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  1. That's a beautiful SNOOK! Well done.
  2. got1on

    Repower Pathfinder 2200V-TE

    My 2004 has a max horsepower rating of 250HP and if money were no object, I would be hanging a Yammy 250 SHO on her. But after a lot of careful consideration, I have decided to go with a 200HP E-TEC. I am hoping to maintain a similar hole shot and max mph, with better fuel economy and less noise.
  3. Way to go Dave! Looks like you had a great day.
  4. Way to go! Looks like you had a fun day on the water.🎣
  5. I just sent your contact info to a buddy who's looking for a push pole. He's also in Pembroke Pines and should be calling you soon.
  6. got1on

    Repower Pathfinder 2200V-TE

    Thanks for your input Hutch!
  7. got1on

    Repower Pathfinder 2200V-TE

    I would love to hear from anyone who has re-powered an older (pre-2005) 2200V or 2200V-TE regardless of the brand. Tell me what you had, what you chose for new power, and your level of satisfaction with the installation. Also, any recommended dealers in South Florida (I'm in Broward) would be great.
  8. got1on

    Repower Pathfinder 2200V-TE

    Thanks for all the input guys. My main concern is keeping the weight down and of course, cost. I am leaning toward the Yamaha 250 SHO but will consider E-Tec 200, Mercury 225 and Suzuki.
  9. got1on

    Repower Pathfinder 2200V-TE

    I am considering repowering my 2004 Pathfinder that currently has a 200HP HPDI on her. I have seen a few older Pathfinders with the Yamaha 250HP SHO and that is probably what I will go with but am curious if anyone has put an E-TEC 200HP on one, and if so, how is the performance?
  10. got1on

    REWIRE 2200v Recommendations in Miami

    Does it have to be in Miami or will Broward work? Bob at Inshore Marine Specialties does some quality work. Give him a call 754-265-7420
  11. Sounds like an action packed morning. Well done!
  12. got1on

    Spinning Rods and Reels

    Where are you located?
  13. Looks like you guys had a fun day! We tried fishing up north of the shark river and manged to catch some snook, trout, and a few small reds as well the obligatory cats and ladyfish mixed in. We moved back inside WWB in the afternoon and had some fun with jacks, snappers and a some more trout. Did some exploring in a back bay and found some really nice snook but they were super spooky and we failed to get a bite.
  14. Looks like you guys had a great day! 🎣
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