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  1. Boat with no title

    Dave, I have a buddy with a 12ft jon boat set up for gigging. Want his number?
  2. New Batteries

    I would go to Sams and get a Duracell 27 or 31 series AGM. Cost effective and easy.
  3. Sold waiting for funds.
  4. Had way too much fun at the CCA Banquet last week. I now have an 80# Ulterra TM for freshwater use. It has all of the bells and whistles including Blue tooth. I pilot and foot control. If you know a bass guy or gal, this is a great deal. $1700 plus shipping.
  5. Spacer for scupper install on pathfinder ?

    You need to buy the spacer from them
  6. Transducer location on HPX S

    Depending on the bottom 14-18 inches.
  7. CCA Life Member Outing

    Mike, Thanks for the invite. Our banquet is Thursday so I hope to get some more info then. I'll let you know if I make the event. Tight lines CHuck
  8. CCA Life Member Outing

    Last year I bought a CCA Life membership because I support their efforts. Today I received an invitation to the Life Outing in Crystal River. It looks like fun but I haven't fished that area in 30 years and I don't plan on taking a boat. Anyone else going or does anyone know what the real deal is for it? Thanks in advance.
  9. 3 Batteries in HPX 17 Console?

    I hope this makes sense to you. The 2 batteries for the trolling motor are mounted fore and aft and the starting battery port to starboard. The TM batteries go in one starboard tray and the starting battery in its own. The battery charger is mounted on the port bulkhead along with its external plug. Bungees hold them down. As I said before Ft Myers Marine did the rigging for the previous owner. Pretty slick
  10. Transducer location on HPX S

    He is one from the top on my "S".
  11. Old Gas

    No ATV, no lawn stuff, no boat.
  12. Old Gas

    Thanks for the ideas. I have decided take a sample and if it's good put a little startron in each and dump 5 gallons at a time in the car.
  13. 3 Batteries in HPX 17 Console?

    I have 3 in the HPXS. Ft Myers Marine did the install. They are in a starboard tray and two are mounted front to back and one right to left. 34m batteries but they are not Optima. I can take some pictures if you like.
  14. Old Gas

    I need a little guidance. In September I bought 20 gallons of regular ethanol gas for my generator and the coming hurricane. Since the house was trashed I never used it and couldn't get to it until recently. I am not sure what to do with it. I never put Startron in it and if it's no good how do I get rid of it. I thought of adding Startron now to my cars a little at a time but they use high test. Ideas and thoughts are appreciated.