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  1. Heading over to steinhatchee

    They definitely grow em bigger over there compared to SE Ga
  2. Heading over to steinhatchee

  3. Heading over to steinhatchee

    Tough this weekend. Wind was brutal but we managed 7-8 keeper trout Friday, and 5 keeper trout Saturday with the biggest being 24”. Most of our fish were caught on topwater as they weren’t very interested in our gulps. That made it a little more interesting. We also snagged a small Cobia, sea bass and a few reds. It definitely could’ve been better but we had a good time.
  4. 250 SHO reliability questions

    Love mine, I bought it used and it’s a 2010 early model. Previous owner had a pile of hours before Yamaha replaced the powerhead and lower unit after some harmonic balancer issue. I’ve probably put 120 hours on mine since I’ve had it. It runs like you stole it. The issues I’ve had are corrosion on the steering tubes( got a buddy with a custom puller that pulls stainless rods out of the tilt tubes) and I had to replace a vst filter but we’ve fixed all of that pretty easily.
  5. Heading over to steinhatchee

    Thanks for the report. I’ll post what our crew can dig out of there this weekend
  6. Heading over to steinhatchee

    Man I was hoping to hear a better report than that. What areas did y’all try? I think my buddies want to head north Friday morning
  7. Heading over to steinhatchee

    We have a group headed over Thursday night for the weekend. I’ve only been to Keaton and St Marks but apparently it’s been pretty good lately. I’d be interested in some reports if anyone had been
  8. Yeti at Cost plus shipping

    Any idea what a 75 qt yeti costs?
  9. THIS is a sunrise

    Pic is from under the house that we rent
  10. THIS is a sunrise

    I’ve heard that place is a cool house, it was for sale last year. Did you notice if it sold? We stay on the north tip right on the pass. Every morning and sunset I get to enjoy the hungry snook.
  11. THIS is a sunrise

    That’s a great spot. I look forward to our trip there every July. I love idling by that place on the way in for the week. Did you stay at the house that’s on that point?
  12. Fuel Delivery Issue

    That fixed it! She ran great this afternoon. I ran it hard back to the boat ramp and I touched 57.5 maxed at 5700 rpms. That’s all she has with my PT 4 blade 20. I’ve got a PT 3 blade 21p from a buddy that going to tinker with and see what she has. I’ve been hesitant to try it bc I love the wholeshot of the 4 blade
  13. Cost to replace digital gauges?

    Good to know, I have to order a water pressure sensor and an additional fuel sensor to get every bit of info on mine. I’m doing that shortly
  14. Cost to replace digital gauges?

    Easy to hook gauges to your plotter. I would worry about losing alarms or check engine notifications. I doubt that shows up on the plotter. I have one gauge that I’m going to send off but now I can see that info on my simrad. I wish I would’ve done it a long time ago
  15. Fuel Delivery Issue

    I got all the filters changed out on the engine yesterday. The filter at the front of the motor was very clean, the filter on the top of VST tank was very clean as well. The only bad one was the one I posted earlier in the bottom of the VST tank. I hope to run it off of the water hose next week after work. Also I got all of my gauges running to my Simrad units while doing all of this.