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    I can’t speak to the Lowrance whatsoever but I have an Evo3 nss9 and an evo2 nss7 on my boat and couldn’t be happier. The speed of the machine and navigating the menus is awesome. I’m interested in knowing what the Livesight feature brings to the table
  2. Man this is all awesome input. I’m going to see what all available times I have and see if I can get a crew together before March . I’d love to get some more use out of my tower , up here about all we do is tripletail out of it
  3. One more random thought, any low bridges or obstructions? I have a second station and that would be a bummer
  4. I wouldn’t try it without Florida Marine Tracks. While down there, would bringing a kayak or SUP add to the fishing or just be a PITA to deal with? I was just curious if I could trolling motor along with the Pathy and catch fish or need something to go real skinny
  5. Are these areas able to be accessed in a bay boat like a 22 pathfinder or do you need a flats boat? I’ve always wanted to go down there one year and camp but if fishing isn’t an option due to draft issues I’ll have to wait til I have another boat
  6. Gas shock brackets

    Just clearcoated one of the regular steel ones and put a new shock on mine......finally
  7. E-searider bean bags

    https://e-searider.com/wedge-marine-bean-bag-small i have a 22 pf and 2 little ones. Is this the desirable size? The small wedge? $99
  8. Adding Raw Water Washdown

    Ok, makes sense. Maybe I also need to look into a hookup at the console. I’ve got a tower so my hose could nestle between console and legs if we didn’t unhook it. Or just to the side of the front cooler seat may work. Thanks for the input, now I gotta see how to pull a hose forwArd
  9. Adding Raw Water Washdown

    Awesome, thanks for the tips. So putting the hose in the port livewell on a quick connection isn’t feasible to be convenient? In the bilge would be better? I’m concerned the hose would get in the way resting in my splashwell
  10. Adding Raw Water Washdown

    I’ve always wanted to add a washdown pump to my 06 22 to use throughout the day and on those trips that we don’t have water at the dock. I’m considering adding a 4.0 gpm pressurized pump. I’ve got a good spot in the starboard aft locker and considering plumbing it to one of the ports on side of livewell pumps. We have never used the aft port livewell for anything but ropes and bumpers, would this be a good spot for the quick connect and hose outlet. My thoughts were that I could leave it hooked up and open hatch to use it without having it lying around the deck. Anybody care to share their setup or tips
  11. SeaDek install in the morning

    So apparently according to the installer, this stuff can stretch in the sun or heated up. I wonder if with that darker color the foam moves more, stretching and shrinking which seems like it could lead to problems. I’m just spitballing after listening to what he was saying. For the record he installed mine inside then moved it in the sun to see if there were any air pockets under the foam
  12. SeaDek install in the morning

    HoneyB when you washed yours, what was most effective cleaner or process? I’ve had best luck with smaller electric pressure washers but curious from someone who has had it on the whole boat
  13. SeaDek install in the morning

    What color did you have? I have read that issue a few times. I wonder why it did that. The edging on my old pad looks perfect at 6 years old. This boat will only see the sun when I’m using it. It stays in my shop and nice and dry.
  14. SeaDek install in the morning

    I’ve had this exact color pad and ruler for years on my old boat and a cooler. My little electric pressure washer keeps it looking new and it’s 6 year old seadek. I beat the hell out of the cooler pad and still looks new.
  15. SeaDek install in the morning

    I’m hoping it does well. The boat is stored inside andive heard more positive reviews than bad. How long did yours last and was it kept outside?