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  1. Little blue house that could

    Fish, my buddy in Flagler beach is going through the same thing. Could you give me who you used? He has a bunch of quotes and no real good apple, apple comparisons. Maybe I can hook you guys up to compare notes. I considered doing what you did but I doubt my bride could take anymore stress beyond fixing. Our interior is trashed along with all of the furniture but we are moving forward. Insulation this week, drywall next then tile paint and kitchen. We hope to have a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen to live in by new year. This really ***.............
  2. Brand new boat-Live wells flooding

    I have a 2014, 22TE and never had what you are experienced. Both the front pitch well and center live well's valves are open all of the time but I don't put the stand pipe in unless I need it. Any water that comes in while running drains out right away. Never had an issue. I do keep the valve on the release well closed since I keep some regular stuff there. i hope this helps!
  3. Yamaha Question?

    After almost 2 months of working on the house with no boating and no fishing I couldn't stand it anymore and jumped in the Maverick for a ride. The F70 cranked right up and fired but belched oily smoke for about 2 minutes. It cleared up after that and ran fine but can anyone tell me why it happened? The boat has been on its lift since Irma with the motor in the down position. I tried the Pathfinder after that and it started and ran fine right out of the shoot, no smoke. The pathfinder has a 200 sho. Thanks in advance for the expert advice.
  4. New Cooler for CC

    If you are going to sit on it, cushion. Stand use sea dek. If the admiral is riding up front the only way to go. I had the same deal with the Yeti but haven't had it on the engel.
  5. RATS

    Had that as well. Be careful with the kill stuff. Rats love to hide in the bilge and die. They also love to chew on the wiring in the bilge. I did a couple of spring type (old style for rats) rat traps in the cockpit and got one a night for 4 straight nights. No more issues. I do like the cat idea but I don't like cats.
  6. NU-ICE vs. real Ice

    I use Nu Ice for the drink and food coolers. Switched a couple of years ago and will not go back. So easy to use everyday as long as your throw it in the freezer over night. I never put it on the fish. They go in the live well and they are still flapping when I filet them. A great investment if you are on the water everyday.
  7. Storm Shutters

    We have impact glass sliding doors and even taped with duct tape we got a ft of water in the house from Irma. Probably Fishes idea has the most merit based on our experience. Oh, taping the inside doesn't work.
  8. Is this going to cut into my fishing time?

    So cool Jason. Congratulations, and yes your life will change for the better.
  9. Checking in on our Florida Members

    We are in Atlanta. Headed home Wednesday or Thursday. Boats and dock ok but 12 inches of water in the house. WE will have to see what the damage is once the water level drops.

    I can tell you what I did for Mathew and it worked for me depending on what type of lift you have. First, make sure the gas tanks are full, batteries charges the boat is as high as you can get it on the lift and the bilge pump works. My pathfinder hangs on straps so I loop lines around the boat both fore and aft and tie them loosely to the side pilling to keep the boat from swinging and hitting the pilling. The maverick is on a cradle and I strap the boat to the cradle with trailer tie downs. Then is tie of the cradle to the pilling with come alongs I bought at Home Depot. I added chaffing wraps at both he boat and pilling. I didn't pull the drain plugs so if something broke the boat would float in some fashion.
  11. Speakers installation in 2200 TE

    When you figure out the back let me know. I know MBC does it but I can't figure out how to get a speaker flush on the port side at the release well. The wires are back there as well as in the end of the rod lockers. good luck with the project.
  12. Top Coat Products

    Still like it and love the easy clean up in the cockpit. I did find a couple of spots on the Pathfinders hull that picked up some tannic color on the white. They were a couple of splotches that took some scrubbing to get off. I wonder if I missed those spots. I'll keep an eye on it. Agreed on the multiple coats. Darker colors come out better. Our dark blue SUV looks really super. i am going to pull the black maverick next week and coat that. I still like thoat I can do everything with it rather than have a closet of cleaning products.
  13. Connect Yamaha to Garmin GPS - NMEA 2000

    Piece of cake. You need a nema starter kit and a cable from the motor to the network. Google BOE Marine. They have all the stuff at the right price and good customer service on top of that. They sell Lowarance but their cable fits Yamaha and it was way cheaper than Garmin. I did two boats and the hardest part is pulling the cable to the console. You will love it when you get done.
  14. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    Pat and I are registered. We will be there on Tuesday thru Saturday.
  15. Power Pole Stuck?

    X3 but you make it go up and down from the top of the pump as long as you have C monster. If that works the issue is somewhere before the pump. I also have their ap on my iphone.