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  1. Adding Raw Water Washdown

    I’ve always wanted to add a washdown pump to my 06 22 to use throughout the day and on those trips that we don’t have water at the dock. I’m considering adding a 4.0 gpm pressurized pump. I’ve got a good spot in the starboard aft locker and considering plumbing it to one of the ports on side of livewell pumps. We have never used the aft port livewell for anything but ropes and bumpers, would this be a good spot for the quick connect and hose outlet. My thoughts were that I could leave it hooked up and open hatch to use it without having it lying around the deck. Anybody care to share their setup or tips
  2. Adding Raw Water Washdown

    Ok, makes sense. Maybe I also need to look into a hookup at the console. I’ve got a tower so my hose could nestle between console and legs if we didn’t unhook it. Or just to the side of the front cooler seat may work. Thanks for the input, now I gotta see how to pull a hose forwArd
  3. Adding Raw Water Washdown

    Awesome, thanks for the tips. So putting the hose in the port livewell on a quick connection isn’t feasible to be convenient? In the bilge would be better? I’m concerned the hose would get in the way resting in my splashwell
  4. My old Pathy is getting some SeaDek in the morning from Castaway Customs. I’m pretty excited and will post back after he’s finished. After getting quotes to refinish the nonskid this is the route I took.
  5. SeaDek install in the morning

    So apparently according to the installer, this stuff can stretch in the sun or heated up. I wonder if with that darker color the foam moves more, stretching and shrinking which seems like it could lead to problems. I’m just spitballing after listening to what he was saying. For the record he installed mine inside then moved it in the sun to see if there were any air pockets under the foam
  6. SeaDek install in the morning

    HoneyB when you washed yours, what was most effective cleaner or process? I’ve had best luck with smaller electric pressure washers but curious from someone who has had it on the whole boat
  7. SeaDek install in the morning

    What color did you have? I have read that issue a few times. I wonder why it did that. The edging on my old pad looks perfect at 6 years old. This boat will only see the sun when I’m using it. It stays in my shop and nice and dry.
  8. SeaDek install in the morning

    I’ve had this exact color pad and ruler for years on my old boat and a cooler. My little electric pressure washer keeps it looking new and it’s 6 year old seadek. I beat the hell out of the cooler pad and still looks new.
  9. SeaDek install in the morning

    I’m hoping it does well. The boat is stored inside andive heard more positive reviews than bad. How long did yours last and was it kept outside?
  10. SeaDek install in the morning

    Cool gray over storm gray. Teak pattern in floor , pinline on decks and tower
  11. I’ve got an 06 2200 te and my last trip out my starboard tab quit working but port side is fine. I chalked it up to a bad actuator or fuse. I’ve checked all fuses on block, traces wire, inspected all connections, changed switch and only thing I can come up with is maybe the wire had gone bad. Is that even a thing? Switch is fine, I hooked actuator up to it directly. Are there any other connections or fuses at back of boat? I cut the old butt connectors out and tried that but it didn’t work. I’m tempted to pull 2 new wires unless you guys have some input on my next step
  12. Starboard trim tab not working

    I’m already seeing the writing on the wall. I think my next fall/winter boat project is having wiring cleaned up/replaced.
  13. Starboard trim tab not working

    It’s a new switch. I thought that it was either the switch or actuator. I moved wires around from both switches to verify. It’s definitely the wire
  14. Starboard trim tab not working

    I bought a new actuator initially thinking that was most likely the issue but it ended up being a gremlin on the wires somewhere. This afternoons plan is to pull new ones and be ready to go for the weekend
  15. Starboard trim tab not working

    Well I checked all the grounds just to be sure and that wasn’t it. I cut the red and blue wires in the console and made jumpers to the actuators and it works. I’ve got something wrong down in the bilge so I’m going to pull new wires to get it back going. I’m guessing wire is corroded somewhere and I’m not tearing it all apart to find it
  16. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    As soon as I have a little spare time, im going to reach out to Ft Myers Marine(unless y’all have any other recommendations). I’ve touched 57 light in my 22 but always have struggled to get full rpms. And when loaded it barely gets 50-51, my tower is a sail. I spin a 20p 4 blade PT so an extra 60-70 hp might be just right
  17. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    From guys who have done this....what’s the turnaround time? I’d like to get my 250 bumped up
  18. 2019 22 TRS Engine choices

    Love my old 250 SHO, I need the power bc I have a very heavy 22 TE with a tower. That being said, I’d have a 250 regardless on the next boat. I’ve seen some pretty impressive numbers on fuel mileage (and speed) when I’m running by myself and dialing it in.
  19. NEW red tide and water condition report

    Man, that’s good to hear. Maybe this mess will push off and clear up. I feel bad for all the residents down there dealing with this. I’m just a tourist and love fishing down there and I’ve been glued to the situation. Definitely does t sound like an easy fix
  20. Lightning

    I have the free MyRadar app on my phone and it shows your exact location and updates radar every 5 minutes. I’ve made decisions to sit tight and let some storms pass and also made decisions to haul tail to the hill to beat the weather. We did get caught by a weird storm about a month ago one morning, everything was offshore and hanging on the beach but bloomed and basically begin to surround us. We rode way up a river and sat at a buddy’s neighborhood dock
  21. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    My bride caught her first 2 trippies on her birthday yesterday. Had a fish break her off as well. Fun day and now she’s hooked
  22. Sedek Question

    The castaway customs guy should be coming by my shop within the next week to scan the Cathey Pathy. Shall I give him the go ahead to get the Mav going as well if you haven’t scooped it up yet?
  23. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Caught a couple more slabs after work yesterday. Well worth fighting the bad weather for these 2 25”ers. We had one come off as well but I’m not complaining
  24. NEW red tide and water condition report

    This is my first time really following a red tide and immediate impacts. It truly is disgusting what gets done to a beautiful place. I have a question for those that have dealt with this before, how many years does it take to get back to normal? Was there enough fish kills to have major fishery impacts down the road?
  25. NEW red tide and water condition report

    Man, that’s rough. It was getting mighty nasty by the time we left Saturday. I just read an article on all of the Dead Sea turtles washing up on Sanibel as well. All of this makes me want to puke