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  1. dcathey

    Console Cooler Seat Back Cushion

    I’m currently in the process of trying to figure out the same thing. I don’t have a pad but have a tackle locker. I’m considering ordering a larger locker or the factory setup and just redo the cushion. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet but I’ll be following this thread
  2. dcathey

    2200TRS and AmeraTrail trailer bunks????

    Mine has 14” wheels....I got concerned and measured them...😂
  3. dcathey


    Thanks Bingo, I figured it could get sporty out there. I’m gonna monitor the wind and try it soon.
  4. dcathey

    Replacing Garmin thoughts?

    Any plans for Georgia?
  5. dcathey

    What did you do to your boat today?

    What’s the process for fixing the scratches on the bottom? I’m fairly handy with gel coat but I’ve never thought about repairing my oyster rash. Could you just roll entire bottom or between a couple strakes, wet sand and then buff/wax? I have the ability to hang my boat with 2 Forklift’s at my shop for a weekend so I could access it without the trailer in the way
  6. dcathey


  7. dcathey

    Vinyl/ Plastic trim

    Here are a couple, all I ever did was wet sand and wipe Woody wax on it. I also changed out the bolts. So far it’s been fine but I think storing inside is what helps mine stay white
  8. dcathey

    Life jacket storage 22te

    Having the compartment on my ttop canvas was a game changer for my 22. I leave my rods in both lockers all of the time. I like those mats as well
  9. dcathey

    2200TRS and AmeraTrail trailer bunks????

    I must just be too cheap for an Ameritrails. Are they that much better? I know they are built well but $2500 extra is steep I got a magic tilt that’s been great for 3400, built for the hull with the welded bunk supports, upgraded wheels, etc. We have pulled that sucker everywhere with zero issues this far
  10. dcathey


    I’m from SE Ga and we have about 8-10 weeks before the tripletail begin to show up off our coast. Do the trippys that come to the nearshore and inshore structure get there earlier? I’ve always wanted to come down for a weekend and try something different since it’s only 3.5 hrs away. I appreciate any input....btw I was considering Port Canaveral if there are any good spots to launch and leave the boat in for a weekend
  11. dcathey

    Electrical system question/input

    Here’s the additional switch on top of my main battery selector switch. The plan is to cut a nice piece of starboard for that wall. I want to clean all of the wires up, put new connections/heat shrink, change out fuse holders to in line resetting circuit breakers, and LABEL everything. This wiring stuff can become addicting.
  12. dcathey

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I’ve had great luck buffing with aqua blue compounds. I’m a rookie but thar stuff was very easy to get the old gelcoat shining again. I’ve got to get some small drill attachments to do some of the right spots on the rest of the inside of my boat
  13. dcathey

    Electrical system question/input

    Rewire isn’t in the budget or the schedule so I got down and did some investigating. Had some issues with my stealth and got it going. It had the wrong sized breaker. I’ve been running for awhile with it not working so that was a win. I talked with Danny at Stealth and discussed moving my simrad, sonic hub, and spreader lights onto the #1 trolling batt. on a buss bar off the positive side. I already had these items on their own buss bar bc they are in line fused and I thought taking them off the fuse block might help when I had it on the cranking batt....it didn’t. I have an on/off switch that will be mounted in back next to my main battery selector switch. The on off switch will supply power to the buss bar only. Also by keeping the regular wiring in place on the reg battery switch I still have the ability to crank off the trolling battery if need be. I ran boat on the hose and I didn’t have any issues with lights dimming, electronics cutting off temporarily so I think it’s a good improvement over what I had. Once I’m certain this is my best option I can begin to clean up some of the wiring myself. Best thing is this cost me nothing bc I had everything laying around.
  14. dcathey

    Electrical system question/input

    I’ve had a stealth for awhile but it’s been tripping the breaker on the red wire. Emailed Danny at Stealth about it and apparently it had the wrong circuit breaker in it. He’s getting me the correct one sent out. I’m still going to have the cranking battery tested and return if it isn’t in tip top shape. Also waiting to hear back from Boattronics. If the quote isn’t too bad I’m going to proceed with a wiring cleanup by the pros
  15. dcathey

    Electrical system question/input

    1year old but I’m going to go swap it out at sams since it’s under warranty. Something doesn’t seem right