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  1. dcathey

    Lumitec underwater light placement

    I was thinking right next to jackplate
  2. Anyone with older 22 TE got a recommendation for placement of 2 seablaze X lights?
  3. dcathey


    I’d find a way to get the 9. It’s tough on the 7 but if that’s all you can fit then I guess it’s better than nothing.
  4. dcathey

    NSS12 EVO 3 Transducer Recomendations

    I do have my simrad flush mounted and love the look. I’ll most likely add a second one day when evo3s come down. I can see it perfectly but just love bigger screens. Looking at the 7” in my tower is tough after looking at a 9
  5. dcathey

    NSS12 EVO 3 Transducer Recomendations

    I wish I could fit a 12” evo3 on my 22TE. What year hull do you have?
  6. VST if I had to guess. My 250 sho would crank and idle fine, once I gave it gas it bogged and took forever to plane out. I ordered the filter kit from SIM Yamaha and it’s ran great since. The filter in the VST tank was so clogged you couldn’t blow air through it
  7. dcathey

    Amp selection advice

    I currently have a pair of jl 8.8 and jl 6.5 speakers. I have the 8.8 on an amp (jl 500/4, bridged receiving max power) and the 6.5s on the sonic hub. When turning up the volume the 6.5s distort as expected. In an effort to only have one amp run everything and have some room to add later I’ve been looking around. Down the road I may add a 10” bazooka bass tube in the console to prevent any large cutouts. Would a JL 800/8 push all of that and keep my 8.8s as effective. I get a little confused as to what I’ll actually be sending to each speaker when bridging a couple of channels , etc
  8. dcathey

    New MFD/ depth recorder

    I’d look around and find a deal on a lightly used evo2 9” or 12”. When running in chop it’s very helpful having that knob for zooming and the processor is very fast. An all touchscreen would be tricky on the tough days. I saw someone sold an evo2 nss12 on THT the other day for $1200 so deals are popping up.
  9. dcathey

    StructuresScan 3D

  10. dcathey

    StructuresScan 3D

    Thx Egret. I’m gonna get one ordered. I wonder what the going rate for a one year old pristine totalscan transducer will be. I’ve been happy with the current setup but if I can make it even better by just pulling a wire I’m all in
  11. dcathey

    StructuresScan 3D

    So now I see there is a 3 in 1 transducer. Apparently it’s the newer improved totalscan. Everything that I’ve read is that it is worth upgrading and is a very clear sidescanning image. I watched a few vids and it appears to be a good value
  12. dcathey

    StructuresScan 3D

    Thanks for replying. I’ll be interested how you like it after getting it dialed in. Most likely I have no need for it but I am intrigued.
  13. dcathey

    StructuresScan 3D

    Any of y’all running this? I’ve got a Totalscsn on a simrad evo3 and it seems pretty clear compared to my evo2 for what ever reason. I’ve seen some pics of the 3D and it seems very impressive. You can make out fish like tarpon pretty easily. I’m just curious for the guys that have it and fish nearshore if it’s truly worth the $1k price tag, I’d love to hear some first hand knowledge from y’all
  14. dcathey

    21 MA Gasket

    Inshore1, I know a guy with a Cnc foam cutting machine.🤔
  15. dcathey

    200 SHO tuned ECM results

    Down here, our fuel company sells 90 octane rec fuel. I keep 100 gallons at my shop. I’m ready to see what you end up with after dialing her in
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