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  1. dcathey

    What did you do to your boat today?

    HoneyB, hows that paint? I’ve considered using awlgrip on mine
  2. dcathey

    Repower Pathfinder 2200V-TE

    I haven’t seen that one yet JJ. I’ll keep my eyes peeled
  3. dcathey

    Porpoising problems w/f250 on 2200 TRS?

    That’s interesting about the Bravos needing that much work. I put 100-150 hrs per year on my sled per year. I did get the PT cleaned up last summer and it helped for sure. I have a 250 but with my tower it’s tough to get comparables on my older 22 TE.
  4. dcathey

    Porpoising problems w/f250 on 2200 TRS?

    Anyone offer demos on the bravo fs? I have a pt 4 blade and still get a little porpoising and would love to tinker
  5. dcathey

    More Yamaha SHO woes...

    My SHO had/has the same corrosion issues and a buddy of mine built a makeshift puller to get rod out of tilt tube. A little heat and that puller gets it out. Then we drill the rusty tilt tube out and grease the you know what out of it. I do it once a year now so it doesn’t seize up or put stress on steering arm. The corrosion issues are my main issue with the motor. Other than that it’s great
  6. dcathey

    Til next year N Captiva

    Im not sure why they post like that. Oh well, it was an awesome time
  7. dcathey

    The official "What did you catch today" thread

    We were able to gig a few Wednesday night. Been awhile since I’ve got out and wind cooperated
  8. dcathey

    Pathfinder and Sea-Dek

    Storm gray over black would prob be easier to keep looking perfect. Mine is pretty light and shows some grime from shoes , etc. It will wash and wear off throughout the day but I quit worrying about it. A ryobi electric pressure washer with the rotating nozzle is the ticket. I dump a little degreaser and bleach, spread around then pressure wash. Cleans right up with no elbow grease
  9. dcathey

    Pathfinder and Sea-Dek

    We are loving ours. I hate cleaning nonskid and with kids it has been awesome. I had Castaway Customs install cool gray over storm gray. I did teak pattern in floor and the flat pattern with the pinstripe on decks. I added a couple of rulers, logo, and a thick pad in tower
  10. dcathey

    Til next year N Captiva

    Stopped in Orlando to let the girls get their shopping fix. After the horror stories of stolen boats etc, I figured I’d try to outsmart the crooks
  11. Great time with the family. Snook fishing picked up by the end of the week. Can’t wait til next year
  12. dcathey

    Mullet around N Captiva

    Thanks fin, was hoping to find someone. It’s tough with 2 small kids to spend a bunch of time searching for bait instead of fishing. Do Pinfish traps work down there? Thought about putting one near safety harbor where we keep the boat
  13. Anyone know of a mullet hotspot to cast net some to use for tarpon , bottom fishing the passes? Are there any bait guys or shops that sell them like in the keys? I can run wherever to buy them and keep them in a baitring at the dock. We stay on North Captiva and head down July 13th
  14. dcathey

    Went looking for big girls

    A buddy and I had an opportunity to sneak out til lunch to run and look for the big tarpon with the slick seas. I love it when a plan works out and we had 3 hookups with our single caught fish being a good one. Battled her for an hour and then the Sheriff Boat rolled up to see the end. It was very nice of him to snap some pics and send them over. Great day and now I can get back to the trippys.
  15. dcathey

    South Georgia TTT

    JJ, did you come south or is that up your way? Nice fish! 👏
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