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  1. Scott Deal

    Maverick gel coat blisters - pls help??

    That is what's called osmotic blistering and is caused by keeping a boat in the water without proper preparation like a barrier coat. It has no structural impact at this point and is simply cosmetic, I'd wager. Only way to fix is to grind them out and re paint or re gelcoat.
  2. Scott Deal

    Next Boat

    Brian, we will be offering a head in the 25 Pathfinder very soon. The console will be the same one from the 2600 TRS. I assumed you looked at that boat but if not, you really should.
  3. Scott Deal

    Cobia's questions on boats built prior to 2006 Model Year

    Yes, it's an MBC product.
  4. Scott Deal

    Everyone loves Mahi

    Pretty sure it's what's left of a ladyfish. The back half.....
  5. Scott Deal

    Morris/ Deal Report

    This was really the beginning of what will be a very long journey. If you look at the recommendations in the report, it's pretty hard not to support the concepts. We had great hill reception and were able to meet with Senators Rubio (R-FL) and Begich (D-AK), both of whom will be instrumental in writing any bill that would come from the Senate. It was nice to see such bi-partisan support. We met with quite a few other Senators and Congressmen as well, all of which seemed receptive to our very logical and defensible position. At the end of the day, it's time we get organized as an economic force and pull together both at the National and Gr*** Roots level. This is, as Capt. Troy says, very, very important.
  6. Scott Deal

    Iphone and timing

    I hope you didn't have your mouth open !
  7. Scott Deal

    Work is Good

    I can tell you with absolute certainty that everyone one here wants to go on a photo shoot until they actually go on a photo shoot. Once they've been on one they tend to hide when we ask for volunteers. We we do a full on shoot, it is a real long and tough day. However, today was a low impact event and a very beautiful morning to boot. 90% video walk through. I think Charlie cast 4 times, maybe less and the baby blew up the plug. It never gets old. The new Redfishers are definitely lighter, sit better in the water, and are easier to pole and to get around on. We're going to sell a ton of them !
  8. Scott Deal

    Photo Zone Contest #1

    Mind those fingers !
  9. Scott Deal

    Photo Zone Contest #1

    It's like American Idol - the competition keeps getting better and better ! Keep 'em coming !
  10. In March of 2005, Maverick Boat Company, Inc. purchased the ***ets of the Cobia Brand from Yamaha-owned, C & C manufacturing. Those ***ets consisted primarily of tooling and good will. There were very few records of older products so we have limited knowledge of boats built prior to that acquisition. Unfortunately for this reason, we do not have older owner's manuals, wiring diagrams, or parts to support product built prior to that purchase. We are happy to help you in any way we can regarding the older models, but please understand our limitations in this regard.
  11. Unfortunately I have to be in Palm Beach tonight so I'll have to miss the captain's meeting. Charlie will have to represent for our team! See you at the cook out.....
  12. Where are the fish these days !
  13. Scott Deal

    Biscayne Bay

    MBC forum community, we need a full court press on this. Please use this link to contact your represenatives. We have a park superintendent gone rogue and we can't let this happen. :susel: All hands on deck, all hands on deck. There are no penalties for piling on. http://www.capwiz.com/nmma/issues/alert/?alertid=56740581&type=CO
  14. Scott Deal

    2011 Islamorada OT Picture Thread

    As I said in my earlier post, I had a great time fishing with Hon as well as Mark Krowka. I got to fish some areas I hadn't fished in years as well as some I hadn't fished at all. My card was full on the big camera, but here are some shots I took with my point and shoot. Hon has the "good stuff". This is my son Clay catching his first red on fly. Hon put us on them and I was wise enough to sit down, shut up, and let Hon give some quick casting pointers. Not the biggest but the first for him which made him happy. We ran all over and poled really shallow. Pretty amazing what that 18 will do.Thanks for great day on the water, Hon !
  15. Scott Deal

    2011 Islamorada OT Picture Thread

    I had a great day on Friday with Mark Krowka and with Hon on Saturday. CJ has my picks of the trip with Hon, which I suspect are really great. Here's on shot of Clay and I from Friday. I really haven't fished much down there in quite a while. I need to change that......