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  1. dcathey

    Boarding/swim ladder

    I bought the west marine ladder that hooks over the gunnel. We use it on rear casting deck and it’s perfect. I think it was $50-60 and it fits in front hatch up against the front bulkhead
  2. dcathey

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I have a 10, I think they only make a 10 and an 8. I remember getting frustrated when I would turn my old system up while running and not being pleased at max volume. Now I have no complaints and am done adding speakers. The pic is looking down from tackle locker towards from front of console. If speaker was 1/4” bigger I don’t think I could’ve fit it in there. Now I can’t wait for the wiring to be redone at The Skiff Shop.
  3. dcathey

    What did you do to your boat today?

    BradM , it brought my system to life. Taking some of the bass out of the jl 8.8 and 6.5s makes them sound better and much louder. I don’t really have a basis for comparison but it’s perfect for my boat. I didn’t want to cut any holes and this enclosure can be mounted vertically or horizontally. I went vertical and put a trolling motor battery on either side and cranking battery is right behind it sideways. Everything fit but it is extremely tight in there. I’m getting boat rewired this winter so hopefully the mess that’s in there will be gone shortly. I’ll send pics when I’m at the shop
  4. dcathey

    Side lettering Pathfinder 2200 tournament 2013

    I bought mine from the dealer in Jacksonville. I had them in a couple of days.
  5. dcathey

    Memorial Day in Marathon

    We had a blast down there despite the winds. Piddled around a rock pile on the bayside and caught a variety of small bottom fish. We tried crabs at various bridge pilings from knight key to Moser Channel with zero luck. Finally scored some mullet and caught a Goliath and jumped a tarpon yesterday morning. Left and went to lunch and hit the sandbar afterwards. I put some lines out there and jumped 2 more poons and had one get off about 8’ from the boat. He was on our last bait and my brother(who was the bachelor for the bachelor party) got to fight him in. Awesome trip with a great group of guys. DADE7D3A-7223-4E6A-8FFB-22C32C7C7905.MP4
  6. dcathey

    Memorial Day in Marathon

    Not looking like its going to lay down at all. How nasty does the gulf side of seven mile bridge get? Doable in a 22 Pathy?
  7. dcathey

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Got some decals made up and I know it’s cheesy but I could care less. If your last name rhymes with the nick name of your boat you go with it.
  8. dcathey

    Memorial Day in Marathon

    Fri and Saturday look pretty bad. How rough is it bayside and around bridges on a honking east wind?
  9. dcathey

    Memorial Day in Marathon

    Good call on the crabs, I need to use the recirc and throw a little ice in if we stop.
  10. dcathey

    Memorial Day in Marathon

    Everything I’m seeing is 2-3 at around 4 seconds
  11. dcathey

    Memorial Day in Marathon

    Thanks Chuck. I’ll start watching when the seas forecast gets closer
  12. dcathey

    Memorial Day in Marathon

    We are a week away, i looked at the way too early forecast and it’s looking like east winds 10-15 the whole time we are there. Are the reefs enjoyable in an east wind like that out of a 22?
  13. dcathey

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Nearing the end of my console cleanup and replaced the old courtesy lights that light up the floor. Went with lumitecs that have 4 colors to match my underwater and spreader lights. They are pretty sweet
  14. dcathey

    Memorial Day in Marathon

    Where are some typical go to spots to find mullet ? Is Beachside better for finding the big schools of them? We are going to try to go the first afternoon and it would be sweet to load up on bait for the next morning as well. Our house is in the back of sister creek so we can come out the creek beachside or out of the harbor and run the backside
  15. dcathey

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I should probably spend more time pouring concrete but gotta get her finished up
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