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  1. dcathey

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Finally got to run the boat after all the work to freshen her up. 37A83542-787B-4428-B55B-F658B18AD0C5.MP4
  2. FYI, I went by our local academy sports and picked up a $300 pair of Steiners for $20. I got the last set locally after a buddy told me about them. Sweet deal
  3. dcathey

    Any updates?

    Haven’t seen anyone posting a ton but was curious if the fisheries around N Captiva have a huge drop off that you would expect after last summer. We are coming back in July but was hoping to be surprised that they have rebounded.
  4. dcathey

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Don’t have the exact angle but huge difference
  5. dcathey

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Thanks man, I almost went back to stock but thought that silver and blue would look sharp with the fresh hull paint and the previously installed gray Seadek. Boat should pop when on the water
  6. dcathey

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Thanks, Me too, had a couple things to fix on the hull. We are going to sand them out and re shoot it tomorrow. Ready to unmask it and get it in the sun
  7. dcathey

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Put the aftermarket SHO decals on today that are color matched to hull and blue power poles
  8. dcathey

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Better already
  9. dcathey

    What did you do to your boat today?

    One of my best friends is a former painter. He does amazing work. I’m trying to get him to do outboard projects on the side in this little section of my shop. He’d make killer side money now that he’s managing shops M-F
  10. dcathey

    Electronics upgrade

    The flush mount black glass look that Boattronics offers is where it’s at. When I ever get around to taking mine to him I want my simrad done in that. Looks awesome. He’s in Jax and worth calling, he puts out impressive installs
  11. dcathey

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Holidays slowed us up but we wrapped up cowling today, spraying the blue awlgrip tomorrow. Decals next week and my ol Pathy will look like a new sled
  12. dcathey

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Progress pics, cowling primed, decals removed and hull cleaned. Priming that tomorrow. We set up a temporary paint booth in the unused office on that side of my shopfor the cowling work so we can jump back and forth.
  13. dcathey

    Console trim

    I’d love to find a substitute as well. I ended up scrubbing and lightly sanding mine so it went back to white. I’ve always wondered if it could be glassed from the inside and out and then gel coat it
  14. dcathey

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Removing decals, sanding the cowling, it should be repainted in the next few days. I’m adding some custom decals and next week the Stars and Stripes blue gel coat will be getting some bright blue fresh awlgrip to match everything on the boat. I’m pumped. Pics soon. How many underwater lights do you need on a 22? Is on enough?
  15. Post up a review after you go. I don’t think I’m going to be able to go this spring. It’s looking like a next winter for my trip. Skiing, keys, and local trippys going to get in the way this year
  16. Any of you guys rented a houseboat out of Flamingo? Looks like you can take it 20-30 miles towards mouth of Shark Riv(I think I’m reading it correctly) Mothershipping and towing the pathy would be fun but it’s $350/night plus fuel vs the camping fee.
  17. dcathey


    I can’t speak to the Lowrance whatsoever but I have an Evo3 nss9 and an evo2 nss7 on my boat and couldn’t be happier. The speed of the machine and navigating the menus is awesome. I’m interested in knowing what the Livesight feature brings to the table
  18. Man this is all awesome input. I’m going to see what all available times I have and see if I can get a crew together before March . I’d love to get some more use out of my tower , up here about all we do is tripletail out of it
  19. One more random thought, any low bridges or obstructions? I have a second station and that would be a bummer
  20. I wouldn’t try it without Florida Marine Tracks. While down there, would bringing a kayak or SUP add to the fishing or just be a PITA to deal with? I was just curious if I could trolling motor along with the Pathy and catch fish or need something to go real skinny
  21. Are these areas able to be accessed in a bay boat like a 22 pathfinder or do you need a flats boat? I’ve always wanted to go down there one year and camp but if fishing isn’t an option due to draft issues I’ll have to wait til I have another boat
  22. dcathey

    Gas shock brackets

    Just clearcoated one of the regular steel ones and put a new shock on mine......finally
  23. dcathey

    E-searider bean bags

    https://e-searider.com/wedge-marine-bean-bag-small i have a 22 pf and 2 little ones. Is this the desirable size? The small wedge? $99
  24. dcathey

    Adding Raw Water Washdown

    I’ve always wanted to add a washdown pump to my 06 22 to use throughout the day and on those trips that we don’t have water at the dock. I’m considering adding a 4.0 gpm pressurized pump. I’ve got a good spot in the starboard aft locker and considering plumbing it to one of the ports on side of livewell pumps. We have never used the aft port livewell for anything but ropes and bumpers, would this be a good spot for the quick connect and hose outlet. My thoughts were that I could leave it hooked up and open hatch to use it without having it lying around the deck. Anybody care to share their setup or tips