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  1. Red tide

    What drummer said....I didn’t mean to sound doom and gloom. The smell caught me off guard but haven’t noticed it today. I am not on the water as much(8 month old and 5 year old) this year. All I did was speak to couple folks. Appears better today and all NOAA red tide forecasts look great. Headed to Cabbage Key tonight for dinner. The snook don’t seem to mind on the sunset bite
  2. Red tide

    I’m not going to come out and say anything is bad or degrading but on the way back from Captiva for lunch today I noticed a weird smell a couple brief times. Also water in the bay or pass wasn’t as pretty as yesterday. I spoke with a guy who was renting on backside of N Captiva and he said he thought the smell was a hint of red tide but him and his kids were swimming. The wind shifted a little and maybe it stirred some of that mess up. Beachside was beautiful and cayo costa appeared to be busy again. Beachside of n Captiva was packed on the new sandbar and the water down near redfish pass looks better than Captiva pass. Bait was plentiful especially near redfish pass. I still think things are on the mend
  3. Red tide

    Been hanging out the house all day. We launched yesterday around 5:30. Looks to be business as usual. 20-25 boats over on south end of cayo costa. Captiva pass has been busy, saw a ton of bait this morning in the pass. Snook have been cruising up and down. I wouldn’t know anything was in bad shape a couple of weeks ago. We haven’t seen a single dead piece of bait or dead fish. I’ll post again when I get on boat
  4. Red tide

    Bubba B, Ill be down late Saturday afternoon. We launch @ Pineland and stay on Captiva Pass on N Captiva. One of our favorite things to do is pile up on the south end of Cayo Costa as well. Im going to do a ride around and check things out on Sunday. Ill post back anything I see
  5. Red tide

    Thanks Drummer, that seems better than what I was hearing too. The lady we rent our house from said that it’s been fine on the beach right on Captiva Pass other than an occasional dead fish. She did say to stay away from Cayo Costa which is a bummer, that’s been our favorite quick boat trip over the last few years. I guess we will have to check out the south end of N Captiva and the “new” sandbar
  6. Red tide

    Any updates on conditions around N Captiva? Is it improving at all?
  7. Totalscan Transducer location on 06 22TE

    I have mine mounted on where you have that smaller transducer on the right. Reads pretty well, rarely loses bottom but I think when it does it’s air bubbles off of the livewell pickup. If I had it to do over I’d mount it on the other side on that flat area
  8. Red tide

    Friend of mine said he saw 40 floating fish between Pineland Marina and Safety Harbor yesterday but tons of boats out and about. Not sure what that means for the exact water quality in the pass and down the beach though. I’m considering going somewhere else for our vacation or does this stuff normally clear out within a couple weeks? There is a E wind starting up that I figured would help
  9. Red tide

    Keep us posted on what you see out there. Im coming down the 14th
  10. Red tide

    Thanks, this is what I wanted to hear. What worries is me is the house we rent is right on the beach at Captiva Pass. It could make for a long week if the youngins can’t swim if it’s that bad
  11. Red tide

    Any new updates on this situation? Headed down to N Captiva July 14-21 and have a good buddy headed down Saturday. Is it getting worse and what is a typical duration of this mess
  12. Tower on 22’ Path

    I have an 06 22TE with a tower and I think the only backing plates are under leaning post and up near trolling motor. I’ve had to address some minor stress cracks under the front posts of my tower on gelcoat. I’ve done a few things to tighten up my tower and keep the floor looking good. Previous owner had a guy attempt to fix it but didn’t quite do the job right.
  13. Guide for Captiva needed

    X2 on Ozzie Lessinger. I did a half day with him several years ago. He had me on fish all day and showed me around so I’d have a little bit of a clue when we started bringing a boat every year.
  14. What did you do to your boat today?

    MDS , I need to paracord somr items on my boat and have thought blue and gray would be sweet. How did you figure out how to get that so clean looking, I haven’t had time to buy some and try it
  15. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Little slow Saturday morning but we managed this guy. 25” trippy