phone. The second call went to the same place and that rep couldn’t identify the screen I was calling about. Asked for a supervisor and got hung up on. Finally sent an email for help, no answer in 2 days. I have searched the internet on how to update the new instrumentation templates with no success. Does anyone have any contact name or number that can get me to some one who knows something? I very well might be going back to Garmin.
  9. Headhunter

    Soft Science Customer Service

    Shot out to these guys. Bought my 4th pair about 5 months ago. Best foot wear I ever had on the boat. Wear the hell out of them and a side seam split early this week. Called Soft Science and a sweet young lady said. "Let me look up your order". "I see it." "Do you want the same color?" I can ship it to you today. Done!
  10. Headhunter

    Maverick hpx aluminum work

    TNT in Ft Pierce does that work for the factory but I think Ralph can do a better job.
  11. Headhunter

    Tomoka Basin

    Of course I have pictures!
  12. Headhunter

    Upgraded 2015 17HPXS

    Bump. The boat now has 83 hours on it.
  13. Headhunter

    Insurance for new boat

    Had charter lakes for years. They increased the name storm deductible to 10% of agreed. Couldn’t buy it down. Progressive 5% and I saved a couple of hundred bucks
  14. Headhunter

    Sandy - Seat Cushions

    text her
  15. Headhunter

    Bull Red Fish trip Recommendations

    Thanks guys! I am checking all of these as I write this. Rubble......Port Eads is closed. The south pass filled in and the parish closed the marina down. Bummer, it looked pretty cool.
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